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Macaron Simulator, an Out-of-Control sandbox RTS (Yellow Jackets parody for GMTK)View game page

GMTK 2020 Macaron Simulator (Yellow Jacket parody)
Submitted by Vikfro (@VikFroWasTaken) — 7 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Macaron Simulator, an Out-of-Control sandbox RTS (Yellow Jackets parody for GMTK)'s page


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Have you participated in game jams in the past?
A few but never submitted here

What stopped you from joining the official jam?
I missed by 6 seconds because of the upload lag. I did not see the 30 minutes grace period message afterwards :'(

You can see this fail here:

Also I understood 20:03 as included, not before the beginning of that minute (you can see on the clip it switches from 21:02 to 21:03 as I am in the form)

Will you be participating in the next GTMK game jam?
Idk probably, depends when/what/how/who

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Nice pixel art and idea. I couldn't quite figure out what to do. But nice job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the nice words :) I find my pixel art kinda ugly, well it needs a proper background and a bit more animations and additional effects.

“I couldn’t quite figure out what to do”

Well that kinda was the point with the “out of control” theme :D I had more plans for a complete game-loop (enemies to fight and a more serious theme), but realized I did not have enough time and had to focus on finishing the main “morale” mechanic.

The AI is simply bugged, I did not have enough time to code it properly and cleanly, I was breaking it with new stuff as soon as I was done with the previous features…

If I get motivated enough I might rewrite the AI part from scratch using a proper Finite State Machine, and implement pathfinding.

today I also got the idea of letting you control only one character, trying to survive in the middle of the chaos. This would give an easy score metric with the time you manage to stay alive

I plan to submit it for the Godot Wild Jam #23 (theme is “Tiny World”), but I’m not sure I’ll have time to do that unfortunately!


I totally understand that :-)  
Be sure to plan always something that is achievable within a certain time-frame. I think the trick is to get good at guessing the scope of the idea for a game to fit into that time-frame and be achievable with ones current skill level.
You can do it! ;-)


Yeah that comes with experiencing more and more jams :) My main goal for this one was to learn Godot Engine (coming from Unity) and I think I achieved most of that I really enjoy that engine! It will probably become my go-to engine for 2D. For 3D not sure yet, I need to try Unreal for real first


Don't know if I cried bc it was so well-made or teargas. Cannot wait for the VR support!


Tu m'as fait rire avec le gaz lacrymo :'D
Quelle expérience mémorable c'était de  se balader près la Victoire :Kreygasm:


Cool idea!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks bud, yours is nice too :) 
I rated it and gave you some feedback on your page!