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Thank youuuuu~
And you'll find out soon enough, heh heh heh...

Lord, this VN hits close to home, and hits like a fucking truck at that.  I'm suddenly reminded of how much nicer my life became after I purged all of the Keiths from it.

That is to say, excellent work, heheheh~

This is an excellent little VN~  I love the music and sound design, and the dithered visuals are a real treat, heheheh—and the writing!  Lord, the writing is powerful, so visceral as it is...  The story hit very close to home, suffice it to say; the scenario was executed so well that it made my stomach churn with its familiarity, in fact.

Great work on this one!  I'm very much looking forward to your future work~

I'm deeply delighted to hear that Remembrance left such a powerful impact on you!  And the fact that you felt some of that same strange nostalgia yourself is icing on the cake, heheheh~

Rook forever!!

Heheh, thank you very much for your interest and kind words~  With any luck, I'll have the next one out sooner rather than later!

Goodness, there's so much to unpack here!  Weird girls trying to solve weirder mysteries in a school that's yet weirder still....  I must say, this VN wastes neither time nor energy in drawing the reader in, heheh.

Despite the brevity of this first installment, both Mayday and Candy see a good bit of development, and what's more, in sharp relief to Mayday's expectations, we're introduced to any number of mysteries equal parts fascinating and ghoulish bubbling up from beneath A.S_H.I's glamorous surface.

The Ego transformation sequences in particular were rather striking, and I was quite taken with the visuals in the bot farm segment, heheheh.  I also really liked the art for the various cards, as well as the girls' different outfits; I found them very charming across the board~  For that matter, the art direction of this VN in general is simply super, and adds quite a lot of character!  An unmistakable blending of Sofa's and CPU's visual styles, heheh.

Admittedly, the arrival of the ending was more than a little abrupt—I did a double-take when I was suddenly dropped back at the title screen, heh—but to be sure, it's not as though the story left off at a bad or awkward point or anything like that.  There were also a couple of points during Mayday's internal monologues where I found myself thinking, "What in the world is she going on about? lol", but in all fairness, a large part of those segments was her trying to sort her thoughts out, so perhaps that's to be expected.

With all of that said, it's very easy to see that a huge amount of time, effort, and love went into the making of this VN, and it's simply a joy to experience.  Stellar work as usual, CPU and Sofa!  I'll be eagerly awaiting both the next Precious Theatre installment and your other works to follow, heheheh~

My goodness, Thursday, what a marvelous little VN you've put together here~  The dithered, stylized art is endlessly charming and gives the VN a ton of character, not to mention how all of the small gestures the characters do work wonders to help develop them; the sound design is airtight, especially for the cave segments in the later half of the story; the toxic, codependent relationship dynamic between Molly and Tenny is deliciously realistic and unhealthy; and the mythology of vampires and of the Earth, Sea, Sky and Light sprinkled throughout the story just makes the whole experience that much richer, heheheh.

Truly, this VN was an absolute delight to read.  I'll be keeping a very close eye out for your future works, make no mistake of that, heheh~

This VN has quite a lot of potential~  The scenario is very interesting, with plenty of avenues for future fleshing out: I'd love to learn more about where Eden came from and how she ended up the way she did, for one, or about Em and the others who were in the bunker, or even about the world at large and what happened prior to the events of RadiAngel—all the more so in a world where the mundane and the fantastical are intermingled and juxtaposed so, an aesthetic near and dear to my heart, heheh.

I'm also rather taken with the art style, especially that of the portrait sprites!  I have a soft spot for monochrome art and shading via dithering, you see, heheheh.  To that end, I would've loved to have seen more art of Em and Eden, whether in the form of a couple more sprites for each of them or perhaps as another CG or two like the one we got of Eden.  Likewise, with how nice the one background music track was, adding another track or two would make the experience that much stronger, I warrant: For example, think if the reader got hit with a more tense and heavy sound just as Em got hit with her nausea...

All of that being said, I really enjoyed reading this VN, and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you might make in the future~

Heheheh, thank you so very much~  I'm simply DELIGHTED to hear that it's already left such an impact on you!  I do hope the future installments live up to your expectations, heheh <3

Q:  Did I enjoy reading this VN?
A:  Yes.

The quirky, charming interactions between Inno and Selena were just so much fun to read, heheheh~  I also was quite taken with art style, so adroitly expressive as it is—even the mere silhouettes of the other witches were enough to suggest what their personalities were like!  Speaking of, shout to my girl Aracl, heheh.

