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Yes! One day. Probably.

Save-game isolation too, but I was also building an online service that would benefit greatly if I could check which game was connecting to it. Knowing WHICH game is unnecessary, as long as I could differentiate between games using an unique-id.

Save-game isolation is a much more pressing danger, though.

Is there going to be a pattern for the `*` domain? E.g. "" or something similar?

Aaah, now I understand (I think). No, in this case it won't save anything significant, if it is already serving the gzipped files. I was using Firefox debugger to check this, but the Networking tab only shows the file request path.

As I said, I managed to do exactly this. The problem is running the `blob:` files I get when I unzip on the users browser.

Itch unzips the package you sends it, but the user downloads the "raw" files from the package. In particular, I want the user to download one .zip file with the wasm and pck to run the project instead of the wasm and pck themselves, which should be around half the original download size.

I'm a Godot Developer, and I was trying to optimize my web builds (made with Godot 3.5.2) for releases. One particular thing I was trying to do was to:
- Zip  the engine  .wasm and game .pck files together, reducing the size of both files.
- User unzips the file on their own browser and loads the game.

It's a really small optimization but I was interested in doing it to understand a bit "how much" I could optimize from my builds. I was able to reach the point in which I could unzip the files and restore the binary blobs in the user browser, but I couldn't figure out how to load the blobs themselves on the Godot engine js bootstrap - returns an error everytime I try loading a `blob:` generated URL. From what I understood looking into this problem, it seems this is a security config and simply won't load the blob files from the user browser, but I'm not 100% sure. Have anyone tried doing something similar (loading js blobs on an game)? Is that even possible?


A thoughtful feedback is the least people deserve after spending so much energy making a game hahaha. I'm happy my feedback was helpful! Hopefully I'll see a new version of the game in the future!
(and thanks for playing my game! It's terribly difficult, but at least I had a lot of fun making a level upside down haha)

Played for about 15 minutes; reached the part where you warp horizontally on the roof, and can get a glimpse on the upper level, and could reach this part rather consistently but I couldn't figure out how to advance to the next part. I'm planning to keep trying later today though!

An amazing example of a Foddian-like game and the best jam game I played so far. The mechanic is deceptively simple, the level is really well crafted with each part feeling a bit puzzle-ish (how do I get to the upper level?), a good cadence of "resting points" but still punishing mistakes. I also loved the small details (beach themed resting points, the level blood spots of where you fell). I had a lot of fun playing it.

Congrats on this amazing jam entry!

Dang, people are starting to get optimal times. I'LL PROMPTLY UPDATE THE DESCRIPTION, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

I played the game in 3 bursts of time (around 8min each), managed to finish it only on my last try with a 6 minutes run.

I was actually about to review your game as too difficult for me when I read the comment "mid-air contol is too op" and thought "wait, what", and decided to try it again. Lo and behold, I was playing without ANY air control and the game was absolutely difficult before. I noticed that this is actually explained in the beginning, but it wasn't clear to me when I read it (and tbh I'm the kind of player that ignores most of any text that has more than 4 lines in a game).

So WITH air control, the game felt much better to play, black holes felt less random (I could recover after getting sucked into a Black Hole), and I could break momentum from a far away throw so I could land safe on the ground. Overall, the game was much more enjoyable unlike my previous tries. And I like the fact you can only Air Control without any energy; it's kind of a risk and reward feeling, using all your energy so you can wiggle a bit in the air to land safely, or try reach the next platform and risk falling.

My only nitpick with the mechanic is that it didn't felt intuitive, or something that I was able to do from the start. Bear in mind my potato-ass Gamer(tm) brain that hates instructions, but rolling on the ground isn't something that you do from the start (launching yourself horizontally is MUCH faster), and rolling in the air doesn't actually work until you have no energy AND there is the slight cooldown after you launch yourself upwards for the last time for the air control to kick in. The mechanic itself makes total sense in the game and was the difference (for me) in it being enjoyable or not, but if you ever with to develop the game further, my suggestion is to make this mechanic clearer (although I'm really not sure how).

Overall, really good game, a simple and fun mechanic, and a good level for speedrunning and plenty of punishing/recovery moments.

OMG I did a totally legit sub 30s LET'S GOOO!!

Played for about 10 minutes. I reached the part after the first red platform, but I couldn't for the life of me bring the stars down the platform to the metal pipe, so I gave up there.

That's a novelty idea I don't remember seeing elsewhere. I liked the puzzle aspect of the gameplay, how you move the stairs around to bring yourself up and get the stairs again to cross the next platform. When I started the game (without reading the instructions) I honestly had no idea what to do, until I read the controls, got the stairs and had a really nice "a-ha!" moment.

