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I was shocked at how simple, yet so complex the mechanics were. With just a simple constraint like managing your shots to avoid overheating, the game play was exponentially more engaging. Very well done!

Actually made me laugh a little as soon as I pressed H. Awesome work.

Thank you!
The planet does indeed speed up, albeit very slowly over time.

Very fun. However, I pushed some of the keys starting with Q and got free upgrades with every key press. Dev commands, I assume?

Great game design.. I love the art!

Excellent work. I really enjoyed the progression of finding new items to progress through the story. Pretty good visuals, too!

Rated it a while ago. I definitely liked your team's submission! Anyways, thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing. I definitely agree with you on the lava floor. I tried as best I could to use the decal art assets we made to add some variation, but it only got me so far! We'll definitely add some more art in later. Glad you enjoyed!

Great multi-faceted level design. I enjoyed the progression of  knowing more than the last time I ran through the level.

Awesome! I loved this one. Almost made it three times around.

Thanks for your input.

The movement was based on old-school RPGs, and fit the design of the dungeon layout. Definitely a lot of the newer generation wouldn't be exactly used to it, I thought, but didn't think it would ruin the experience at all. Same applies to the BGM. Along with time constraints, the ambient noises seemed to fit the setting for what we had developed, asset-wise.

As for the theme, there are some deceitful dungeon designs here and there, but the "coup de grace" was saved for the end segment.

PACING. Even though I was enjoying the grind, so to speak, it would definitely beneficial for us to stop and just go outside for a quick walk everyone once in a while. Quite frankly, many of our ideas came from our breaks, rather than from sitting and actively brainstorming.

Hello, I hope you like it!

Games like these are usually just plain frustrating, but yours was a healthy enough length and well-designed. Had a couple of laughs, even. Well done!

Surely you mean the GOOMBAS, right..?

Thank you for playing. I understand your statement, as I would definitely have loved to add more content to the dungeon floors. Alas, we had to cut a little bit of features to save development time for the end scene (after the lava floor). Would have been nice to hear your experience there!

Very basic. Couldn't find a use for the credits, if there was one. The AI seemed to be a hit-or-miss, sometimes chasing me, but sometimes just spinning around aimlessly. However, for a simple wave-based shooter, it worked. Good job.

Very nice. I liked the look you went for. Good execution of the theme, as well.

Hah! Good ending. I loved the simplicity of it. Very well presented. Some of the crate obstacles were a little frustrating.

Very, very clever. I enjoyed it enough to want to get all the trophies! Solid execution. I also enjoyed the theme and consistent graphic detail.

Not bad! I liked the gameplay, but it would have been even better if the combat was more in-depth! I understand how that was more of a time-constraint issue, though.

Awesome! I really enjoyed this one; lots of fun. It was also very visually appealing, to boot!

Thank you for your critique! All very good points. Hopefully we can add some improvements in the future. Glad you enjoyed!

The only one I can think off the top of my head is the obvious one about the collider bug in the beginning. I believe you've already fixed that one, though?

Game looks and sounds great! It definitely deceived me throughout (in a good way). Great job!

Highly commended effort! The design was unique. The core mechanic was challenging and rewarding. It was also reinforced by cohesive graphical and audio cues. The whole production really came together as one in such a great way.

Thanks! The atmosphere was a very important aspect we were trying to get down. We ended up just going with ambient sounds like wind drones and crickets, instead. Glad you liked it, though!

Thank you for your input! In hindsight, I definitely had some thought about adding a setting for interpolated movement. The "old school" feel we were trying to go for was similar to the retro dungeon crawlers like Might & Might, as well as Ultima. Apologies for the discomfort.

Either way, a respectable critique. Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

I wish there were more enemy types and weapons! I enjoyed it, though.

Your project could've gone far with mechanics like that, had you the time! Good job.

Hah! Congrats! On a serious note, the little movement system was very clever and unique after I finally found out how it worked. Good work.

Good luck if you do!

Thanks! I appreciate that very much.

Now this is atmosphere! Excellent work on capturing the audience right away from the start.

You run a YouTube channel? You can expect me to be watching and learning from your tutorials! Your project really inspired me to learn more about C and C++.

This was mine and my cousin's (Macintrash) first jam... The stressful part I noticed right away was just how many submissions we are all competing with! That and we are worried people don't have enough time to reach the ending for the "full effect" it has to offer.

Interesting concept... The aiming was very smooth.

All in C? That's an impressive feat all on its own.

Crashing and flipping the car was definitely a hilarious experience. Also, Piza Town traffic sure is violent...