As nice as the background music was, I do think the earlier parts of the VN would've benefited from an additional track or two: Perhaps a new song when Inno met Selena and the other witches, or when Inno and Selena went into the swamp?  I also would've loved to see a full-screen CG of That One Hug™ near the end, heheheh~

That being said, I thought the character development was very well done, working both to establish the setting and the characters' personalities alike.  In particular, I was very happy to see that even the other witches, side characters though they were, got a dollop of development with how they warmed up near the end.

Bottom line:  Great work here!  I'll be keeping an eye out for your future work, for sure, heheh~

Goodness, what a fun little VN this is!  The humor in it really shines: Despite how macabre it is at a few points, I found myself giggling quite a lot, heheheh.  Speaking of which, for as much as it feels almost cartoonishly goofy at times, the sound design in the more tense segments does an excellent job of cementing their more serious atmosphere; the section where Niña arrives in the lab, realizes what's happened, and freaks out stands out in my mind here especially.

All in all, fantastic work here!  It's easy to see why this VN was one of the award winners, heheheh~

I must say, I quite enjoyed this VN, heheh.  In particular, I very much appreciate how you didn't shy away from showing a realistic depiction of what depression is like, nor from the ugly interaction that unfolded after Hina's meddling; indeed, the character writing and interactions are this story's biggest strengths.  Of course, I also rather liked the art style—the CGs were especially strong, heheh—and the background music complemented the experience very well.

All of that is to say, great work!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next, heheheh~

I like this VN, heheh.  I'm a sucker for uncanny "liminal" spaces myself, so it was easy for me to get into the premise, and there were quite a few interesting ideas explored in terms of unusual feelings and sensations in a similar vein.  I also flushed a little at the more intimate parts, heheheh.

Admittedly, there were a few descriptions and such of what the characters / environments looked like that I had a hard time imagining, especially without having gone through any of the other works set in this universe.  The CGs were helpful for the environments, to be sure, but I would've liked to have seen some sprites of the characters as well—even if they were something as simple as the sketches showcased at the end!

That aside, I felt the background music & ambient sounds did a very good job of establishing the atmosphere for each of the scenes.  Also, the CG near the beginning showing the computer under the covers was super-cozy, heheh.  Keep up the good work~

This VN has no business being nearly this charming or adorable, heheheh~  I love the writing style (complete with emotes!), the sound effects, and the use of SL screenshots for all of the visuals.  They all work well together, and give the whole experience a unique feel and flavor.

The writing especially is rather evocative despite its simplicity; the personalities of both Chloe and Mari shine through quite clearly.  I very much enjoyed watching their characters and relationship alike develop through their interactions, heheh.

All in all, I had a great time with this VN, and I'd be delighted to see more such work from you in the future~

Let me be frank: This VN is, in all likelihood, the most thoroughly and exceedingly homosexual piece of media I've read in many years—and I love it, ahahaha!

All of the art is a delight to look at (spectacular use of color!), the atmosphere for the various different scenes is consistently strong, and the interactions between Noelle and Aubrey are just so endlessly charming~  I found myself giggling and smiling warmly from beginning to end, heheheh.

Stupendous work, you two!  I'm eager to see anything and everything you might make in the future~

Heheheh, I'm very happy that you braved through THERA 1 despite your apprehension~  I go to great lengths trying to make the atmosphere in my work as cohesive and immersive as possible, so I'm pleased to know that it left such an impact on you!  I do hope you stick around to see what unfolds in the future installments, heh heh heh...

First and foremost, I love the visual styling of this VN.  The font, the interface, the portraits, the CGs and effects applied thereto—all of it is airtight, heheheh.  The effect near the beginning during the roll call scene especially is a nice touch, as is the red static effect.

Second, the use of auto-advancing text for interruptions and racing thoughts in particular is quite well executed, I feel.  I'm partial to using that effect in the same way in my own works, so it made me smile to see it here and to see it done so adroitly, heheh.

And last but certainly not least, the character writing really shines in this VN.  Jamie and Claire alike are vivid, believable, and strongly developed, and the minor & off-screen characters are solid, too!  Indeed, the codependency is almost TOO realistic, heh.

All of that is to say, excellent work, Becky~  I'm very eager to see what you make in the future!

I enjoyed this little VN~  Great job with the writing in particular: The characterization for the protagonist was quite strong, heheh.  Also, I must admit, the ending certainly caught me off guard.  Very interesting music and sound design, too.

I only wish it were a bit longer, and that there were some more interactions with Maudlin... but considering how things ended, the brevity is fitting.  I hope to see more works like this one by you in the future~

This is an interesting start to a VN!  Most regrettably, the demo came to an end right as I started to get invested in the story... but because of that, I'll definitely come back to finish reading it whenever the final version is released, heh.