The mechanic really does need some polishing though, if you ever with to keep developing the game. Maybe it was the "CTRL+D" problem you mentioned (I was playing full screen, but there was a popup flash on the top-left corner of my screen everytime I spined the stairs), but sometimes the control simply would "stuck" in a movement (e.g. the stair would keep spinning, the player would keep walking) even after I released the input. The stairs collider also didn't exactly felt intuitive; sometimes it would start sliding out of a platform, sometimes it would simply fall. The game would benefit greatly with more precise inputs and colliders for the platforms and the stair. I'd honestly give at least 4 stars on gameplay  for the novelty mechanic aspect, if there weren't any issues that affected gameplay so much.

Besides that, the game didn't particularly screamed the "Momentum" theme to me, and not "Foddian" either.  Every time I fell, I had to start over because the stairs would be in a position I couldn't reach anymore - so it wasn't like I was "losing progress", it was more like a "Game Over" feeling to me every time that I fell away.

Btw (saying this because I read the description of the game!) don't feel discouraged because the game is buggy. You actually finished a game, so congrats! It's a jam, shit happens. As long as you had fun in the process, finishing a game is always something to celebrate.

Played on a Manjaro Linux using Proton Experimental, for around 16 minutes. ALMOST reached the first big platform (from the box->tank->tank->stone path), but in end I gave up. An important note is that I'm a bit of a potato player, although after trying so many Foddian games in this jam, I guess I'm a bit less potato than before.

Theme and aesthetics is a no-brainer, beautiful graphics and assets as per-usual for an UE game. I did try setting the graphics to Medium quality and everything became VERY red-ish though, so the game was only comfortably playable on Ultra settings.

Gameplay-wise, I think this was a really nice idea. It's an interesting mix of planning your next movement (looking at the ground, trying to measure the angle of your shot so it's exactly in the direction you want to go, but without looking on the exact direction) and quick execution on the wall jumping sections (grantly, I only tried wall jumping once at the beginning, and I could reach the top floor once; then I fell and started grinding the other path that looked easier).

My nitpicks was the lack of a mouse sensitivity setting (being an FPS that demands a LOT of accuracy, I really needed to get less mouse sensitivity for my potato reflexes), and sometimes the "Combo" shot failed to launch me upwards. After some time testing it, I think I nailed it to using the light-shot a bit after (maybe a couple of frames) the heavy shot - instead of adding to the momentum, it looked like my momentum turned out to be the one from the light shot, so I fell a couple of times until I changed my strategy to using the light shot and heavy shot only after about half a second. The level did seemed too hard at the beginning for me, but that's maybe a "me" issue, and most of the Foddian games of this Jam already start insanely hard (mine included hahaha).

I really wanted more people playing the game, it definitely deserves more feedback. But non-web + 1GB windows executable is unfortunately (and understandably) hard for most people to test.

Overall, congrats on the game! This is a good entry for the jam!

No need to apologize, and if you are just starting making games, that makes it even more amazing! I'm used to make "lengthy" feedback posts because I think that's the least people deserve after spending so much energy on a game jam, and being honest about my experience in the game is hopefully useful and encouraging, but at the end of the day you're the one making the calls if my feedback is valuable for your vision of the game or not.

I really did enjoyed it, so I'm curious on how the level is going to turn out after the remake you're planning!

Played for about 15 minutes (reached the part where there is a chair with an X), than noticed I forgot to turn on the sound, and played again for more 10 minutes.

I enjoyed the gameplay and the idea of separating the grappling hook in two! The aesthetics and overall theme was also really cute (I just noticed now the screenshot of the game telling the background story), and I loved the little animation of the frog getting up after a failed jump.

I had two nitpicks as a player on the game:

- Balancing on the grappling hook with the right mouse button was a bit difficult when you get close to the edge of a platform, since it  shortens it's length when it touches the edge. Didn't felt intuitive to me and a lot of times I fell because the grappling hook suddenly shortened, the frog touched the platform and I fell without any momentum. This would be less troublesome if I could control the frog's momentum while I was balancing with the grappling hook, but I felt that after I started balancing, there was no way to get lesser momentum so I don't touch the platform with the tongue (e.g. I felt that when I pressed left when I was swinging right to "break" the momentum, it just kept going)
- I actually didn't know the "right" path once I reached the chair with an "X" hahah. I explored a bit there, tried some movements but couldn't reach even close to the edge of one of the upper platforms. I understand if it's a very difficult movement that I had to do, but I think a simple solution like an arrow pointing upwards to where I should go next would at least give me a light on what I had to try.

