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You're on point describing some shortcuts that I took! Most of them were corners being cut to finish the game in time for the GMTK, but it's nice to see that people didn't just think of them as "low effort" decisions. And for the jump problem... maybe if there was a second jump that you can use mid-air in order to course correct your trajectory...

Nice! Thanks for the feedback!


gostei da ideia hein, que daí força o Player a pular mais pelo ambiente

hm... adorei a ideia hein! vou implementar para a próxima versão 

Great game! Congratulations!

This is one of the most memorable experiences I have ever played... truly a great package overall

Thanks for the feedback, sir. The original idea was indeed for the score to be displayed on death... unfortunately we couldn't manage to implement the right code in time. But stay tuned as we will soon launch a new, more polished version of the project!

Thanks for all the advices, sir. They truly helped us on this game making journey... and let's keep in touch! Maybe the Crossbow will be featured in the sequel ;)

This is a very interesting game. First, the maleable ghost is a very fun mechanic to use, and a game solely about it would be great. But then the story comes along and everything gets confusing... it's not a bad story per se, but it clashes with the gameplay as I wanted to match shapes immediately but I could only do that after a very long and uninteresting cutscene. But it's truly a feat you accomplished, congratulations!

It's an interesting premise, but I could not play it as the characters spawned over the level layout. And the duck's button are mapped differently from what the tutorial says

I don't know if it's just my download, but I cannot play the game because even pressing "A" I never pass the title screen

The presentation is superb, but the gameplay is lacking a lot. There is not even one moment where the main attraction (the two timelines) is used. But it has a lot of potential

The idea of matching symbols in a 3D cube is very interesting, but I'd say using a platypus as the cover art can mislead potential players