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Loved your take on balance, very intresting to combine it with space invader like concept.

The game was really addicting and I found the pew sound being very amusing.

Loved the interpretation of the theme. 

It was kind of hard to get the gameplay, I would have extended the attack duration. Also found it easier to just tilt the map and make the gnomes fall that way.

Had some bugs like getting stuck inside the log, and the log floating in the air, also would have greatly improve to have some sound effects and background sound.

Altough all of this, it was still really fun to play and addicting!!!

Really liked it! Was kinda hard, but in the addicting fun way!

The sounds were soo satisfying!

Wow, what an amazing game!!

Took a second to learn it, but it was such a fun!

Very addicting, minimalistic and satisfying visuals and sound.

Overall, probably one of the best here!


Maybe it was more of getting used to, becuase I played it now more and it came out more naturally, really fun!

Great!! Sorry for not replying in time, glad you found out the reason. 

Played it now and it was really fun, love the visuals and the gamplay!!

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Wow thank you for playing!!

And... yeah that's definitely a bug, thanks for reporting about it, I will try to fix it.

Thank you for the feedback :)

I'll pay attention to it next time!

Thanks for playing :)

I will consider that moving forward.

Thanks for playing!! Thought the elephant would be funnier like that :)

WOW so beautiful!!

Loved the idea!! Very original!

AMAZING!! loved it!

The gamplay was really addicting :)

The aethetics are beautiful, and it's very related to the theme

The gameplay was really cool and easy to understand!!

The gameplay was unique and relates well to the theme, but was really hard.

The aesthetics were really pleasing and cool!!

Very funny!!

Relates well to the theme, great visuals, sound and gameplay.

Probably my fav yet!

When I start the game it asks for a name and immediately crashes after one input. The screenshots looks amazing so its really a shame.

It relates balance very well!!  But the gameplay was kinda hard to get, would have been nice to have an instruction page

Didn't understand the gameplay too much, would have been really helpful to have instructions.

The sound effects were spot on!

The gameplay was really addicting and easy to understand. Very connected to the theme!!

The gameplay was kinda hard to control, but still fun. Really liked the sound.

Wow so cool!!


So kawaiiiii!

Sooo cute!


I'm sleeping alone tonight

Big brain think alike