I noticed on the game's description that this is a PoC and you're planning to expand from it, and I think that's great, this game has a lot of potential for some amazing platforming action. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the game!

Not stealing at all, you got full credits for the great game hahaha. I'm just glad the feedback was useful!

Cheers, and good luck developing it further! It's something I'd like to see on the featured page!

I actually played it a bit before the jam ended, but now I had the time to finish it!

Great jam entry! Gameplay-wise the mechanic was really solid and simple to learn, level design was cool, and it really seemed a great game to speedrun to. It definitely wasn't as punishing as the other 99% games of the jam (mine included haha) but that's fine by me since I'm a bit of a potato player.

A personal note about the game being "Foddian" : I don't think this game could be more Foddian without seeming unfair,  since platforms have quite a bit of a distance between each other and sometimes you simply can't see where you must go, so there are some "leap of faith" moments that if you ended up back at the beginning, it would feel like the player had no control whatsoever (since they didn't know where to land previously). Not that the "leap of faith" is bad per se since the game don't punish you, so the player understands that they must go "as fast as possible" - but if you ever want to make this game feel more Foddian, I think adding a  "zoomed-out" camera when the player gets to a long-shot platform would help them understand the risks of the jump. As it is, I think the game is totally fine, and you definitely made the right call in not making the game more punitive.

Also, I liked all the background musics!

Really great game, congrats!

371.43s LET'S GOOO

Makes sense, it was just not my personal cup of tea (I prefer wholesome stuff) haha

Played for about 15 minutes, reached the part in which you warp to the other side of the screen a couple of times, but never managed to get much farther than it.

Gameplay is really simple and quite good, I like the wall bounce instead of the usual wall-jump. Level also looks really good, with some good recovery mechanics and precise jumping. My only nitpick aesthetically-wise was the snowflake (?) following you around, it just seemed to detract from the attention I was giving to the platforming action. Besides that, good game and good level design! Even if I didn't reach far because I'm a potato player, I felt I was slowly but surely improving, and was able to reach higher platforms quicker with each subsequent try.

Played for about 15 minutes on a keyboard. Actually managed to get the red bandana and reach the top, but I couldn't get out of the well hahaha

Overall a very good game with great aesthetics (and I loved the soundtrack). The level also seemed pretty good for the mechanics you implemented, and I found the extra challenges AND the portal for potato players like me a huge addition to the game.

Gameplay-wise though, I felt I had a bit of trouble understanding some momentum mechanics of the game. Most of it feels intentional, but it was difficult for me to replicate things I've done previously, or even NOT going farther than I wanted because I knew I'd fall from the platform. For example: sometimes I'd bounce off a wall with ultra speed, sometimes it was normal. Ramps also had the same quirk of launching you upwards when you are running towards them, and even if that is part of the level, first time that happened I had some trouble understanding why I had jumped much farther than normal. My biggest gripe was the hookshot, though. I was never sure when it would be active or the minimum distance, so it was really difficult to use it reliably.

I'm not saying the gameplay is bad, though. A really good moment was when I activated the portal and starting grinding my way up - there was a moment in which I didn't know exactly how I was doing the stuff I did, but I did have a route going on that needed some precise timing, and I was doing everything almost by muscle memory, even if I wasn't quite sure how it worked out. This was a "in the zone" moment that was really cool (and the soundtrack in this moment definitely helped).

The problem is that I think for those kinds of platform games, doing stuff reliably (and showing the user the different states your character may be in) is REALLY important. It could be a "me" problem because I'm not a Foddian kind of player per se, but I'm comparing this game to Celeste (an unimaginably high bar!), in which you are ALWAYS sure what your input is going to make Celeste do because everything is transparent and easy to understand. I'm saying this because this looks like a game that could be polished to an actual release, so if you ever want to keep developing it, it'd be amazing to have this kind of polishing in the game.

Great game with a lot of potential, and definitely an amazing jam entry!

Spent around 20 minutes playing it, but never got through the jumping part (although I did jump sometimes to try some shortcuts) (I'm very potato).

Absolutely loved the concept, the mechanic was novel for the jam, and I had a lot of fun trying to reach higher. Every time I fell it usually was because I was being too careless trying to run all the way back to where I was.  And soundtrack was an easy 10/10.

The only frustrating bit was that I was playing in the browser, and sometimes when I right clicked to jump, the mouse menu would appear, grabbing the input from my keyboard and making me fall in the game. Not sure if you have to set up mouse capture on the Unity build to avoid this kind of problem (when the mouse stays "hidden" in the game, like in FPS).

