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Congratulations btw!

Cool concept!

Sorry about that, should work if you install the Visual C++ runtime

Thank you :D

Game (2).zip

That sounds hilarious XD Yup scope is important duing jams haha

Actually I was thinking of taking part in the godot wild jam as well (seems like we both like real time strategy games, maybe we could team up?) either this or next month.

For this I kinda was taking a more Turn Based Strategy approach like Civ or XCOM (despite the fact that an RTS may have been a bit more "out of control" haha). The goo could have been implemented a bit better with a dynamic procedural generated texture and I did consider that. I kinda like the idea of a timer, a bit like BSG deadlock?

Sent you a friend request on discord!

This game is pretty cool and very out of control! Some more rules and predictable play would be nice, but it fits the theme very well!

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Indeed, game/software dev :) 

I didn't use one, I coded from the ground up in C++ using SFML, EnTT, and nlohmann JSON libraries

Watched your stream! Overall this game is pretty cool, I like anything strategy, could have done with some sounds or simple animation (shaking when taking damage/attacking). Visuals are fantastic!

Thank you! I would have liked to implement the hot keys too haha XD

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback!! I really appreciate it!

I think you are very right with pretty much everything you said. I just didn't have time to implement most of it or even take away features. I only spent about 4 hours on this jam (spent about 36 on GMTK), and I wish I spent a little more.  For #1 I probably just shouldent have put them there in the first place if they weren't implemented haha, lessons learned.

For #4 are you saying that each unit should have its own turn?

I do know about the pointer, I started out using a sprite that follows the cursor and didn't see the sf::Cusror class until later haha, by the time the deadline came up I didn't have time to make the switch. Probably should look up a library feature in like that in advance next time.

I did get a crash while playing once after the jam, it was in the release build and I unfortunately have no idea what caused it. Thank you for the report and screenshot, it may be helpful!

Thank you so much for your detailed review! :D

Cool cool haha, and I was just joking haha. I rated 5 stars :)

Not really sure what is going on, why there is a cat on a blue Christmas tree or what those red things are or if it is possible to always get away from the red things, but the game looks great. Nice choice turning on physics for the particles at the portals ;)

I really like the game and concept! I like that you didnt need an actual real world thing to come up with a cool idea! Everything looks great!

Motion was a bit jarring when changing gravity and backgrounds, although nice, didnt really make sense. Solid platforming though

Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you! :D

Programming the car to stay on the track like that must have been hard especially within the time frame of a jam! I like the background. Liked every level but the last haha

Happy coding! :D

Art, polish and attention to detail are great!

Hey its really awesome. The art and polish is fantastic! Right down the the details and I love the cut scenes at the beginning and end, it seems almost impossible to loose using the hide ability, but I did a round without it just to see if I could. Great job!

This is awesome, as a Star Trek fan I can really appreciate it!! What is more out of control  than tribbles?! I mean gribbits *cough* *cough* I love the little starfleet officer falling off the balcony in the background, this game made me smile haha :)

I have to say I really like this submission. Original idea with the gameplay. Simple fun, and the scope for a game jam is polished art is nice. I can see there is a lot of clever decisions in the way you made it as well. No need to "restart" or switch levels or anything, no need for a menu (and gameplay is self explanatory). You have a static number of objects you load and a counter to reset and that is it (all very good for a game jam, also avoids a lot of memory management issues), and the execution was on point with polish. The only issue I have is that you can be floating off screen or oriented on an object in such a  way that you can not go to another object if one does not appear, but otherwise I love it, great job!

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You should still have a project page (if you uploaded), all you need to do is set it to public :)

Go to dashboard -> your game -> edit game -> set to public

Cool idea!

Hey anyone looking at the game! The instructions on how to play are here, and I am also going to copy/paste them here


  1.  Left click on one of the members of your squad "Squaddie" or "the little blue and gray guys"
  2. Select a command from the bottom, only the first and third one work (grenade and move)
  3. Right click somewhere on the board for your squaddie to execute the command, You can reassign commands as many times as you would like and assign commands to all our squaddies (if your order doesn't appear, it was out of range)
  4. Press the green checkmark to execute the commands, then the goo will take its turn
  5. Have fun, when your squaddies are all eliminated or the goo is all eliminated you win/loose, this state is represented internally.


GMTK 2020 Link:

Special Credits To:  Varuns who made the cool and explosion goo animations check out his submission for the jam!


  • 2 of the options at the bottom do not work! They are not implemented
  • Loose screen works but not win screen

Have fun!

I was having some trouble with that too on the original GMTK page (part of why I was late, but I got submitted after). What happens  is you create a page for your game, and you can upload multiple times throughout the page for the game. You don't submit a file as much as you submit a page with a file on it. What the upload button does is say "hey you can press this button and create a page." You can also just submit a page you already have (you probably want to create it during the jam). Hope this helps! 

It doesn't seem possible to get the grannies 0.0

It was fun!

Just so everyone knows the instructions can be found here, I apologize for the inconvenience I didn't have time to include them (or a marker when you right click)

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Hey Jack thanks for the reply! Thank you for the compliment! The instructions are on the game page itself didnt have time to include them, sorry!

Fantastic job! Creative idea, love the gameplay, graphics are on point!

A bit slow, shooting didn't feel satisfying


Thank you!

LOL love the title