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I have to say I really like this submission. Original idea with the gameplay. Simple fun, and the scope for a game jam is polished art is nice. I can see there is a lot of clever decisions in the way you made it as well. No need to "restart" or switch levels or anything, no need for a menu (and gameplay is self explanatory). You have a static number of objects you load and a counter to reset and that is it (all very good for a game jam, also avoids a lot of memory management issues), and the execution was on point with polish. The only issue I have is that you can be floating off screen or oriented on an object in such a  way that you can not go to another object if one does not appear, but otherwise I love it, great job!


You're on point describing some shortcuts that I took! Most of them were corners being cut to finish the game in time for the GMTK, but it's nice to see that people didn't just think of them as "low effort" decisions. And for the jump problem... maybe if there was a second jump that you can use mid-air in order to course correct your trajectory...