Great game, congrats!

Played on Manjaro using Proton (latest version). Finished the game with an AMAZING sub 16 minutes (currently last place on the leaderboard).

Really great and original gameplay, theme and aesthetics to boot. I felt the level design hit a very sweet spot of punishing the player but giving room for some recovery, instead of instantly falling all the way down to the beginning (but with ample opportunity of messing up so hard you actually go back to the beginning). The onboarding was quite simple and effective, so I didn't had any problems starting and having fun with the game from the get go.

There is one bug that happened during the gameplay, in which I walked with the fish (to the water level that was crossing the green patch I was in) while I was pressing the mouse button to aim for the next platform. I'm not sure what happened, but the path to launch disappeared; but when I release the mouse button, the fish launched itself to where I was pointing the mouse, and I ended up losing some progress. This is minor since it only happened once and may actually be a Proton problem, but just thought about giving you guys a heads-up since this game deserves to be polished for a complete release, if you ever wish to keep developing it. Besides that, I had no bugs playing the game using Proton.

The only thing I missed was a background music, even white noise of water or waves. But this is a great game and an amazing entry for the jam, congrats!


Nice job! (and thanks!)

Aah, I was playing without my headphones, so maybe that's on me. Although if I missed the ambience sound, it's probably too low, because the voice-over was in a pretty comfortable volume. 

The hardest jump being at the beginning it's totally fine (I imagined this was a difficult spike by design), it definitely made me more invested in getting over it (ha) to see what the rest of the game is like. Again, amazing game (and voice over!). If I ever get after the first part, I'll share a screenshot at the game page hahaha.

Played for about 20 minutes like a potato (not doing the wall jump strats on the screenshot), lost all my progress because alas, I'm a potato.

Easy 5 stars gameplay. I think you made a really good level - at least where I could reach there were no cheap tricks, and each time I fell I recovered ground faster because I was making better judgement on my jumps. There is room for some recovery after a wrong jump, and every time I fell into "the well" back to the starting ground, it was because I tried to get back too quickly instead of being smart on my jumps.

My only gameplay nitpick was that I noticed the "full swing" meter (when it becomes red) doesn't mean it's actually the maximum swing possible, because there is room to make a stronger swing if you distance the mouse a bit further. So some swings I was pretty sure it was exact same swing than before (because the swing meter was red), but the ball ended up in a very different place. This may be intended design though to make the game more difficult though (the player doesn't know what the max swing is), but understanding how the mechanic worked was a bit annoying.

Really good game and entry for the jam!

Nightmarishly difficult and strangely wholesome. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Jokes aside, I was hoping for a strange experience from the title and banner of your game, and it definitely delivered. I spent 20 minutes on the game like it was a breeze, and I couldn't even get after the third board on the initial section. The fact that I kept trying so much is an amazing sign of a good Foddian game (and I'm planning to keep trying later today!).

The only thing I missed was an ambience sound. The game is very chill with the voice-over and ocean aesthetics, and I understand if you prefer no background music at all; but I think some ocean/wave white noise would be a huge complement to the overall feel of the game.

Amazing game, it's on my radar if you ever with to keep developing it.

Finished the game! Although it's probably a glitch% run, since I wall-jumped to the end after the first part.

I had two interesting moments on the game:
- One was using the bullet time to be able to get on a platform that needed a lot of precision when leaving the platform. I liked the idea of the bullet time as an "accessibility" tool - speedrunners will avoid using it at all, but potato-players like me are able to finish the game (with a worse time because I was slowing it down).
- I had no idea I could double jump! So the end of the first part (I think level 5?), where I needed to double jump, was a "wait, what" moment. It was a good feeling, didn't felt cheap and almost made me want to retry the first section with this in mind.

The game lacks polishing in some areas though. The timer didn't seem to work well (I think it started at the initial menu, so I had a running 30s when I started the game), there is nothing indicating I was doing bullet time (so I didn't understand what was happening when I press B because I wasn't moving), and I think the walljump strat was non-intended, because it made everything trivial. Gladly those are all things that should be easily fixable, if you ever with to keep developing your game.

Good entry to the jam!

Played for about 15 minutes! I actually got relatively far at the beginning (after a couple of yellow capsules), but I'm a potato and I lost all progress. Couldn't reach even near where I was after that.

