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Hi, first of all, I FREAKING LOVED the game. Thanks for advising it to me :)) It’s quite silly, absurd, strange with weeeeeeeird sometimes jokes, but enjoyable xD Also it reminded me of all those old times where I played such RPG games with battles and fighting bosses on my old mobile phone :) Also WHY YOU decided to end Flatwoods story so bloody and gruesome?!!!! It was such a cute and nice little story xD You EVIL!!!!! xD

And now I wanna say something about the bugs I noticed along the way. First of all in Mac version when you open options and then press Esc game just gives you black screen of Death xD And you can then only close the game and restarted once again. Another thing happened with me after I went into the mines. When I began to use any attack from Shooty I got «0» points for quite a while o_O Is it me or there is some bug there? AND the last question is about «save». Is this feature actually working now or it’s still in a progress? Cause I couldn’t find how to use it.

And in conclusion I just want once again to thank you for Episode 1, I had a nice 1,5 hour playing it :) All the nostalgia FEEEEEELINGS xD Though WHY HAVEN’T you included some scenes from your trailer like right into the game? It would be so AWESOME!!!!! At least at the end, as it was in Flatwoods. ps CAN’T WAIT FOR EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!! ^_^

I am so glad you enjoyed my little game, I just finished watching your first video and it was a lot of fun!

I did a lot of testing of the mac version I uploaded at home and didn't run into any of the issues you mentioned, I have however had a few people come to me to tell me the saving wasnt working on PC (along with a couple of other bugs) and it turned out they hadnt unzipped the game before they started to play it. I couldnt tell from your video if that was the case, especially since I cant read russian ha ha.

Thank you again for checking out my title and for leaving me some feedback, I hope the wait for episode 2 isnt too long and I look forward to checking out the remaining videos!

Hehehe, I'm happy to hear you think so ^_^

hahaha, well what you're gonna do and no, I unzipped it :)  Though I have MacBook, not a iMac or smth like that :) And maybe it's just my notebook. Well... it happens xD

ah, you're being too kind for my own good :) And you're welcome ^_^