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Thanks! I had a lot of fun putting the art together. :)

It's always exciting to see the game that got me into game development in new places.

Thanks so much, it was a pretty big undertaking, at least for me. I am looking forward to moving from RPGMaker MV to GB Studio next year and I will be very curious to see how far I can push it. It was actually your work with the engine that gave me the confidence to make the shift over.

I am glad you enjoyed it! I am working on a spiritual successor at the moment, I hope to have it out before Xmas. :)

Glad you got it working! Very strange indeed...

You are the first person to come across this issue... very strange...

I guess I should ask Mac or PC? I know the engine this game uses is broken inside and out on new Mac OSX's.

Did you unzip the game into its own folder before playing?

Really cool little proof of concept, I look forward to see where you take this N64 aesthetic next!

Cant wait to see where this goes!

I seem to remember it working in testing, I will have to go back and look. :/

Thanks for checking out my game! You can actually save yourself some time and skip straight to Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded which has remakes of both episodes 1 and 2 as well as 3 completely new episodes!

Hello Tom, thanks for playing and for the kind words!

The game is actually fully complete if you play "Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded". That version contains remakes of Episodes 1 and 2 with overhauled visuals as well as 3 additional episodes.

There are still a lot of healing stations in the final game but some of the late-game weapons are pretty expensive so you can always sell the herbs to buy ammo. ;)

It absolutely would! Maybe one day I will go back and remake it for it.

One last round of fixes! Thank you so much for the time you have put into this project looking for all of these issues and congratulations on completing the trophy case!

To answer your questions:

1. Why can I sell my old gear (armor) but not my old weapons?
Shooty and Zaat love weapons too much to ever sell them.

2. In a fight, when you hit "x" it takes you to a menu where "Escape" is an option, but it's grayed out. Was running from battles supposed to be a mechanic? (Battles immediately start with options to attack)
Shooty and Zaat are also far to arrogant to ever run from battle, to them it is not an option.

3. What were these boxes for?
Originally in an older build of the game Zaat was not a party member but rather Shootys rival and she would often get ahead of you and take all the good treasure. This map has been in the game since the original demo several years ago and I never took away those chests which were part of that original narrative because I kind of forgot about them, so I guess now they are just a sort of fun piece of legacy content even if they dont make sense in the final games narrative. 

Sorry for the delay in a response, things have been absolutely hectic here but im working on the final patch for the game now, after this its time to move onto new projects!

Im really glad you enjoyed it, I never really set up to do anything amazing with the combat so I wanted to keep the game easy and quick to focus on the jokes and such, hopefully they manage to carry the game for most people.

When using healing items in combat they only ever heal the character thats chosen the item that turn, both characters are selfish in this regard but I never actually explained it in game so thats a good note that needs to be added!

Thanks again for playing, im really glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry for the delay in responding to this comment, things have been hectic but I am working on a large patch now.

The NW.js error is certainly an interesting one, im not entirely sure what might be going wrong there outside of something with the RPG Maker engine itself... I will definitely have to do some reading up to try to get to the bottom of this one.

As for your other bugs.

Cordibiceps will always move on if he defeats you in battle so thats not so much a bug as a deliberate piece of story telling. I dont think its something many people will encounter but I thought it would make more sense narratively than having him hang around waiting to be defeated.

The typo has been fixed now! There were quite a few of them throughout the game so hopefully this patch clears most of them up.

I hope you enjoyed my game! Thanks for playing! :D

Thank you so much, and sorry you missed out on this last part, hopefully one of the Lets Plays covers it so you can still get a good look at it!

I think there was a bug I fixed in the sewers for Newfolk castle where using one of the doors in the post game removed the item from your inventory. Its since been patched but sadly that wont bring the key back. :(

I just tested it again and didnt have any issues. From Captain Alpaca you should have received the Newfolk Basement Key

You use the key on this gate at the entrance of Newfolk castle and follow this path to an elevator.

At the other end of the elevator you will find the Soma Key for the optional boss. :)

Its so awesome seeing all these Lets Plays coming out! Cant wait to watch it! :D

I am glad you enjoyed it despite the language barrier, thats fantastic!

OMG so many fixes, the game was in a much worse state than my testers had me believe!

1) You can read the sign, you need to stand infront of it and press up and interact. I would have liked it been able to be readable from the side but the engine didn't like me doing it when it was side on.

2) Not a secret boss, the NPC kicks you out if you talk to her too much and once the fungal outbreak takes over the town she locks herself inside.

Thanks for this note, this was a mistake I made with a setting in the 1.4 patch.

