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I spent 3 hours trying to get GPU instancing to work for a custom sprite renderer shader with a material property block, only to figure out it’s a known bug that Unity decided not to fix and not to warn about. I mean they could at least have printed some warning in the console that setting a material property block on a sprite renderer will break instancing.

Anyways, once I found out it was their bug, I spent 15 minutes switching over to the mesh renderer and instancing is now working smoothly.

So I still get four draw calls, but at least most sprites with the same shape are now drawn in the same draw call. That’s happening because currently, each of the primitives have their own material. I guess maybe it would make sense to make them all use the same shader and just branch based on an enum value (instead of using #ifdefs like I do now). Anyways, I’m probably going to postpone that until I encounter performance issues to avoid doing too much premature optimization.

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So the only shape I supported up until now was the vesica, which was a bit weird. So I cleaned up some code and added support for rectangles and circles as well.

Not sure if this is a rabbit hole or not. Perhaps I should get back to making games.

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Continuing work on the 2D soft shape renderer. The plan is to make something akin to mudbun/clayxels, but for 2D.

While the shapes now seem to blend rather smoothly (pun totally intentended), today I worked on getting colors to blend as well.

I spent a lot of time botching it up.

But finally I got something I was happy with. It’s a weighted average color where the weights are the negative distance from the source shape + some offset to the power of 3.19, which is kind of weird. It probably makes sense to make it configurable per shape (right now it’s on the material).

I was also struggling to keep the number of render passes low, because I needed 3 color channels, alpha, distance, and weighted average total. Eventually, I figured out how to properly do multiple render targets in one pass, which means that for the moment I have plenty of room (4 render targets * 4 channels = 16).

In any case, I’m quite optimistic with how it works, and I think I can make something that is both very performant, author-friendly and flexible.

As intended, scaling now produces no artifacts :)

So I was quite happy with how the rendering for the loops in my Ludum Dare game turned out, so I ended up cleaning it up and making an upm package out of it. Hopefully I can continue expanding on it to create some juicy things later :)

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Still just playing ludum dare games, and trying to catch up with lost sleep, work and physical exercise.

Also, when did this turn into my diary?

Anyways, I have two new favorite ludum dare games:

Sounds cool :) I want in!

I just did a ludum dare game, is that good enough?

Also, if you have time: I was quite happy with how chronillogical (for brackeys jam) turned out.

Today I just played ludum dare games, and fixed a simple bug in my submission.

Rat inc is my favority ludum dare game so far:

I submitted a game for Ludum Dare :D

I got inspired for Ludum Dare after all. Making a petri dish inspired game/toy.

So I skipped this Ludum Dare as I failed to get properly inspired by any of my ideas. Experimenting with how characters work in Unity instead. I set up a Kenney character that I intend to use as a base/placeholder.

So, I’m doing this thing. My goal is pretty simple. I want to check in once a day, improve or tweak something, however trivial, and take a screenshot of it.

Today I tried some new palettes for a stylized renderer I’m working on:


Hopefully I’ll find some use for it during Ludum Dare.

I like the color palette and the rectangle/round kind of shapes. The glitch effects are also pretty cool :)

- Really mood graphics
- Feels juicy. Nice job. Cool level change animation
- I like that the puzzles are mostly easy to do once you understand what the solution is. I.e. no fiddling or hard jumping (except maybe for level 12, which was a bit fiddly, and also 17)
- Insta-death restart is normally something I'm annoyed with, but felt ok, since the levels are so short.
- Cool menu. A lot of fun touches otherwise.
- Great progression in the levels.

Great game, played it to the end. Cool references to portal (I think?) :)

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Couple of notes in no particular order:

- Amazing idea! A lot of fun and some great tips for people new to game dev :) Very meta!
- It was a bit hard to understand what was happening at the start in the platformer level... I thought the character was moving left automatically until I realized it was a wall coming from the left.
- Like others said: Checkpoints! The game is too hard for me to replay it from the beginning. I tried maybe 15 times, but I always screwed up some jump or those nasty eyes.

I'd love to see a more polished and/or easier version of this after the jam!

It doesn't start on my machine :( (Chrome windows)

Oooh. This is a really cool mechanic. Unfortunately, I played it on a laptop, which means the jumping tricks are almost impossible to do with a trackpad. I wish that the slowdown thing would also slow down the bullets... And maybe last a little longer, I dunno. Maybe I should just go get a mouse :P

Pretty decent music as well. And good job creating all those sprites.

