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The dash system was pretty difficult to get around (i seemed to mostly off ledges, especially as it was mapped to space.) The art/animation was pretty good - and I thought the game had potential, although was pretty difficult, especially with the limited arrows!

Decent little game with a cute art style!

thanks for the reply! I actually just played again, and I realised for me, the narrative is what I wanted to get to, maybe that’s why the minigames felt so long - also that they didn’t have a lose condition (I think?)

I’m glad you’ve all learnt a lot, that’s the best result from a jam, and I’ll say it’s clear that you’re all individual talented but clearly worked well as a team, as even with issues the game is cohesive. great job again! :)


Really good jam entry - there were a lot of attentions to detail that I liked (like Captain Cooke not being understood by the player - I dunno if this was making a wider point about settlers + colonialism but I empathized with the villagers so that's good). I feel like maybe the amount of objects required for 2 of the minigames (so 20 coconuts, or idols worshipped) felt a hair too long. 

The artstyle was obviously nice - the game had a lot of polish, with the cutscenes and transitions and narrative in days - if there were bugs I didn't find any. The music was  immersive - really sold the vibe, and I'm glad it persisted through the scenes. 

My last comment could be super personal/subjective, but I think your thumbnail doesn't sell the game at all -  you've got a great name in Please The Gods, and I think just adding text would round out the image and provide some context, otherwise it may be skipped over - I personally sought this one out as I'd chatted with one of the devs on Discord - otherwise I may have not clicked (which would have been a shame!)

First of all it's got a great presentation, from the artstyle to the UI etc - everything from the sun and waves drawing to the background. I struggled quite a lot with the core game - I noticed on the game page you talked about the input sometimes being unresponsive, I had this issue, but I think even when it was working, it just took too long to start moving and was very slow. This may be intentional but it felt like some obstacles I just couldn't avoid. Conceptually, with flying acting different as you spend time closer to heat/water is great. 

Aside from that, the transitions were great, and a lot of the tertiary stuff felt really polished - I hope you continue to work on this, great job!

Actually a nice little well designed puzzler - had the potential to be a lot more. You've put thematic elements (like the lightning) into a platform game, the mechanics were well polished. Some of the music was okay - some felt like it had a really weird dissonance (like, it was out of key with itself) - although maybe this was intention. Nice background art well, overall well done! I especially liked the last level with the double door puzzle, and played it to completion.

Nice little game - obviously the art style is great, I guess reminiscent of a wall painting from the time. My highscore was 136, which is a B (is this a B like school grades? What was the highest I could have gotten?) The procedural death hand generation works although, sometimes it feels unfair, like there is 2 in a row - you can dash into one, but before you can jump the other has already hit you. I think it could be improved if there was less wait time as you lean down to collect the water - maybe up the pace of the enemies so it was more frantic. Animations in generation were also well done. 

Great job!

Super cute animation, art, and menu transitions! The fisherman had a lot more health so I failed, but a really fun game. 

Great idea that fits the theme! The puzzling was pretty difficult, and the ghost felt unpredictable at times. Music was stellar.

Great game! 

I initially thought I was the spaceship, but eventually worked it out. It's got a super polished minimalist design and good soundtrack - one of my favourite games of the jam and could be released as is (maybe release on mobile plz.)

Good concept! Nice puzzling and presentation, and really fits the theme. 

It's a cool concept! I don't think anxiety features enough in games, and this has it (with a tongue in cheek way) - so much that Ted didn't feel as useful, but maybe that was the point!

It definitely fits the theme great, and like others have said I think the controls could be fine tuned. Otherwise, great job!

Like others have said, really cool concept!

I think it's the first GameJam game I've seen that's online, and definitely embodies "Joined Together"

gonna repeat what everyone else has said, but I fucking love the nexus idea of this game - I think with more presentation (especially audio), this would be something I'd pay a few dollars few. I think the enemies had too much health, and sometimes it wasn't clear what the buff was doing (like the guy who refilled ammo/energy looked like he was supposed to make you less sick? I dunno) but I kept compulsively playing it, so all I can say is 5 stars for originality and great job!

Good base idea! Having health and ammo combined is cool (maybe like Warlock's life tapping in WoW), but I didn't feel like I had to shoot - I think someone else mentioned you could avoid enemies given their pattern. 

It's got a nice presentation - maybe the audio could have persisted through to the game from the menu? 

Good job!

Nice version of the theme, and I think it could be super cool if it was a bit more polished (like, throwing the ball felt quite difficult sometimes.) Good job!

