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Congrats on the win!

Wow this game rules. It's hard to know where to start. The art style is lovely, I especially liked the trees and the player character. The way the music switches as as progress creates a great effect, and the way the game is paced means that it tends to switch up just before it would have become droning. At the same time, the introduction of new control options with the double jump and hover happens just before the game would have gotten boring. I liked this one a lot.

I liked this one a lot. The design of the level felt straight out of something like Banjo Kazooie or Mario 64.  Running back and forth from the central point could have been a bit tedious, but the use of switches to open up different parts of the level was a really cool idea and kept it fun for the entire length. The art style was great and I really liked the design of the player character. Really good game!

It took me a minute to figure out that you had to go over the orange spots to fuse the keys together. That's really my only criticism here. This is a really inventive puzzle game, and I've played a lot of them this jam! The art style is simplistic but clear, and the levels are well designed. Liked this one a lot.

Wow you got an incredible number of levels done within the 48 hour time limit! The puzzles are clever, the artwork is great, and the music is fantastic. All around pretty good.

As others have stated, the atmosphere is definitely unique. One problem I had was being unable to tell which parts of the environment the player is supposed to be able to interact with, and which parts they can't. In the third level, I had to just watch the attached video to figure out that you could walk past the dude's legs, but not his chest. In the first level, it took a bit of trial and error to figure out I could jump on the plant. A more clear delineation between what is background and what is foreground would help a lot. Otherwise the puzzles were cute and well designed. Good job!

(the turtle can attach to the top of the octopus)

Not sure what the issue is with the browser version. It worked better on Chrome for me than on Firefox, but both worked worse than the desktop version. Thanks for playing anyway!

I like the core(ha!) concept, but I feel like controlling the orb is kind of difficult. I suppose that's the point, but it makes things that should be simple a little more difficult than they should be. I don't know that I really have anything more constructive to add to that, just that at times I didn't care for it.

On the other hand, the sprite work is great, and the music has this chaotic feel to it that I really dig. Overall It's pretty good, I just had some difficulty controlling it.

This is a really fun twist on the endless runner type of game. Normally you just jump or move from side to side, here, the lack of direct control adds a great challenge. It's a horrible(in a good way) feeling when you just lose most of your school to a wall that you couldn't dodge in time. I really enjoyed it, I think this would make a great mobile game if you evened out some of the issues caused by the 48 hour time limit.

Been getting that comment a lot lol

Oh lol, I assumed it was an intentional mechanic

On trying to recreate it, it's much more obvious that it's a bug, here's a gif of it.

This is a deceptively simple game. The dual controls, and the various different rounds are both really fun. The one comment I would make is that I think the first round lasts a little too long. The rounds after it are where things start getting fun, the first round lasts a long while, and is not nearly as interesting. Other than that, it was pretty good!

The puzzle design of this one was pretty good, and it's quite impressive that you were able to implement so many levels in the 48 hours given. One comment I would make though is that I feel like the addition of 4 player characters comes a little late. I think I would have preferred that to be introduced a little earlier. I also wasn't sure if you were supposed to be able to move onto a gate tile in the same move that another player moved off of the switch that activated it. Sometimes this worked, sometimes it didn't. I was also a fan of the art style, it reminded me a lot of Minecraft. Overall pretty good.

Having to focus on multiple things(several penguins, the frogs, and the location of the car) all while making sure your hands are in the correct location gets really hectic really fast! It's a pretty fun idea. My only thing is I feel that it starts out a little slow. The fun part is once it gets hectic, and it takes a little while to get there. I also really dig the music, especially the horns.

(also I totally feel you on just using alt f4 to close lol, if I wasn't working with a team I probably wouldn't bother with menus either)

I had a similar idea during brainstorming, but I couldn't think of any good ideas for levels so I didn't push for it. I think you really nailed the concept. The puzzles were clever and tactical. Also the dialogue between the two friends was cute. Your animations were also really good. Good work!

This game reminded me a lot of something that you would see in WarioWare. The music and visuals were great, and the way the tasks started to build up at the end was when the game went from being "just" interesting to actually pretty fun. I'd say I wish there was more of it, but it's pretty clear that the amount of work you all managed to do in 48 hours is already pretty incredible. Good job!

