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Wish I'd tried this before. It's great! Feels old school in a good nostalgic way

Brilliant - love the sound FX, music and game!

I did it Horray! This was one of my favourites to play, though I couldn't stand the music. It makes me want to try out making a similar game :)

One of my favourites - well done for doing that in the time frame!

I think you are Super Potato! Nice one!!

Well done doing it in time! I like the Sound FX. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to jump over the tractors, so didn't get very far.

I like the music and the concept!

Cheers TLoYo!

I got 9112 potatoes!

Good level of difficulty. Nice one! Had to turn my sound off though

:) Higher than I've got

20. Nice one! We both thought of raining potatoes :)

20. Nice one! We both thought of raining potatoes :)

I completed it. Well done! :)

I completed it. Well done! :)

I like the beeps!

I like the Monty python foot!

better than being too hard!

Love the flying potatoes - Nice one!

I enjoyed this! I liked the shooting sounds

Good work! I enjoyed playing this

Thanks IvonBarabash, appreciate your comment! :)

A little hard but fun :) I like the mice/rats

Love the portals! 

Hi Crazycucumbers - I do appreciate you saying the glitches. I hadn't even thought that someone would find the 3rd ball first! :)

Thanks Shpimpasta that was a nice comment!

Excellent with the theme, sound fx, fun with how it works being a magnet - Good stuff!!

Innovative with good music! Nice one! :)

Good couple of minutes fun - I like the unicorns!

I like this relaxed game! Nice one! Make them get harder quicker (just my opinion)

Thanks for commenting Guess the word! Yeah, I wanted to add a collider to automatically do this but ran out of time

Hi SerenePixels - thanks :)! and thanks about saying about the reset button. Will have to fix that.

Thanks KiranMusic, I like your suggestion and if I attempt to do this game again (but better and easier), I'll try that out!

Hi Szym, Yep I agree - it's too hard. I did the level design in the last hour before it needed to be submitted (life got in the way). Helpful about the reset - I wouldn't have known if you hadn't have said. Thank you!

Hi PetPumpkin, Helpful to know - I was wondering about the floatiness. I really appreciate your feedback! :)

Glad you found it fun - I'd liked to have had 2-3 more hours to do level design, but that's my time management issues. Cheers for commenting! :)




Excellent - love the game feel!