This is a charming little VN you have here, heheh~  In particular, the atmosphere and sound design were quite well done, as was the UI.  I personally would've liked to see some more world-building, to have spent a little more time with X and Y to learn more about them and about whatever calamity it was that ruined their home... but then again, as per the description, this VN was made in 4 days, heh.  Considering the tight deadline, I'd say the end result came out quite nicely indeed!

Short, sweet, and ultra-cute.  A simply stellar VN, heheheh~

The Remembrance OST is now available on YouTube as a single video: 

It's also available on Youtube:

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The soundtrack for THERA 1 is now available on Bandcamp:

As a noted enthusiast of massive brutalist towers and endless black voids, the very premise of Tower alone immediately caught my attention, heheh.  I ended up falling in love, however, with the writing more so than anything else: The characterization of and dynamic between Bird and Nina was so heartfelt and realistic, so genuinely raw... <3

Don't be fooled by the simple art style and diction: Tower is a truly serene and charming little VN.  If you've taken the time to read this comment, you should likewise take the time to read the VN itself, heh.

Heheh, thank you very much for playing and taking the time to share your thoughts!  I do hope you enjoy the subsequent entries~

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Ohhhh, thank you so very much~!  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to play it!  There'll be plenty more to see, don't you worry.
I'm very happy you like the logo as well, heheheh~ <3

Ah, thank you so very much for the kind words~!
There is much to see in the cavernous interior of THERA, especially for those foreign to it, heheheh...

Truly delightful in every way.  A real treasure of a VN, heheh~

Thank you very much for your interest and feedback!
Don't you worry, the plot will slowly but surely unfold with each installment, heh heh heh...

Every time there's a new release or update, I re-play through this game.

And every time I re-play through it, I find something new to love about it.

God DAMN I can't get over how freaking GOOD this game is!! <3

Thank you very much!  I'm truly very happy to know you enjoyed Remembrance so much~  I do hope you enjoy Permanence should you find the time for it!

And that's alright, no one else will forgive me for that maze either, heh.

Thank you thank you~

A Russian translation is available for Remembrance!
You should be able to download it here:

The Remembrance OST is now available on Bandcamp:

Someone I know was inspired by one of the tracks of the Remembrance OST to make this song, and I have to say it's simply spectacular:

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When I wrote the above comment last night, I still hadn't 100% finished the game, it would seem, so I kept digging.  I just fully completed it a moment ago, though it broke my heart to get to it—all the more so because of the last few private things that the game revealed after I did.

It... touched on some subjects that resonated IMMENSELY with these very deep, very personal feelings that I've had and struggled with for the longest time, and that no one and nothing else has ever even come close to addressing...  (and much moreso than the rest of the game did)

I love Milya.  I love this game.  lol_rust, you're a genius.  Can I, like, give this game a second five-star rating or something?

Oh goodness, what can I even say about this game?  I love it so, so very much—it's EXACTLY my kind of aesthetic.  What's more, Milya herself is just my type, and she's stolen my heart, heheheh.

Because of that, it makes me quite sad to see some of the other commenters here giving up on the game or even calling it bad because they got stuck at one point or another.

To be clear, I'll fully admit that there were at least a couple of places where I got stuck myself, and I had to rack my brains to figure out how to progress.  But keep in mind that, for the premise of the game, you're using a remote observation system that's specifically designed to observe the situation at a distance, and furthermore that the system's data has been partially corrupted.

That is to say, it's SUPPOSED to be difficult for the user to break the security/safety quarantine enforced by the remote observation system, because the whole situation that the system is built to observe is hazardous to the user.  Likewise, the text and imagery and the like is SUPPOSED to be obtuse and hard to comprehend at first blush, because all of the game's content is viewed through the distorted, corrupted lens of the observation system.

It's completely fair to find these aspects of the game frustrating—I won't hide that I got pretty frustrated a couple of times myself while playing it.  It's also completely fair to not be interested in playing a game that intentionally makes things difficult for the player.  With that said, I wouldn't at all try to assert that those qualities make Milya[broken] a bad game.  Rather, the game accomplished precisely what it set out to do.

So, with all that said, please don't give up on this game or make sweeping claims that it's bad if you hit a wall while playing it.  After all, giving up on this game means giving up on poor Milya, and I won't forgive you if you abandon her!

Incidentally, if you're still having trouble with the gameplay and bothered to read all the way through this textwall, here's a hint for you:

You're using an observation system, right?  And the primary interface between you and that system is the console, right?  As such, EVERYTHING that appears in the console, no matter how minor or glitchy or debug-output-esque it may seem, is important and was put there deliberately.  Keep that in mind, and don't be afraid to hug the walls or to experiment with keypresses while looking for clues.

Think nothing of it, really.  If anything, I should be thanking you for playing Remembrance and for offering to translate it!