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I am so glad you enjoyed my little game, I just finished watching your first video and it was a lot of fun!

I did a lot of testing of the mac version I uploaded at home and didn't run into any of the issues you mentioned, I have however had a few people come to me to tell me the saving wasnt working on PC (along with a couple of other bugs) and it turned out they hadnt unzipped the game before they started to play it. I couldnt tell from your video if that was the case, especially since I cant read russian ha ha.

Thank you again for checking out my title and for leaving me some feedback, I hope the wait for episode 2 isnt too long and I look forward to checking out the remaining videos!

Hehehe, I'm happy to hear you think so ^_^

hahaha, well what you're gonna do and no, I unzipped it :)  Though I have MacBook, not a iMac or smth like that :) And maybe it's just my notebook. Well... it happens xD

ah, you're being too kind for my own good :) And you're welcome ^_^