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Hey, there. Well what can I say about this game? I really liked it. The main idea and gameplay!! Come on, FINALLY we got something interesting and new in lgbt games for quite a while. I liked the soundtracks and whole atmosphere you created, backgrounds, little details, statues. And the characters were actually not bad. Especially Igor! Gosh the more I played the more I liked that sad alchemist and it's so sad that he hadn't got any happy ending, because don't know he was a little annoying but not bad at all. And also ALEX was so good looking and quite a dancer. Wow, those MOVES at the end!! xD But Amulka for me was like meh... I don't know. His reasons were doubtful for me and by the way....his castle was FULL OF HUMAN BONES. Why our main character was so chill about it?!! xD And that fact that Amulka made a lot of bad choices in his life before etc..... So all in all except some grammar errors, I enjoyed the game so much. Partly because I'm a Harry Potter fan and come on, be able to run around and cast some spells? It's basically heaven xD So thanks a lot for making this game. I'll be looking for your future projects ^_^


Hey! Thank you so much for the comments & the video :-) It's always fun to discover how other people interact with the game... And it leads to stressful moments: like "Omg! The hitbox of the firewood is too small!! Is her water spell going to hit it?? Omg! She pressed on W + A too long! Now she is out of spellcasting!! Nooooo!!" ... So intense!

With Amulka, it's a bit of a hit or miss. Some people like him, and some other would have preferred to date another character (But sadly nobody for Igor yet ;-)

The dialogue system is a bit too limited to let the player choose between different romanceable characters, but maybe I could put some customization options at the beginning... but the game is actually based on some story I wrote when I was a teenager ten years ago and I kinda want to stay true to it. Actually... I just wanted to make a game that the teenage me would find cool ;-)

Hello and you're welcome :) And haha...yeah, I can imagine, especially when you're the creator.

Well.. you can't please everyone. And that's perfectly fine. Also it's good when the character makes people express any emotion about him at all. It's bad when people can't say anything about a character. It means he's not believable. And Igor is such a sweetheart! What a shame xD

Oh, I know what you mean. I tried writing quite a lot when I was a kid/teen and also creating songs etc. It's a wonderful feeling when you can present the idea you had a long time ago in finished state to other people. Especially if that something was really meaningful to you.