Super nice interpretation of the theme, and I appreciate the main menu demonstrating the theme (how you guide the bots into the title - that's cute)

Also - for anyone playing this - you can reset with "R" - makes it easier to crack on with the puzzles. :)

I'm sorry to echo the other comments, but I wasn't clear on how to make money either - no key presses or clicking seemed to work :(

this is great! i was thinking it needed more challenge, like maybe barriers so you had to work around with the opposite ball, but I think it's super zen and relaxing. I'd probably play this on mobile - super well made and feels great, also very thematic. 

I love the way being dragged around feels! I only managed to get 10 as a hi-score. Lovely art style and music as well (something about the chord reminds me of I think Beast's Castle music from Kingdom Hearts). 

It was initally confusing - I think I had to break the boxes for the soul like in the tutorial, but then it's on the boat - and I also thought the vases dotted around were the urns. 

Other than that, super cool idea!


Great idea with the collective health thing, especially for a swarm. It had a good design and a nice difficulty curve. The art was also nice, reminiscent of the Binding of Isaac. 

The audio had some issues - I think the music loop can get a bit repetitive, and in there menu music and on certain attacks that is a "click" - this is when a sound file either loops wrong or when the audio tail has been cut off not at 0 db- it's super easy to fix but is noticable. 

Overall good use of theme, and clear UI!

I think this is my favourite game of the jam, and I'll be surprised if I find something better. The mechanics and level design were great, and little existential text boxes for the slimes really help the narrative. Good music and SFX (especially the confused little confirmation sound off the slimes when you call it - it reminded me a bit of Oddworld.)

I'd totally play/buy this if it was a full release - also similar to Thomas Was Alone. 

If I had one criticism, as others have mentioned, the jumping collision and the responsiveness of the jump didn't always feel like it worked. 

Just an amazing use of theme and I have no idea how this was made in 48 hours!

Oh also I love the animation, especially as your slime grows. 

Great concept! It's super satisfying when you catch a fly in the web, you can leave it there and set up for a combo. 

Nice menus and general presentation, really well polished. 

Great job!

This is actually really cool - great UI considerations so you know what "mana" you have left for each character, and knowing which is selected by having them highlighted and rotating in front. 

Maybe could have done with some music to make it gel together - otherwise great use of the theme. It also kinda reminds me of Trine with the archtypes you've gone for!

I think this is the best interpretation of the theme I've seen so far!

It confused me at first as I wasn't sure if I could connected with them through the electric gates, but soon got it. Could do with some chill music to as it's a bit empty sounded - otherwise super original mechanic, I can see this being a full fleshed out game!

Nice idea! it's got a nice minimalist presentation.

he looks so concerned - I think this is because in real life, pigeons are temporal and never get hit by anything

Immediately reminds me a bit of Banjo Kazooie (maybe the penguin in this is more useful than Banjo though). Love the puzzles and pigeon flight feeling, I think this is genuinely something I could see myself playing if it was fully fleshed out. 

I love the art style and all the animations! The music is great, very ambient and industrial. The hit boxes were a bit unforgiving, and I think I'm stuck on like, the level with the large gap to the green power up - I can't make the jump, I feel like I should still have the dash but maybe it's me. 

Otherwise, fantastic presentation!

I wouldn't normally mention my own game, but in it you also catch souls, so all I'm saying is: Soul Catcher Cinematic Universe?

I actually like the switch mechanic! It could have done with sfx etc but quite creative for 24 hours - I managed to at least complete it!

Impressive animation considering the time restraints, and cool interpretion of the theme! As mentioned before the hitboxes were a bit unforgiving, but I especially like the falling objects :)

It's a bit difficult to figure out what to do, otherwise I love the art style! I was also unable to throw the ball after a few deaths so had to restart! nice music also. 

Great music, and charming animations on the little smiles and crabs. 

Took a few goes to understand the mechanics, but I think this'd be a nice little mobile game!

Hello! I was searching games(2D platformers) and this came up, naturally. I love the clean aesthetic! Jumping feels good, and the tutorial is well laid out (though I'd maybe include it at the start of the game.)

Could do with some music and maybe more SFX, other than that, great job!

fuck brexit, decent game!

Love the animation of the little bot!

Nice idea! I think a tutorial may have helped (like someone else mentioned.) Otherwise good job!

I loved the music! It has a very Final Fantasy 9 feel to it (hopefully that's a compliment to the composer!) I like the art, specifically the backgrounds had a lot of character. My one negative would be the minigame felt maybe too long, and needed some audio-visual feedback when you failed/succeeded, as sometimes it was hard to know. Other than that, oustanding quality <3

I liked the artstyle and animations! Bit short like others have said, but it could definitely be extended, and it's always nice to have (what I assume is) accurate historical info before the level starts like you've done. 

okay, got here from another one of Ralph's games but this is really really so good and play make more of it. There's something so cool when you get into a rhythm (literally) and don't have to look at the interface - kinda like closing your eyes while playing guitar. Really cool experience, great aesthetic and music especially, hope to see more!