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Visitors From Dreams

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I am glad you like the look of my game. :)

And yes, I have played through Soma Spirits and even made its Steam Greenlight Trailer for the creator! Was an honor.

I am really glad you enjoyed it. While I wont be making a longer version of this game in particular I will being carrying over some elements of it into my next project. :)

Thanks for the Lets Play, its awesome seeing so many people doing videos on the game. You actually get a different ending if you get all 8 pieces of metal. ;D

Awesome! Its great seeing another Lets Play of my game. Cant get enough of these, great tools for learning game design from. I look forward to watching and thanks for the support!

Sounds like you missed the metal piece in the chicken coop, if you grab it you will get to meet the Alien. :)

I am glad you enjoyed the game and im really glad you took the time to make a lets play based on it. I will be starting work on my next game soon so feel free to follow me for updates!

Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed it. Drawing Lemon's expressions was probbaly the most fun of the whole project, ha ha.

whelp, "warn" was an accidental typo and "tho" was a deliberate one, best of both worlds ha ha.

I am glad you enjoyed it. ^^

Thanks mate, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Hey! Nice to see Soma Spirits on here as well! I hope it does well for you here. :