Good game! Liked the simplicity of the mechanics, grappling felt food, level color scheme and aesthetics helped a lot in pointing me where I was supposed to go. I was playing on my laptop touchpad, so I had an extra layer of annoyance (not the game's fault), but I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out where I was going to land after the grappling hook, because the camera was so close to the player's avatar. Maybe it's the touchpad fault though, I'm not sure.

Good entry to the game jam!

Good game with a solid mechanic! I actually got confused with the spikes because I'm a player that only read instructions when I have no idea what is happening, but after understanding it, it was very fun to get through the level trying to activate the spikes at the right time or avoiding activating it at all.

Not sure if this was an intended design choice to make the game more challenging, but I felt a  "speedometer" bar would do wonders in making the player understand why the spikes are activated (when the bar is full it activates), and helping me controlling the speed on the very edge of activating the spikes.

I feel this game has potential if you ever with to keep developing it!

214.067s any% LET'S GOOO

Played for about 12 minutes, got relatively far but got stuck between two asteroids (that didn't had gravity) and wasn't able to continue.

Solid and fun entry to the jam! I liked how there is a natural comeback mechanic when you miss a planet when you are far from the blackhole, because you start orbiting with a lot of speed and you can hope you'll not end up at the beginning. Two thing I wasn't too keen on:

- The player's angular velocity. A lot of times the direction I ended up orbiting a planet was pointing inwards, and this automatically kill the chance of making progress. I had to launch myself into the planet and just hoped for the best after colliding with it (this usually meant the ship would fall all the way back to the beginning).
- Changing the pitch of the music with the distance. I liked the idea and I loved the game Aesthetics! But changing the pitch on small intervals causes some weirdness feelings with the audio to me, like it was wobbling from low to high pitches when you're at high speed. I liked the music enough that I wish I could just chill and listen to it hahaha.

Pretty good game!

Only 16 minutes any% LET'S GOOO

I honestly loved the concept, this was a really solid and FUN entry on the jam. Really simple, really cool grappling mechanic, and a good level to boot. This is an amazing foundation for a game, if you ever with to keep developing it.

The only two things I didn't particularly liked:
- I felt I had to wait too much time on the ground waiting for the grappling hook cooldown. I understand the cooldown existing while you are in air, but on the ground I literally had nothing to do besides waiting, so I'd reset the cooldown when the player is on the ground.
- When I got the orange box, I didn't exactly knew what to do; I thought the game would automatically finish. So I just started falling until the ending game conversation. I actually really enjoyed going all the way back to the beginning, but I'd put something on the screen to indicate the player that now he must go back.

Really enjoyed the game, and hoping you'll keep developing it!

I played for  ~15 minutes. Didn't managed to complete the game, and I actually managed to go back myself from all the progress I made because I messed up the timing of my shots for about 10 seconds. This is actually really amazing for a Foddian game, since it wasn't a cheap trick that made me lose progress AND it wasn't just gravity; I just managed to mess things up so much I went back all the way by myself.

Really good gameplay and amazing entry for a Foddian game!

Didn't managed to finish the game, player for about 10 minutes until I "got out", but I actually went out of bounds and the game reseted hahaha.

First, loved the theme and aesthetics. The music + background  "ethereal" feel was really nice, and overall I think I only played this much because the game was really chill (and I actually loved the motivational messages every time the game freezes).

Gameplay-wise I didn't enjoyed the gimmick cat mechanic of freezing and removing your momentum. The pinball-esque gameplay itself was a bit chaotic already (because of the level sharp edges and weird angles), so removing the momentum every now and then just felt a bit like an artificial challenge that also removed my agency on the game. Most of the time I spent on the bottom of the level, trying to get one lucky shot all the way up so I could have a chance at not losing my momentum all the way down again.

I'm not particular 100% against the mechanic though. I do think the level didn't contribute at all (at least in the beginning) to make me use this mechanic strategically (e.g. launching the ball in a specific spot, timing with the cat, so it falls on the right place). If you ever wish to keep developing the game (I hope you would!), my suggestion would be to recreate the level to make better use of the mechanic, like exploring more horizontal movement (so you have opportunities to time the ball so it falls in the places you want).

Good take on the Foddian theme and good entry!

Honestly, I kind of thought about the similarities after a while. If I had noticed them earlier, I'd probably try making the game a lot goofier hahaha

Amazing presentation, witty writing and very creative game mechanic. Great job!

Good game, although I think it would have benefit from dividing the level in smaller experiences instead of one huge level (maybe I'm bitter because I died at the end hahaha). I didn't understood score until I hit the first bomb (I thought I'd lose a life whenever I touched it), but once I got it, the risk-reward mechanic of scoring made the game much more interesting. Great job!