Sadly I couldn't play this one fully, as my keyboard can't register 5 keys at once. But every other part of the game was great. The backgrounds and their style reminded me of a visual novel, and the core concept reminds me of the kind of game you would see in Wario Ware. Also loved the dialogue. Definitely the hardest I've ever laughed at a game jam game. "leaving you was the right choice" "six months later your casts come off" I was dying. I just wish I could have played it to see more!

This game looks and sounds great. The enemies and player characters have fun designs, and the intro is fantastic. I just wish the game itself was longer. I like the idea of having these two characters and this chain in between them, but there's hardly any game for it to be utilized in. Given the high quality of the aesthetics, and the fact that you apparently got online multiplayer working(wasn't able to try it myself sadly), I'm guess that that is a jam limitation. Even so the idea is solid, and I enjoyed this one.

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Man this was great. I would love to see this expanded with more tile types and combinations. The only complaint I would make is that some of the larger combinations, like the mountain temple, seem a little difficult to make in comparison to easier combination, such as large mushrooms, which also give you a lot of coins. The sprite work on everything is great, and the music is nice and relaxing. I like this one a lot.

I liked this one a lot. I actually found myself playing this for a lot longer than I originally intended to, just because I was enjoying myself so much. My favorite parts are when there are a bunch of the enemies that fire projectiles, and I'm trying to dodge them while also taking them out. I also really dig the music.

This one was cute. I really like how you build on the puzzles each level, it keeps what would be a fairly simple mechanic interesting for the entire length, and probably even farther if you had had more than 48 hours. I really liked the music, it sounded like a snowy area you'd find in a JRPG, and combined with the art created a really pleasant experience. All around pretty good.

This one reminds me of something that would have also fit the theme for the last GMTK jam("Out of Control") and how quickly things get out of control in this one is fun to watch. There is a bit of strategy involved in how you're going to keep all your slimes either near or away from each other, and the different slime types add to the challenge. The sprites of the slimes themselves are great. Overall it's pretty fun.

I really like the way the arrows ricochet, but I would have liked if there was a bit less randomness to it. Sometimes they would only ricochet a few times, but others it seemed like they just never stopped.  Planning out your shots is a bit difficult when sometimes the arrow will just bounce once, but other times is flies to the other side of the map and back again several times. I liked the art, especially the enemy units.

I really liked the puzzles in this one. We also had an idea with two playable characters, but I like your interpretation of it. The last level especially utilizes the mechanics really well. A couple points I would make, some instruction of how to throw your partner would have been nice, as it took me a second to realize that you have to be moving in order to throw them. Also, a notification that every level has been completed, as I was initially a little confused when the levels started looping. I really dig the art and the music, and the animations, especially on the key creature and the door opening are all top notch. I like this one a lot.

This one is great. We had a similar idea, with multiple controllable characters, one of whom can't jump, and needs the help of the one that can to get places. The puzzles and levels are all fun, I just wish there were more, I'd love to see more of this gameplay. I really liked the music(and minor point, unlike a lot of games I've seen this jam, it doesn't default to being insanely loud, which is a plus) and the art is on point. I especially like the little cigar that the papa slime has. All in all a really good entry.

I really like the idea of controlling multiple characters, as you can probably tell from our submission. We had originally toyed with the idea of controlling both simultaneously as you did here(I even initially imagined the player characters being robots too), but felt the puzzles we designed were easier when only controlling one at a time. One thing I enjoy about game jams is looking through the other submissions and finding games that had similar ideas to the game I worked on, and how they interpreted that idea, and while the dual controls could definitely use some work, the core idea is solid and when you can get the controls to work properly, works well. Others have mentioned it, but I'll add that the music, art, and general aesthetic were also all great. Well done.

First of all this looks great visually. The shading is very pretty. I think the gameplay could be a bit stronger though. As a couple of commenters have mentioned, there's not very much feedback as to how well you're doing. I also feel like the mechanic is a bit underutilized. Past the first few levels, once the crystal has moved away from the center, it's actually pretty easy to just forget that it's even there. I also think that the enemy hitboxes should be a bit larger, there were many times in which it seemed like I should have been hitting them, but my bolts just past right through them. I do however like the general gameplay loop, with the arena getting larger as your progress. Perhaps without the 48 hour time limit, that idea could have been expanded even further, with different enemy types and environmental props or objects as the player progressed. Pretty cool overall!

