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Hi. OH MY, can I just say HOW MUCH I enjoyed this game? I don't even know what I like about it. Well, I kind of do actually...Shan!! Obviously! He's so amazing, so fabulous, funny, etc. Also I like the idea with using your voice. It's interesting and funny to mess with.The whole atmosphere was so nice. And relaxing music. Aw ^_^ Also I'm kind of curious was there any possibility to lure that cute sailor with a mop? Oh he was immune to our charms? :) Anyway, once again, cool game, hope you'll make it even cooler somehow seeing as it's in development ^_^ ps btw if what I kind of made a let's play on it at the beginning of this video ^_^


The four of us really enjoyed watching your review! Thanks! Nope, you can't charm the one with a mop. Maybe he's straight? As far as development goes, we are planning to add a second (underwater) level.

Aw, I'm really glad to hear it ^_^ You're welcome :) Aw, bummer...but okay xD OH! That sounds wonderful. I'll be waiting :)



Yeah, I already checked it. The art style of the underground level is different. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just different. Also new level is more gore with teared body parts etc. I like it xD AND I really liked that you added a lot of new afterwords. Some of them have sexy innuendos, but I like them nevertheless xD