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Very cool game, well made. The whole package is lovely. I like the random factor, but you should definitely add a countdown to the random buff/nerf you receive to make it exciting or worrisome that something is happening.

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I am so sorry if anyone tried the Windows or Mac version of my game jam.. I just realized thanks to Seth Funk streaming it, that it was extremely buggy and with issues. I deleted them from the page, and I'm not working on them because I actually started to work on a full version of the gamejam now :D

Anyone who tried it on windows or mac, please give me another chance. 🙏

yes as long as it's a small game, like most gamejams are... WebGL is perfect :D

(If you're using Unity)

thanks a bunch :D
I try to be humorous in real life too.. not sure I know how to be serious. Idk how I ever got married :P

lol thanks so much :D
A lot of determination!!

okay, and I'm guessing you prob don't have a mac as well. :(

do you plan on having a WebGL

I accidentally played this game the longest out of any of them so far! :D

I guess that's a good thing. I got to a point that controllers were dying in one toss which was nice. Something I'd like to see are enemy health bars. Not knowing the health made killing the enemies seem like a chore in the beginning. All in all great job 👏 

Can we get a WebGL version? Pleaaaseeeeee

unique game. I like how you did the visuals.. My only issue was seeing the text. Maybe I'm just an old man :D

Well done otherwise.

yeah, I didn't think that would have made a difference and Rosetta would have saved it.

Not sure what happened... I tried to play on my Mac and it just get's frozen here. I can still hear the game going on though.

nice simple game. I kinda wish I went with something more like this because having multiple levels is really nice. 

The only thing I would have added was something annoying. Like maybe a sound or even a UI stating you lost. Because it would have got me mad, making my final win THAT much better. As it is, it was very challenging, which was great :D

great presentation.

could you add a webgl version?

noooo don't fix them! I liked winning :P

Wow.. I finally got to play it and holy crap that was way more addicting than I'd like to admit. It took me around 20 tries to finally get it but I found an easy way to break the system ;)

All it needs is some polish and this could be a solid minigame/microgame. 

I'd add some beeps when running low on energy because sometimes it was hard to manage items and the energy. But maybe that was the charm.  Well done.

This is a game! Really good one too! It's put together well, and one of the first games that feels complete.  Bravo.. Great Art and Music, the difficulty was a little  tough. It seriously reminded me of Vectorman or other great 16-bit platformers. The ONLY things I would fix/change are:
An action button for grappling ladder/ledges.. more of my noobiness. 
I'd like to see more of a retro filter add on. The visuals were clean but looked a little like a flash game.

The game looks really interesting from the screenshots, unfortunately I can't play it. There's no Mac version or WebGL version. I'd be happy to dive into either or.

I absolutely loved this game. This is  the type of simple creativity I wish I had. To make a quick easy game. This could easily be made into a mobile game. The music was great and I loved the art style. What I'd really like to see, is a 3D version. Something with an art style of Geometry Wars and particle effects going off left and right would be so much fun. 

Great job! 

Thanks so much for playing :D

Man I wasn't expecting it to be so short. I'm guessing you ran out of time. Look forward to seeing more. The movement felt very fluid and art style was top notch.

very unique and well executed. Loved the style too, well done :D

awesome let me know when :)

Thanks for playing. I'm aware of the issue when you lose now, thanks for letting me know. Also, I fixed the size of the browser version so thank you for bringing it to my attention :D

I thought the game was quite charming. Lovely aesthetics with the visuals and music. Also retro style was definitely a win for me. My only complaint is the difficulty. Since the balls shoot in an arch, the enemy comes flying towards you making it difficult to hit them in time. All in all great game. :D

thanks so much for playing. I had a great time making it, and I think with more than 4 days (life was busy I couldn't take advantage of all 7), I would love to extend this game mechanic. :D

Man I could not figure out what to do to save my life. Kept dying over and over. Very well made though, can't fault anyone but myself. Great game!

Well thankfully you made a Mac version. Not many people doing that for some reason.

I really wanted to try this out but I couldn't figure out the installation for Mac. Would you be able to upload a webgl version?

thanks so much for playing :D 
I'm considering remaking and going for a full release. It was fun :D

forgot to mention in my comment, this also happened to me!

Pretty neat. Simple and to the point. The WebGL version had some issues, but I downloaded the game through the app and played awesome. Love seeing so many Stealth Games in this jam :D

OKAY! Got a chance to play it.

Awesome concepts, I was a big fan of the music and the cute art style. Would love to see this game polished up with some more time. :)

I wanted to play unfortunately I couldn't because how huge the game was on the browser :(

Absolutely loved the presentation! Great art style and feeling. Love what you did here. I had to stop playing unfortunately because when I picked up the journal I couldn't exit it.

Thanks so much! I had so much more planned, but when I couldn't iron out NavMesh, I had to botch a lot of the ideas I had for the game. In my free time I plan to lengthen it, making it possibly a level based game. Thanks so much for playing.

nice, simple and fun :D