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Atelier Sent├┤

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Thanks a lot for playing and for your very kind words!
It's so motivating!

Thank you! We're glad you liked our game!
We like to keep our stories vague enough so players can fill the gaps with their own readings.
And it's great to read them in the playthroughs comments on youtube!

Thanks for playing our little game!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Many thanks for your kind words: we're glad you liked it!
Your voice acting was touching and captivating. It added a lot to the atmosphere.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
Reading such a comment is so motivating. It will inspire us to create more games like this one!

Thanks for playing and for your kind words! Your thumbnail for the video is excellent!

Many thanks for your very kind and detailed feedback!
That technique of moving layers was a new experiment for us but we loved the result.
We'll try to create a longer and more complex game with that technique one day!
Thanks again!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!!!

Thanks a lot for your kind words and for playing our game.
The thumbnail on your video is cool!

Many thanks for playing our little game!

C'est vraiment trop gentil ! Ca nous motive à fond. Merci à toi !

Thank you for your kind words!

Many thanks for this ! :)

Oh, sorry for the very late answer! Yes the kids did all the drawings in this game. It was done in one afternoon so we didn't have time for animations so there is no in-betweens. When a character speaks, he is stretched in Unity to give the illusion of movement.

Thanks a lot!

We're really glad you liked it. Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you. The subtitles are too fast indeed. We should fix that in the future...

It looks excellent! Would love a game with such graphics!

Thank you! It didn't work on your computer? It was the very first game we made with Unity and it was made in a very short time so it's far from perfect.

Thanks for the nice words! We didn't have much time to imagine this game so we tried to create a strong atmosphere.

Thank you! We hope you could find time to play it and we hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you! The music was created with the free software LMMS which contains many beautiful instruments.

It's the very first time we export to Linux and we feel a little lost. So thank you for your help!