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Hey, man. I don't know it's just became a tradition for me to write to you every time new episode comes out, so xD You don't even know HOW MUCH I WAITED for this episode to see the world. You never stop to amaze me and I don't know there is something special in this game, content is spooky sometimes, disgusting a little, but at the same time it’s so full of some peacefulness. And with each episode it’s just like coming back home, with this cozy atmosphere and well-known characters, that we became so fond of already :) This episode was something. I was so happy to see a new location (i.e. school) and to walk around and be an ordinary (Sally… ordinary… HA! xD) teen. I loved all the details, stuff in our gang’s lockers, so cool. Though is it really that okay that they search in each others lockers without permission? Are they THAT good types of friends? xD Also as always I can not praise you on a new Sanity Falls single. My man, you’re a human being of tons of talents :) The whole story with meat was not THAT shocking for me, I guess I even saw something like this in one of the episodes of Criminal Minds, though still nice, still nice. ALSO I FREAKING LOVED the doodle part. THAT WAS SO unexpected but SO COOOOOL. 

Also Todd’s boyfriend was a reaaaaaly unexpected part. And about Travis. Would we see more of him in future parts. Also COME ON, MAN, you can’t do that to me, who was his crush? Give me a name, a hint, point on him, ANYTHING! I’m just so curious xD In that piece of paper it was mention, that they don’t really know each other, so it’s not someone from Sally’s gang. RIGHT?

I was once again happy to see some old characters and David with his wife xD And will we some day  see what newspapers he keeps at the wall? Cause I’m so curious about it :))

And now about puzzles… Sometimes I JUST HATE you, no jokes, because that puzzle from the beginning? SO ANNOYING AND CONFUSING! Like is it the position of each exact symbol or just sequence :) And LACK OF TIME! MAN. WHY?!!!! xD Also I got stuck with not getting an achievement for beating "Clumpy" but I saw you've already fixed it :) Thaaaaanks ^_^

And also… sorry for !!SPOILERS!!! but ALIENS?!!! SERIOUSLY, STEVEN?! xD Your love for E.T. is really showing xD At first hoodie, now THIS xD 

Anyway, incredible job as always, wish you only the best of luck and kick ass with that 2 last episodes  xD 

Haha. Thank you for all the kind words! :)  The reveal of the meat isn't really the main focus of the episode, so that part wasn't meant to be too surprising for players, but more surprising for the characters themselves. Travis, well I can't comment on any future stuff but I can say that we will see the return of many characters in episode 4. The papers in David's room are not important, he just uses them to block out his window because he doesn't like people to look in. Sorry if you got stuck on the puzzles :D  I always try to include at least one difficult puzzle / side quest in each episode. The one at the beginning is about the positions but not about the obvious positioning, it's a more subtle detail (you sort of have to unscramble the hint that's given). What's in the journal is important and is actually hinted at in episode 2. Sci-fi and the supernatural are two of my favorite subjects, so that definitely impacted the story of Sally Face haha. I'm very excited for the last two episodes, as they're the most interesting to me. So I'm eager to see other peoples reaction to them. Glad you mostly enjoyed episode 3! :)