Always down for more slime games. I liked the spring mechanic, it reminded me of Knuckles' Chaotix, but it's easier to control here. One problem I had is that sticking to ceilings was really difficult, a lot of the time it seemed to just not work. If some of the issues like that were evened out, this would be really cool.

The controls and movement are solid. An aerial enemy like this would be really frustrating to fight, without the tight control you have here. I feel like the connection mechanic was a little under utilized. On a few runs I did the boss never even took advantage of it. I think there is a lot that could be expanded here that would me this awesome. Even so, what you got done is still pretty good. Good job!

This is a fun idea for a puzzle. A previous commenter mentioned seeing this as a mobile game, I thought of this almost as one of the puzzles you would find in a game like Resident Evil. Either way, as a puzzle it's solid, but there are some issues, which I think are probably jam limitations. For one, some indication of which wires I can interact with would be nice, as currently the only way to know is to just click every wire on screen randomly. Another issue is there's no way to know which is the correct orientation of a wire. Many times the wire seemed to fit, but I had to rotate it 180 degrees for it to be correct. If the orientation matters, there should probably be some indication of which way is meant to be "forward". Again, probably a jam limitation, The implementation is solid otherwise. Good job!

There have been a few "your inputs control multiple characters" games, what I like about this one is that each of the controlled characters have different abilities. I leads to some really cool levels. The reversing controls in later levels helped mix things up just when I thought I'd figured out everything the game had. Really good work on this one!

I like the idea, and the design for the pebbles is super cute. As others have commented, the hitboxes are a little unforgiving. Still, overall it's a fun idea that leads to some interesting level design.

This is a really great idea for a game. The idea of different abilities activated by "drawing" them reminds me of an old DS game called Lost Magic. One minor issue I have is with the "recharge" time. It's a little slow, which is a problem with some of the puzzles, especially those involving the hammer, which requires a lot of bones to use at all. Messing up on the shape, or missing the target, can leave you waiting for quite awhile to try again. The presentation is great, it reminds me of a Game Boy game. The page mentions that this is a proof of concept, I would love to see the idea fleshed(pun definitely intended) out more.

The only problem I have with this game is that the controls for the turrets aren't explained that well. I had to read one of the other replies to figure out that it is hold to fire. Other than that I really like the concept. I can easily imagine a game not restrained by the 48 hour time limit being expanded to include different turret types, and the ability to swap between different "groups" of constructed turrets.  The game is really fun, though pretty difficult. Overall a really cool game, and a great interpretation of the jam theme.

This game is basically how I originally pitched our game, "what if we had two characters, and once they combined they could fire a weapon?". We settled on a different theme and didn't have time for enemies, but I'm glad someone had a similar idea and was able to make such a good game out of it. I enjoyed just about every part of this. The levels are cool, the puzzles are fun, and the art is fantastic. Great job!

Dude this game is awesome. We had a similar idea with buildable and customizable robots during brainstorming before settling on something more simple, I'm glad someone else was able to make something so cool using the idea. The music was great, and the way it slowly built up was really cool. Great work on this one!

I really loved this, and I normally don't really care for endless runners. The use of the chain and controlling two characters was really fun. On another game I probably would have gotten frustrated and given up before seeing the ending, but I was having so much fun losing didn't ever bother me. The art style is great too. All around a great game.

I like the main mechanic, I've seen a few games that have player input controlling multiple characters, but I this is the first one I've seen so far where the other controller character is the antagonist. One problem I have is that it's a little too easy to lose the enemy character. Especially in the early levels, it's real easy to just get him to walk off the ledge, and you can then walk to the end of the level with little trouble. Maybe multiple doppelgangers that spawn at different start locations would help with the difficulty? I think there's a lot you could do with this mechanic, and it's a shame about the time limitations of a game jam, as I would like to see more.

I also really liked the design of the player character and especially the bad guy, and the effect where he is first reduced is awesome.

Ha, one of us had suggested adding that, but it was in that last 6 hours daze where we were all panicking about getting something complete out.

I liked how this was almost more about pathing than the race itself. Also the dog sprite rules.