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Really fun, original, and great art style! Love it!

You can win! You just need to figure out how to do so. (By talking to the right order of people in the time given) Each cycle should get you closer to winning!

Neat little toy! Love watching the fire spread. Took me a second to figure out how to get it that way though, I kept lighting things on fire that didn't spread at all.

Fun game! I like the areas where you can just drift and not use gas. A little music could have been nice though!

I like how the visuals look like a storybook! I found the controls hard to play though, maybe if the hitboxes on the flies were bigger? Or you could rapid fire eat the flies?

I found myself not sure of what I was supposed to do... but the visuals are incredible!

Cool concept, nice presentation. I felt the laser rotated a little too slow as you had to wait for it to make a full rotation somewhat. Perhaps a button to speed up time when you hold it?

I liked that to fix the furniture you didn't just click on it, but did a little "mini-game" with it! I think it could've been expanded into something a little more, perhaps multi-tasking by trying to do another task in addition to fixing furniture? But good concept, I think.

Fun concept! I liked the chaotic nature of trying to shoot the other player. A simple AI would've been nice for testing, as controlling both at the same time was a little difficult.

Amazing art and style for this game, the thumbnail says it all. I like the concept of switching powers a lot as well!

It was hard to figure out what to do... But I love the concept of a character that can't walk!

Click and drag was not super responsive, and it didn't feel as out of control as it could've. But, I can see where they were going with it! Nice thumbnail and interesting concept!

Took me a second to figure out how to play, but once I did, it was an interesting concept for a puzzle game! Nice!

Liked the glowing "neon" art style and gameplay! Nice!

Cool concept! I dig it.

Nice concept! I liked switching between "powers" of the game. Nice presentation too.

I love the style! I also like how the aliens are helping in this case, where as usually an alien abduction would be a bad thing. Had fun with this one!

Love the presentation and style of this game. Interesting concept for a visual novel!

Great presentation and art! Love the thumbnail and the assets. 

Haha! Thanks for featuring it on your video! I'm honored!

Really great art style and music! Nice original concept.

Neat concept!

Satisfying moving the cars out of the way with the mouse!

I like the idea of not being in control of the vehicle! Nice to just concentrate on shooting.

Amazing art style and presentation! Thoroughly enjoyed the graphics.

Lovely presentation, and satisfying to destroy enemies. Nice!

Love to see a 3D game in the jam! Great presentation!

Great presentation and sound effects!

Goodness gracious this was creepy, in a great way. Presentation was great and terrifying, and incredibly sad to see the man hold your hand at the end. Great storytelling!

The music for the game over screen made me laugh.

Love the thumbnail art and the stylized character!

Very cool to see a 3D game in the jam! Props to you for tackling that!

Nice concept! I really liked the laser gun ship.

Very interesting and original mechanic! Loved playing around with it. A little music would've been nice, but nice game!

Very original and clever! Presentation was clean and the music was very nice.

Great presentation and style. Really like the concept as well. Love the music choice. I did find the controls confusing however, but cool to see!

Cool idea! Liked the complexity of the game, and the thumbnail. I would've liked some music to go along with it, but yeah!

Really great little puzzle game. Clean presentation, and fun to solve. The one music track got a tiny bit old, so a few more would've been nice, but love the concept.