The tutorial backgrounds are really cool :)

Some of the tiles with computers (?) on them and a much lighter grey background were a bit confusing... I thought they were walls while they we're actually a background. Anyway, just a minor thing :)

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Couple of notes in no particular order:

- Groovy audio!
- Cool palette / art style :)
- The jump sound was a bit too loud/hard in my opinion.
- Maybe it started out slightly too hard?
- Think it has been said already, but maybe some variety in mechanics/obstacles?
- The spools are really cool, and I love that they're also conveyor belts (mechanic-wise)
- The theme fits pretty well :)

Thanks! I'll give some feedback on yours when I get home :)

Thanks! I'll play yours later today :)

Some notes in no particular order:

- The low text contrast on the menu makes it slightly hard to read.
- Menu button sound was kind of weird
- Cool text animations
- The bloom and effects were really cool, but maybe a bit too much bloom?
- The push button, go through door, puzzle was repeated maybe a bit too many times
- It got a bit hard when there were lots of bullets, and the instadeath restart eventually was so hard I eventually gave up (I think at level 5 or 6)
- I was a bit disappointed that the puzzles weren't more... puzzly. It was mostly a case of finding all the buttons and avoiding all the bullets. I wish the rewind was more involved in some way.

Reading the list, it sounds like a lot of negative stuff. But I still enjoyed the game a lot. It felt pretty polished, and I think the look is really cool and with some tuning it could be amazing.

Good job! :)

Also at 11, not sure if that's low enough?

Cool palette and shape-based graphics. Sad you didn't have time to make it more complete.

Couldn't figure out how to get past the second vine with the box :/

Otherwise, I actually really like the audio and the writing is just the right amount, not getting in the way and providing some context.

I like the pixel art and the running animation as well.

Some random feedback in no particular order:

- Cool sprites and graphics.
- The text animation was really nice
- First level was good, nicely introduced the concept
- I wish movement was a bit quicker. Long walking times between terminals

Otherwise, a great job :)

Cool idea.

I was a bit reluctant to use the rewind button, as it cost quite a bit of power, which meant it felt like I'm wasting money that I could've spent on permanent upgrades (new towers).

The level is also quite small, and the planes and characters moves quite quickly and it's insta-death. The result is that mistakes happen easily (at least for my skill level), and the punishment felt too harsh. Maybe adding lives, increasing the size of the level or reducing enemy speed would have helped?

I can't get it to load in the browser...

Cool animations and graphics, lots of juice!

One thing would be that it very barely fits the theme.

Otherwise great job.

Also, it kind of reminds me of something I saw in a GMTK video. Took some inspiration from there?

Really juicy for a jam gam. Particles on jumping, dying animation, scaling. Nice juicy sounds, good job!

I wish the rewind mechanic was more used in the levels. It felt a bit like it was a platform game with a rewind mechanic added on top, more than a game about rewinding. But other than that it was great.

Also, as the levels got bigger, the punishment of dying felt a bit harsh.

Looks cool, but is there more than one level? Nothing seems to happen when I step into the blue particles?

I also liked the use of blacks and whites.

It started out a bit hard for my skills (hard to master a new mechanic and at the same time have very limited vision). Anyways, a great idea, and very cool visual style that fit the mechanics nicely. 

Good job! :)

Rated :) Here's mine (first game made in an Itch jam)

The art is very nice.

I think the double jump was very difficult to get right, even after reading the description.

Cool transitions between levels.

Also cool healthbar :)

Rated :) can you play & rate mine?

Cool graphics, with lots of models in such a short time.

Design-wise, I kind of missed having the rewind mechanic interact with the level somehow. Wish it was more than just a get-out-of-a-hole-free-card.

Otherwise, looks pretty polished for just a week!

Hope you're still rating!

This game is top-notch in nearly every category. Design-wise, it's almost perfect, the only issue I can think of is the steep difficulty increase between the second-last and last level. Theme was spot on, and graphics look great, but I guess that's just time constraints.

I also love the visuals, and even the music is good (which is quite rare in these jams)

Great job!

That's pretty amazing for only one month worth of experience. Hope you continue on it :)

I wish the level was designed so that you would have to use the rewind mechanic to beat them,. Also it got a bit frustrating with the insta-death + respawn when touching hazards, I wish I could just rewind past my mistake (I can with jumping, so why not with enemies?). However, I know some people like those games (just look at celeste) so maybe it's just me.

The sprites and background were pretty nice.

Cool idea and well executed.

While being able to "undo" one step would have been nice (in order to not redo the whole level if you mess up) would have been nice. However, I totally get that this is a jam game and you had to prioritize.

I picked up the basic mechanics pretty easily, but I had a hard time figuring out what the green squares did. I think I solved the first two levels with them in it without using their powers/mechanic and then I got lost.

Otherwise, I really liked the pseudo-pixel art. And the animations looked really good and felt pretty polished for a jam game.

I also agree with you that focusing on art style and game mechanics, rather then menu/pause etc was probably a good idea :)