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Really cool, loved the art and the level design is nice! Had fun, great job!

Looks really good! I couldn't finish it due to obvious bad skills on my end haha, but I enjoyed it :)

Really had fun with this one! Polished game with great level design

Wow I loved this one, really good idea and smart puzzles!

Thank you for your kind feedback!

Thank you! If you later want to try it again, there is a link to a simple walkthrough on the main page of the game

Hey! I'm on an "AZERTY" keyboard (French layout), I see that you use Unity so to handle this easily next time you could try their new Input System: When you configure keyboard inputs, you can chose them to be by location of key (using US layout as reference). Really useful! 😁

Really unique game! Loved the escape game mood in this, it was done smoothly.

Fits the theme in a unique way - which make it fits the theme even more. Good job!

Well done! Liked the sounds and art, and that I could use my gamepad.

I tried way too much to finish the hell difficulty, without success, but had a lot of fun trying! 

Samurai Bunbun seems like a nice bunny.

I love the sounds and the style.

It also fits well the theme, loved messing with that table! haha

Thanks a lot! 😄

Thank you!

Original concept! I liked the mechanics. I couldn't pass the 4rth (or 5th?) as I have bad skills but the game was fun to play.

Also I liked the narration at the beginning when I didn't picked the sword haha

Good job!

Thank you!

Really like rythm games! The sounds of the attacks fits well, it was satisfying to press and listen to.

I struggled a bit at first because I don't have a QWERTY keyboad but I managed to pass a few levels so all good!

Good job 😄

Thank you for your review!

This one really got me!

Super cool idea. Without spoiling, I loved the ones you had time to add and would love to see more.
The art and musics were also on point.

Good job!

Thanks a lot!

Awesome! I really love the pixel art and audio you made for this game. I was really bad (13% accuracy - oops) but had lot of fun!

Looks polish and really dynamic, my fav so far!

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Really cool, just finished it - backwards!

I especially loved the pixel art and the cute quack sound (that I spammed way too much). Good job!

This minigolf game is a bit long to load but worth it! 😉

Good idea, the game suits the theme perfectly.

The boss was challenging, but I could beat it with my poor skills (In easy mode) so all good!

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Really cool! I love the pixel art, the music suits well, and the leaderboard is a very good idea as it made me want to play again to rank up! My personnal best is 19 😄 

Good job! 

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Thank you!!

Love synced games, really good idea!

I could finish the level with one heart remaining... I may have panicked a bit to get my last points haha 😄 

Thank you!

Really liked the idea and the art! Also the theme is 100% respected.
Good job!

Really cool! Good mechanics and fit the theme perfectly. Arts are also nice. Good job!

Just finished. Reaaaally good! I think it's my favorite now, it's so satisfaying to see it working and it just looks good. Had lot of fun!!

Just finished to play it. I had fun! Levels are well balanced, hard enough to spend time on it but easy enough to not get mad at it. The game fits well the theme as the pie throwing is out of control.
Talking about controls, it was really intuitive to understand how to play.

Good job!

Thanks a lot for your super kind review!
I'll try your game now 😁

It was intense haha, and totally fits the theme. Also nice music!

Very original, good interpretation of the theme! I had fun!

Thank you!!

I just finished it, really cool mechanics and loved the style! Good job on this one

Haha thanks a lot for the kind comment!

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Thanks haha.
We didn't explained controls in game so it may be confusing for a lot of players... We wanted to add them at the end but we went rushing on fixing a bit the AI and adding decorations (plants) in the last hour instead 😂

My favorite so far, love art, music and gameplay. Good job!

I loved this one! Really like the style and interpretation of the theme. Was fun to play, and I even get pissed at the human for taking back control of commands just before I sent them 😂

Really nice for a one-man gamejam! Plus it looks pretty. Good job!

Really cool concept! The assets used also fit super well. I had fun, Good job!