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Hi there. You know I quite enjoyed this game. It was atmospheric and that room with "sounds of raindrops" kind of reminded me about one episode from "Paranormal Witness". So that's good. Also the eye painting was nice :) But at the same time I got SO CONFUSED by this game. I have so many questions right now. Like have we really killed Leeroy, who the hell was he, why it was normal in this game for a dog to write and be a party host?! xD And why the hell we were wearing dog's costume? Was it a dress up party, are we a part of some weird BDSM club? xD And yes, as the previous commentator already mentioned the moving part was a little bit uneasy sometimes xD But aaaanyway I pretty liked the game. It was not bad at all. Good luck with your future projects ^_^


Thanks for playing!

All your questions are great ... but I think we'll leave them unsolved :P