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Hi! So I finally manage to play the second episode. Still not finished it, cause I enjoy it like a good wine xD And I kind of fear the next period of time until the next episode. So no need to rush indeed. Aaaaanyway, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts so far and bust your ego a little, man. Cause let’s face it, you deserve it. And what else are fans for? xD And I’m too awkward to use pm on twitter and email. Sooo first thing that I really liked is that you expand a little the scene of the game. Also you kind of could walk through the walls of it sometimes. Does it make scenes? xD  With going into other ghostly dimensions in our nightmares, and some other stuff. Also it was a nice surprise that you kind of add more details to the game, like posters. OH MY GOD. And can we talk about some references? I don’t even know why, I wasn’t such of a hard fan of that anime, but Vampire Hunter D reference made me so happy! And some other stuff. Also next Sanity Fall song! I waited for it for so long. I mean these small details is what makes the games so great, right? Also I liked that second song (by the way, should be expect a Sanity Fall album anytime soon? xD)  was more complex and with different voices mixing together and some glitches. It kind of fit, doesn’t it? Making it seems like there are some secret messages in it. Aaaanyway, what I was talking about before…somewhere. About detalization. Those small details like Gizmo’s plates and toilet. I think I kind of remember someone mentioning it to you before either on game jolt or here. And it was nice to see that you decided to add it. And just the pose of Gizmo at the sofa. Gosh, SOOOO FABULOUS xD  I really liked that you made this game more surreal. It’s nice. I liked all the weird creatures in Sally’s nightmare like toiler monster? anorexic pony? Charley-Terminator? Haha, well… And I definitely liked that in new episode there were much more ghost and just supernatural stuff happening. Also I liked the idea of Super Gear Boy. At first it was unusual. Cause after first episode every time our Gear Boy was glitching and lightning I was expecting a new game. But later I got used to it. Especially when those games finally actualy came xD

And man I so liked those characters, that was designed according to wishes of Kickstarter donators? I like that those characters simply exist and thats so cool.  

You know the first episode was more like «detective kind of story» with solving crimes and etcetera. But this one is so my jam, cause I’m a fan of paranormal activity and supernatural stuff. And that was so nicely put together and added to this game. I wasn’t 100% sure how you could make this game any better. But, man, you truly did. Never have I ever regret supporting you on your Kickstarter campaign. I waited so long for this new episode to see  the world. And man, you made it ever harder to wait for the next one xD Cause I think it would be even better. 

So once again I hope you face less challenges with working on the next episode that you had with this one. I hope your inspiration and motivation won’t ever leave you. I wish you all the best. Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re really great at it. Good luck ^_^ Can’t wait to see how the second episode ends and I’m already waiting for the episode 3. 

ps by the way, do you plan on adding screen resolution option. Anytime? Just curious)) And what's with the background picture near the  menu shifting from black and white Sally face  to multicharacter and back again? xD


Hey, thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the second episode! I'm very excited to share more of the story and the the wait between episodes won't be quite as long as it was between the first two. I'll keep graphics options in mind for possible future updates/features. As for the main menu, that first version that was animated wasn't playing right on all devices, so that's why I changed it. Then the black and white thing was kind of a quick fix, so I added more images with Episode two, now it'll rotate between episodes. 

Aw, thanks for the explaining and yeah, I noticed two images to different episodes thing last time I uploaded the game. So cool. Anyway, thanks once again. And I would just go and patiently wait for the next episode. Cause gosh the ending of the episode was just WOW ^_^