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Hi there! ^_^ Well it was quite a quest to find your game, even though I check itch every once in a while :) Seriously, put at least "lgbt" tag, because it's quite popular here and this way it would be easier for slash/yaoi fans to find your "child" ^_^ AND NOW let's get to the interesting part, I SO LIKED this game. It has one of my fav kink? type of pairing? xD (servant/master) and the story was so touchingly good. It was quite soppy in a few moments, but with nice angst and I liked it. The music, art, dialogues... everything is put together great. And honestly I don't even know what ending I like more. One has nice fluff and the other one "My heart will go on" xD Unexpected turn of events))))) To summarize, I pretty liked this game. You made a great job. Good luck with future projects ^_^ ps but seriously ANOTHER DIMENSION?! Where did that come from? xD