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Thank you for letting me know! Unfortunately its not something I have been able to replicate on my end with my xbox one controller BUT its hopefully something that will get fixed with the next update which will be exported using a more recent version of RPGM MV and contain a few other small bug fixes and tweaks that have been brought to my attention. Im sorry that its something you had to deal with during your experience with the game.

As for Steam, it is something I had thought about but I am not a fan of the platforms current business practices so I am going to wait on it  a bit. Perhaps at a later date. :)

I am glad you enjoyed your experience! For some reason I havent received any notifications to go along with any ratings and I havent been able to work out how to check comments associated with them. :(

I am so glad you enjoyed my little game, I just finished watching your first video and it was a lot of fun!

I did a lot of testing of the mac version I uploaded at home and didn't run into any of the issues you mentioned, I have however had a few people come to me to tell me the saving wasnt working on PC (along with a couple of other bugs) and it turned out they hadnt unzipped the game before they started to play it. I couldnt tell from your video if that was the case, especially since I cant read russian ha ha.

Thank you again for checking out my title and for leaving me some feedback, I hope the wait for episode 2 isnt too long and I look forward to checking out the remaining videos!

Thank you very much for the kind words, im honestly surprised I managed to get it made in 2 days as well. I will actually have a larger game launching on this platform in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes open!

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Aw awesome, I am glad you enjoyed it. Look out for my new game Shooty and the Catfish sometime towards the end of the year if you want more similar content!

Hey cheers! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Aw shucks, thank you very much! :D

Oh jeez, what a lovely message to wake up too. <3

Thank you very much! I dont have any plans to make anything directly tied into this game but all of the games I work on are set in the same world and universe which should hopefully become more clear as I release more of them. I am hoping to have a much more expansive turn based RPG released later in the year and its well on track to hit the December launch target. Keep your eyes peeled!

Hey thanks, glad you liked it! :D

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it! :D

Im glad you managed to enjoy the game despite its depressing nature!

Pretty much all of the emotions I felt during its very short development ha ha.

With the tight turn around time I new I had to keep it mechanically simple to avoid bugs. Glad it gave you a laugh though. Thanks for checking it out.

If I can make someone feel amused and unsettled at the same time then I have achieved what I set out to do. 

Thank you for playing and look out for more games in the future!

Thank you very much! Im glad you enjoyed it! :D

I am glad you like the look of my game. :)

And yes, I have played through Soma Spirits and even made its Steam Greenlight Trailer for the creator! Was an honor.

I am really glad you enjoyed it. While I wont be making a longer version of this game in particular I will being carrying over some elements of it into my next project. :)

Thanks for the Lets Play, its awesome seeing so many people doing videos on the game. You actually get a different ending if you get all 8 pieces of metal. ;D

Awesome! Its great seeing another Lets Play of my game. Cant get enough of these, great tools for learning game design from. I look forward to watching and thanks for the support!

Sounds like you missed the metal piece in the chicken coop, if you grab it you will get to meet the Alien. :)

I am glad you enjoyed the game and im really glad you took the time to make a lets play based on it. I will be starting work on my next game soon so feel free to follow me for updates!

Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed it. Drawing Lemon's expressions was probbaly the most fun of the whole project, ha ha.

whelp, "warn" was an accidental typo and "tho" was a deliberate one, best of both worlds ha ha.

I am glad you enjoyed it. ^^

Thanks mate, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Hey! Nice to see Soma Spirits on here as well! I hope it does well for you here. :