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Thanks for playing! Definitely agree with you, I would say this is more of a  reflective game than an educational one for sure.

Haha yeah there are a couple of weird glitches that were difficult to replicate regularly... I call them features now! 😂

A really well-constructed piece, the choices really mattered from start to finish and gave great opportunity to steer what character I wanted Evie to be (steadfast, hopeful, if slightly clumsy). The characterisation of the different passengers was super, you managed to fit a lot of relationship-building into a short flight. There were a couple of lovely subtle flourishes in there too, particularly the little details various mechanical faults within the plane, which really amped up the tension (how do they let those things fly?!) And what an ending! Really enjoyed it!

That’s a valid point. For me personally, files don’t *feel* like owned media. I think it’s to do with the physicality (or lack of!)

Oh absolutely, I think there’s an argument to be made that streaming services were a ‘necessary evil’ born out of napster and other P2P systems. It’s definitely a topic that warrants further exploration from a creator rather than a consumer perspective.

Thanks for playing! Love the idea of different music for different areas, that would really anchor the sense of place as you travel across the map.

Thanks for playing! Yeah the tearing was a real irritant. At first I tried to import the map in one chunk and my computer exploded, so I had to chop it into slices instead; c'est la vie!

Thank you so much, this comment was really lovely to read. I initially wanted to have a more simple 'free play' mode but like you said, had to cater to a more 'traditional' idea of skill-based gaming in the time provided!

Hahaha you got me! Thanks for playing :)

Well done on completing your first game jam! I had a lot of fun playing your game, it controls really well, the animations are smooth, and carrying the bugs feels really satisfying. Great job!

Thanks so much! Interesting to read comments about a freeplay mode, as this was my original intention but it didn't feel 'gamey' enough. Definitely something to look into implementing in the future!

I was expecting a completely different game at first, where you only control one ant and not the whole swarm! I really enjoyed that mechanic though, it made for a thoroughly entertaining experience, imbued with charm thanks for the excellent music and sound effects. Very nice work indeed!

Charming little game, I can see you were influenced by Celeste. Definitely could use some checkpoints but I like how you introduced each mechanic and the character feels great to control. Well done!

I love the way you used the limitation, collecting both items and party members. The way each new character opens up new areas of the game world is neat, definitely getting Pikmin vibes. Good job!

Love your art style and the music is very catchy. The gameplay is really smooth, there could possibly be a bit of a delay on being sent back to the start of the level for bonus style points but that's very minor. Great game!

Amazing job making this in six hours, it's got great visual charm too!

Really interesting power-switching mechanic, although I felt the switching could have been utilised a bit more - at times I found myself just staying in ghost mode. Definitely scope to flesh out this idea into a bigger game though, nice work!

I love the game's aesthetic, and it felt great to play, especially when the rhythm of the platforming clicked. It does feel too challenging though - a few introductory levels to ramp up the challenge would help with this. All in all good job!

Great concept for an arcade shooter! I found the controls quite awkward, but still had a fun time playing. The graphics really evoke classic games like Galaga, so I think you achieved your aim on that front, nice job!

This felt like a complete package, which is sometimes a challenging thing to do with the time limits of a game jam. The puzzle mechanics were simply to grasp but layered with each other created a suitable challenge, and new mechanics were introduced at suitable intervals. Also loved the twist ending. Great job!

Really challenging puzzle platformer, I enjoyed it! Although my platforming skills could definitely use some work. The puzzles were well put together and I liked the art style too. Good job!

Really interesting spin on the collectibles limitation, indeed a very cool concept in general that could definitely be spun out into a full game. The visuals look great, although I think more could be done to make the text stand out, especially since that is the focal point of the experience. That aside, great game, good work!

I really enjoyed playing this. Simple game loop, but executed with great panache. The robot was really smooth to control, and there were lots of little examples of polish that made the game feel great. Good job!

Nice game! I'm really impressed by the number of systems you managed to implement in such a short space of time, and how you styled each of these to fit into your theme.

Fun little game! I really like the attention to detail you put into the environment, very consistent art style too.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for playing! It was a real rush at the end getting everything balanced so looks like I'll need to go back and add a bit more fuel!

Will give your game a go now :)

Thank you, that's really great to hear!

Thank you! Seems like you did pretty well!

The artwork is simply stunning, and I'd love to spend more time exploring Camaraderie Park; I feel there's more history to uncover!

This is so so great. I love how flipping the moon reveals a whole different side to their character, and your art is perfect for a bedtime story!

A really cute distillation of monster catching and puzzle mechanics, I'm keen to see where you go with this idea!

A perfect distillation of lockdown! I loved discovering all the little subplots, so much attention to detail :)

This comment really touched me; I'm really glad the game spoke to you in that way. Sometimes procrastination is a hurdle to overcome, but other times it's a reminder that we need to take a break in order to recharge.

Thank you so much!