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Hi there, I'm kind of late to the party but I just played this game with my subscribers live on my Russian youtube channel and we freaking LOVED IT xD Art style is adorable, music is nice, and all the dialogs and characters xD ESPECIALLY my subs LOVED RUTABOO xD Maybe cause I kind of voiced his as Mario?!! Who knows xD Also my subs also kind of started shipping Rutaboo low-key with Cyrus somewhere in the middle of that storyline xD Mooooooving on xD Also we OF COURSE liked Era, she's nice and Yen of course.... And Cyrus/Yen ship is just adorable xD It kind of reminded me about my fav snarry pairing, but it's just me, so I really had a blast with find yourself 1000 and 1 HP reference xD Anyyyyway, THANK A LOT for creating this game and making us laugh a lot, while playing it :) I wish you all the best,  good luck with your future projects and just have a wonderful and an incredible day ^^ ps and also I would actually like to know more about our Princess and her Witch or just to see the story from their point of view, so if you EVER would make something like that... I WOULD LOVE to play it too :))