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Very cool interpretation of the theme, and super fun! Nice work!

Very cool take on the theme! Nice work!

Fantastic game! Nothing else to say other than I wanted more! Very clever take on the theme and the platforming and combat elements were a lot of fun!

Gameplay is a lot of fun! My only critique is I wish I could restart the current level when I fail, instead of going back to the beginning. Excellent overall!

Awesome game, my only critique is I wanted more! Would have loved to see some additional mechanics introduced. But what's here is awesome!

Cool concept! I think the game was a tad difficult though. But I really liked the idea of slotting dice into the cards!

Excellent concept and really intriguing gameplay! Very special game you have here, I would consider continuing to work on! Awesome 👍

Looks absolutely beautiful! I think you have a really solid foundation here for a 3D idle/clicker type game. Giving the player more options for spending the lolipops has huge potential!

Very nice looking game! Art was beautiful. I liked the duality of placing tiles and moving units too. My biggest critique is that the game is too long - I would have preferred smaller levels to get the hang of it and also to "win" quicker.

Excellent entry overall!

Excellent art and I loved your take on the theme! Great entry overall, especially for a first time jam!

Very solid game! Was nice to see a mobile entry as well. I think allowing the player to manage the randomness a bit would take it to the next level. Good job overall!

Clever take on the theme! Controls felt a bit off and the main mechanic was a little cumbersome. It would be great if I didn't have to reroll after every attack.

Solid overall!

Really fun game! Loved the presentation and your take on the theme. Great work!

Awesome game, nice work! Had a lot of fun with this one, super crunchy and juicy!

Very neat little game! I like what you did with the theme. I also liked the introduction of breakable barriers and moving platforms.

The idea is great, and I liked the presentation as well! Unfortunately I felt like I was struggling just to align the camera the whole time. I wasn't able to beat level 2 because I couldn't align the camera properly. Solid entry though, I think it's clever take on the theme!

Game looks great and the mechanic is interesting! I felt like the character movement was a bit slow. I also did not enjoy having to restart after dying, I think failure could have been a little bit more forgiving.

Great work overall!

Pretty fun game! The game looked great too.  The controls were a little awkward for me, I prefer WASD for movement but I got used to them. Nice work overall!

I could not figure out how to play, there aren't instructions in-game or on the itch page.

Solid overall! My critiques are that I think it was a bit too difficult and I would have liked some upgrades or something similar to keep the game fresh. But again, good overall!

Very nice looking game and also very engaging! I really liked how the current weapon that was randomly rolled affected my choice of upgrades. My only critique would be that more feedback like screenshake and particles when killing enemies would add a lot to the game.

Great entry overall!

I really like how the dice is somewhat of your control, that was a nice twist on a recurring theme from this jam. My only critiques are that the game was a bit too difficult and I'd love to see some juice like camera shake when shooting and killing enemies. Nice work!

Impressive entry! I had a lot of fun with this. Unfortunately I encountered a bug where my dice went through the wall and were unrecoverable. But aside from that it was a fun experience!

Very unique twist on a classic game! Solid overall, would just have liked some sound effects! 

Very clever control scheme and main mechanic! Was fun for a few rounds, but would have liked to see some more interesting gameplay elements. Cool idea overall, nice work!

Excellent entry all around! Not much to say beyond that! Art was gorgeous and it played really well. Nice work!

Music and art was great. Going fast was a lot of fun, but I wish there was more to the game.

Solid overall!

Funny joke :)

Pretty solid and challenging game overall! Nice work!

Awesome mechanics, lots of strategy potential. The art was absolutely gorgeous as well! 

Only minor critique is to consider making movement free for the player each turn.

Excellent game all around!

Awesome game. Super fun, lots of variety kept things engaging. My only super minor critique is I would have liked to just restart the level when dying rather than restarting the whole game. 

Excellent entry!

Really fun puzzles and gorgeous looking, well done!

It's a lot of fun to go really fast! I wish it was a bit easier to do that though, sometimes it felt like my ability to finish the level was out of my control.

Solid entry overall!

Super fun game with a surprising amount of depth and complexity. Each new mechanic was really engaging and kept the game fresh and fun. Well done!

Thank you! That's unfortunate about the movement, there are executable downloads on the game's page if you're inclined to give it a try.

Thanks so much for playing, glad you still had fun despite the movement issue!

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it and I agree with a lot of what you say, particularly points #1 and #3. I have to think a bit more about #2 but I think you're probably right.

Thank you for playing!

Oh! I'm so sorry! 

I will do a redo of your game on tonight's stream. Sorry about that!

Absolutely fantastic game! Felt really good to play and the art was fantastic!

Only minor critique is I would suggest making the game a little bit easier. 

Overall amazing entry!

Really enjoyed this game! The platforms were all super interesting and the player movement felt really good. My only critique is there were some minor balancing issues, and the game could perhaps be made easier to start, but otherwise really solid entry!

I think the idea at the core is really good, but the moment-to-moment gameplay is a little slow. My suggestion would be to experiment with making everything faster and more hectic and see how that plays.

Thanks so much for sharing your game with my stream!

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I think the concept at it's core has a lot of potential, but I did not find the gameplay to be super engaging. I would have loved for the player to have a more active role than waiting for the dice to come. I think if you consider adding some player movement or making the dice movement more deterministic rather than random, you could have a great game!  This feedback is irrelevant because I didn't read instructions. Was pretty fun now that I knew how to move! My main critique now would be to think about adding some pressure to the player to force them to catch dice, because I can choose not to do anything and I don't get punished for it. Solid overall though!

Thanks for sharing it with my stream, was great to play it!