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I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'll let you in on a secret: we tried to get smooth movement in before the deadline, but it was put on hold until recently. It's actually functional in an unreleased build ;)

We have smoothed movement, among several other things, planned for a future post-jam release. Thank you for taking the time to play and review our game.

I was originally planning on doing the music composition, but the texture and level design budget took a lot of time away. So, instead, I focused on getting authentic ambiance/sound effects. I definitely do think music would be a good fit, maybe one different track per dungeon.

As for the ending, I think it might surprise you. The dungeons themselves were designed to trick the player into thinking they were fulfilling the theme, but there's a shocker at the end that reveals the true lie.

Flip lever to open portcullis to dining hall. Then flip the lever on that wall. Then, drink from the fountain at the end of the hall. Next, break down the damaged wall a few squares in and to the right of the level start location. There will be a door in that hallway leading to level 2 (sewers). :)

Oh, that would be the fountain. To unlock that, you have to pull a lever in the Dining Hall. Then you can drink from it and banish the red skeleton blocking the exit door.

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I'd like for you to experience the ending :)

Did you mean the final lever on the grate in the water level? That unlocks the wall between the two forks. There's "soft walls" in there that lead you to the door that goes to the mine.

You have to go to the CGJ page for the game

Love love love the CRT bend effect!

More on the last part - the assets are actually modeled after Cold War-era USSR reference material I had. That's a handful of decades after the WW2 themes could have both been an option.

That was the goal! :)

Very good job on the game page and character pixel art.

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My dev partner is right. This game plays very well. You can tell when something was made by a skilled engineer. Especially when you have a 144Hz monitor. Every hiccup shows, and this had none of them.

Thank you, we appreciate this very much. We worked very hard on it. We knew it was something special when the grid and lighting first worked. :)

I totally agree, but I held off on making any changes because I really REALLY wanted you to feel no remorse... at the end part... ;)

This all is 5-star stuff. Good work.

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Use 7-zip. You have to export/compile your finished game, and then right click on it and do 7-zip -> add to Then you upload that zip.

I like it the most because it works well on every platform.

My favorite tweet ever.

Do most game jams not have a rule in place to discourage this? You would think that would be one of the first ones, but a lot of games clearly have assets right from the Unity Asset Store, as well as ones in other games submitted by the exact same users!

I'm even seeing games made months ago, submitted to every jam, in this listing.

It's very interesting seeing this for the first time, as this is my first jam. It's something I would have expected would have "died off" by now, but the practice must work if some developers are using this strategy today.

Although entirely not presidential, I must point out that Sloppy Michael Moore's show on broadway was a total flop and was forced to close. Sad!

Beautiful art. I love the trees.

The rain and color palette is very relaxing!

You have to make every asset. This is using stuff ripped from a PSX CD.

You made the space textures and planet shader?