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Wowie! Awesome game! ❤️❤️❤️

Reclaimed the top of the leaderboard 😎

Awesome game, love the art style and how consistent and polished the game feels. There was one stage where I had to push boxes away to get to a button, but it looked like there was a plant in the way. It wasn't obvious to me that the plant didn't have collision so it took a while to figure out. Other than that 10/10

Amazing game, the harpoon feels very satisfying. I feel like with more polish and content this could be great full game. Would love to see it fully realized. 

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Looks really good, I love the 2 color theme. I feel like the game didn't really do much with the 2 characters. In most of the levels I played you just get them in sync and just play the level like you normally would, then maybe something extra with the one of the characters. Also the booster up and down stages were really hard. I gave up immediately after I saw there was another one right after the first one.

Didn't understand the concept at first and thought the game was broken. After I understood I still found the game very frustrating.

Good idea. Took me a little time to understand because the tutorial didn't say I have to left click to shoot. It repeats the right click text twice. But I had fun once I understood how to play.

Finished the tutorial but got stuck here on the first level. Was not able to jump on the slanted cubes because they were so slippery. Don't know if I was supposed to get up there anyway

Love the sound effects and how cute everything looks. Being able to teleport to any enemy felt a bit overpowered. And I would recommend not using  an installer for a jam game.


Very cool concept, dig the shameless self promotion.

Awesome game, left me wanting more levels!

Hard to understand, I think I found 3 objectives but the counter does not go up. You should add some more info on the Itch page.

I can't play it. I'm not familiar with appx files but when I try to install it I can't. Apparently the app is not signed or something.

You should have exported it without an installer. Many people will se the installer and instantly skip this game. Which is a shame because its a solid space shooter and I can tell that you put in a bit of work to make it. Game is a bit confusing too. You should have some kind of explanation of the game in the game or at least on the itch page.

You only posted the exe file. You need the data files too in order to play.

Great game. Its similar to another game I played from this jam. While that one had more of a plot and you could listen to the people on the other end. This one was more gameplay oriented and hectic. Both are some of my favorites from this jam. Great job!

Cool dialog system, it reminded me of Undertale. Also the pixel art was good and fit the theme of the game (although you didn't make it yourself). I got stuck immediately after opening the game because I didn't realize I had to press E to continue the dialog. 

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Downloaded it knowing I wasn't going to be able to play it because I need 2 people. Got this error, i think its because I don't have a controller connected.


scull.lua:84: attempt to index field 'joystick' (a nil value)


scull.lua:84: in function 'getInput'

scull.lua:194: in function 'update'

kayak.lua:44: in function 'update'

main.lua:55: in function 'update'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Looks like a cool game from the screenshots though.

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Very confused about how to play this. The dragging and droping is very unresponsive and a could not figure out how to attach things.

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This game is awesome, very chill. Would be cool if you added some more rules or game modes. Maybe a mode where you have to finish within a time limit. Or one where you can only use a specific amount of letters. This game feels very polished, how the hell did you do this in under 48 hours? Got the high score with 2211 points. 

Took a while to understand the controls. In the beginning I tried to hold z to jump longer but that obviously wasn't how I was supposed to do it. Once I got the hang of it it I still felt like I didn't fully understand how it worked. But I made it home somehow.

Amazing game. Very clever level design, feels very polished.

This is too good. You could probably sell this as is.

The work you have done so far looks really good. Hope I can actually play it some time.

Wish there was more strategic depth to placing the pieces. What if combining pieces gave you more than the sum of 2 pieces? Anyway still a solid, well made game.

Great little puzzle game. Controls are quite unresponsive (as you have heard a thousand times by now) but still, good job. I also think its cool that you made the music yourself.

Great idea and the GUI is great, feels very polished. I think the duck moves a bit too fast in my opinion. I found it more frustrating than fun to help the ducklings. Anyway great job!

It's very confusing that you don't get any feedback when you get hit until it just restarts a few seconds after. I like the theme of the game though.

Great game, wish there was more levels.

The perspective makes moving a bit confusing but other than that, solid game.

Very cool and well done art style. Gets very hectic very fast. Maybe a bit too fast for me.

Fun game

Good little puzzle game. Nice pixel art.

Tried to compare it to a stop watch. Its about double the time. Maybe its framerate related? I have a 144hz screen.

Awesome game, love the idea of playing 2 games simultaneously. Music and graphics remindeds me of old Dos games.

WASD and Arrow keys made both of the characters move simultaneously. Also there was a bug when reseting where the voice over would repeat 2 times before actually reseting.

I made it to the talent show! The platformer controlls were a bit fiddly and i think i won alot of stages in unintended ways using the momentum of jumps. Also it wasn't obvious to me at first that i had to get the pet to the portal first.

Very cool art style and concept. But i thought it was a bit too hard. Also you can cheat by not clicking to close the tutorial. The score counter still goes up.