As for the Soma Key, you can find it near the entrance of Newfolk Castle, there is a locked door you open with a key you get from Captain Alpaca in the second half of the dungeon. :) 

Thanks again for all these bug notifications. I think I got them all worked out and im really glad you enjoyed the game so much, it really means a lot.

Your thoughts on status effects are good too, though I feel like a lot of them dont actually work as intended in the first place, still a bit janky sometimes. Having the herbs match the icon is a good idea though I will definitely take on board for the future.

As your questions.

1. Are the robot in Flapjack (Vote 5) and the fish ex prime minister rivals?

Not really, the Vote 5 robot is actually a character I created for an animated collab back in 2004/2005. Most of the other residence of Flapjack are characters from my short films that I have released over the last 17 years as well.

2. Why can't I fight this thing? 

The Cordybiceps by this point is too far gone and fused to the wall. After having him persue you throughout most of the episodes I thought it would be a nice twist at the end.

3. Any plans to continue this series? 

My previous 2 games Flatwoods (which this is a semi sequel too) and Hazmat are set in the same world, the world of Nimbin specifically. I dont currently have any plans for games set after the narrative of this game currently but I do have plans for 2 semi prequels, one a short adventure game that shows how Zaats egg ended up getting wash on shore and the other a larger RPG project about the old tiger in his youth  and his fight against the alien invasion of Flatwoods so I guess its really a middle story between Flatwoods and this game. I am hoping to keep all my games set in this same world/universe with subtle links between them for people who are looking for them.

Oh wow, thats a bad one, was very easy to fix thankfully. I have had a few other bugs come through so this can all be rolled into 1.4!

Ohhh, you only have one episode to go then! Glad you are enjoying it!

Oh dear, thank you for the report. I will definitely try to get this fixed today. Thank you for the heads up.

I recommend coming back to Elmer after finishing the game personally but your welcome to try any time, haha.

Its about 3 - 5 hours depending on how thorough you are. :)

That is definitely a bug! Thank you for letting me know!

Wow man, thanks for taking the time to check out my little game. My philosophy during development wasn't all that different to TSM, I mostly just made things up as I went and it they made me giggle that was a bonus. Im super stoked with Jims soundtrack, hes come a long way since the old Nimbin days.

Awesome to hear from you after so many years, I hope you are keeping well!

Its so cool to see Lets Plays coming out already! I think you are the first!

Its a feature that is going to be much improved with future games based on the updates coming in the new version of the engine!

I am really glad you enjoyed it! Means a lot. :)

This is an interesting issue that wasnt caught in testing either, im glad its not a game breaking one though. This will definitely be fixed in 1.2

Thank you for making me aware of it!

Thanks for pointing this out, this appears to be a bug that discovered during testing. I have fixed this and uploaded a new version now. All you need to do is unzip the new version and copy paste the "file1.rpgsave" found in S&C>www>save from your current game file to the new one. Hope this helps and that you dont run into anymore issues. :)

Stab is the only skill you have at the start of the game. All of the "Fire" skills require you to have ammunition which you dont access until the first dungeon. :)

Hello everyone.

Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded is my 5th release, featuring fully remastered versions of the first 2 episodes in the series along with 3 brand new episodes, all in one handy little package. 

The project was originally announced in 2013 so it has been a long, long, long time coming and it feels fantastic to finally have it out in the open.

Game Page:

Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded is part RPG, part Visual Novel, and all parts stupid.

Weird things are going on and it's up to our two hero Monster Hunters, Shooty and Zaat, to solve these unsolvable mysteries, only they aren't really heroes and they don't ever really solve anything... Spoilers...

Join them on a wild adventure inspired by some of the many games that were inspired by Earthbound.


- A colorful visual style full of even more colorful characters.

- A turn-based combat system with a heavy emphasis on resource management.

- An embarrassing number of pop culture references.

- An original EDM soundtrack by Jim Hort with additional secret tracks by Secret  Agent Ape. 

- Discover 5 completely optional bosses, hidden away deep in the game's dungeons, well most are hidden away, a couple are right out in the open...

- Return to the world of the 2016 minor cult hit Flatwoods.

A Game by Visitors From Dreams Music by Jim Hort Additional Music by Agent Ape:

Mac OSX version still in development.

Feels gooooooooood!

Hmm... that might be possible, but then I would also have to make each version of that track loop properly as well. I will look into it!

Thank you very much for playing! Im glad you enjoyed it and I hope you get to experience the full version when it releases later this year. It will have a lot of improvements.

Your sound fix is a really good idea, I wonder if there is a way of doing it in RPGMV... I will have to investigate!