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hey onihikage, thanks for the kind words and trying to launch! I will try to look into SteamVR issues, but it's tricky for me since I don't have access to any SteamVR-native headset right now! On PC,  I had some issues with Oculus builds that would 'crash' the GPU context (similar symptoms to what you describe - frozen screen), but they would usually resolve after 30-60 seconds and the game would be playable.

I'll try to force to run it trough SteamVR on my end and see what I'll get

Hey Lab Core!

Comments like this make my day - thank you so much for checking it out and taking the time to write this.

After my day job, I'm continuing the work on this, making the whole experience more refined and approachable - and hopefully soon next, more complete, experience will be ready for a free release - and I'll def want it to be on app lab!

If that will be received well and has a positive reception - it's def my dream to turn it into a full game.

I'll be sure to ping you whenever it'll be ready :)

Awesome! Thanks for checking out the game - stuff like this gives a lot of motivation to push the project further! <3 A big update is in the works :)

Controls feel tricky but fair, the particle magic works well and it's fun building my plastic tree! The acid rain drops and wind are nice touches and add some unforeseen challenges to the game.

Beautiful presentation and color palette!

For me it made more sense to make the acid drops collide with the ship, as the penalty was not so bad compared to the huge acid splash that often destroyed a lot of my tree.

I like a lot the fact that at the end I can see the whole structure that I produced!

Nice entry, also refreshing after a lot of puzzle platformers with linked characters ;)

I like bullet hell games, this is a nice take on the genre! I like the fact that the boss life regenerates so I have to stay focused and avoid the shields.

I'd love to see this more spiced up with feedback and effects (screen shake, some sounds etc.) - at first it was not clear for me that the "link" is dealing damage and i was wondering which button was  the shooting button :D

Would be great to also have some variety e.g. deal more damage if I'm closer to the center (more risky position) than staying in back (easier to avoid bullets etc).

Nice entry!

I love that  the alternative solution to the crime problem is simply running over criminal with any emergency vehicle ;)

Super solid entry, love the art style, intro, colour pallete and the whole visual design.

I really adore the clean style, presentation, audio and careful teaching.

I'd love it if there were more levels! Once I thought that the real game starts, we got to the end :)

I quickly found the tactic to spam spacebar to keep my FLOWs together. 

During the tutorial level, somehow on the first run the door did not appear for me and I thought that one of the colored borders will somehow open after I get them all. I spend some time playing around and not really getting it, so maybe that caused the problem? Restarting the game and completing the tutorial quickly made it work properly next time.

Solid entry!

I loved this one, very refreshing and clever after an endless stream of the platformers with 2 joined characters :D You nailed the dark vibe with aesthetics, exceptional music and sounds.

I finally found the chain, but I'm still not 100% if understand the system properly. I love the fact that you made an investigation game detached from any language. Got the "Reigns" vibe from all the abstract voices.

This was exceptional, hope to see more productions exploring this style from your team!

I would love to be able to run around the island as the little guys and do stuff while having to switch to the grapple hook when something is coming close!
Beautiful presentation and concept, I hope you will work on it after the jam, totally hits some very nice steampunk vibes.

Very nice presentation, I felt very french vibes from all the baguettes and the awesome style. I wish there was some visible  target to build towards my babel tower, even if there was just some existential text inside it would be great having some kind of a target in the sky to build for :D

I love the hands-throw animation and the whole stop-motion feel to the world.

My big fall below :D

Ah yes the physics simulated FPP, very tasty


I would love to see a more complete game using this system and graphic style - keep it up!

Cool chill vibes and nice creature sprites!
I expected a little bit to be trying to get some of the strongest potions before going into battle from an evil potion seller, but I was strangely surprised by the nice dance

I love how this game transmits the feeling of piloting a spaceship and doing all this power re-routing and micromanagement - I feel like in a nice space submarine!

I would love to have some directions to explore etc. and not just a random field of debris to explore - even a magic waypoint that would maybe repair some of my systems would be very cool!

Beautiful presentation!!!


this game accurately shows how the cryptocurrency market operates and what happens during all the phases of the market

I love the absurdity of this one, well executed! Some more gameplay spicing up would be great, but I've had fun nonetheless! 

Solid entry

Where can I transfer dogecoins to pay may respects

I like this idea a lot! It very nicely visualises how these traffic jams at the highways happen out of nowhere, it's like a wave that goes trough the cars that actucally has no solid reason. I enjoyed being the jerk and making other crash because of my braking!

v e r y   g o o d

unique mechanics, lots of replayability, sense of agency as I construct my wobbly raft shark killing machine and I also get to run trough it

consistent, nice aesthetic, nice retro music, simple and intuitive controls

I would love it if i could swim around a little more before dying, I went out of my raft by accident and died super fast

It is a perfect execution of a slightly similiar idea that we had in mind at the start of the jam as well

Very happy see this and be able to play it, fav. entry so far in the whole jam


Ha! It's brilliant if it's pulling the live headlines from the internet :D

I had fun constructing some "headlines" - beautiful presentation and sound.

Nice little jam piece

Melancholic, unsettling, emotional.

Good storytelling, I enjoyed the experience, it definitely touched a personal note deep within me, especially when I was presented with photos from the "past" and a black marker.


Does it just end with a black screen? I've played some levels and then got just the black screen and the music continuing - I wished for a proper ending!

I've played a lot of dual-character-linked-movement games this jam and I was already a little bit tired of them but this one is exceptional, I've enjoyed it a lot. Beautiful clean, tasteful, minimal graphic design, the smooth and fast reset sequence, the mysterious symbols/sigils that alter my character, the melancholic music that reminded me of sigur ros - all comes together in a powerful experience.

The platforming was a little bit unforgiving and didn't always feel super "good", I'd also love to see the kill zones directly - maybe with a  touch of color?

One of my favourite entries in this jam so far.






Ha! I love this - I think I could buy the upgrades even if I did not have enough Iron at the checkpoints (?). I love the whole concept and vibe, I would love it even more if there was some sweet music and sound. I like that you can only shoot to the sides so it's a little bit like oldschool pirate ship battles!

Suggestion: I'd like very much to be able to zoom out when my CAR TRAIN gets longer and longer so I can make better decisions. 

I can totally see this becoming a full game with strong MAD MAX vibes, travelling the desert, visiting different towns etc. etc.

Solid entry!

Beautiful graphic design  for the thumbnails and the menu!
During play, I've found it way easier to just keep connected and fly around in the small space. To really play with moving, attaching, picking up cargo, detaching was feeling like too much micromanagement for me. First time I also left EVA super long outside until she was nearly out of oxygen only to find out that was her HP that would not regenerate - the game suggested  that it was more like air supply, would love to have a way to re-generate that. Otherwise, it is VERY scary to detach her at all.

Hey, sweet novel mechanic and nice minimal presentation, I liked that a lot!

I wish there was no time limit,  but some other objective so I could play longer - I had real fun learning how to effectively use my tail.

I think I'd prefer a goal to destroy all enemies or e.g. get some sweet combos going (destroy x enemies at the same time or some other things to spice it up) - the timer stresses me out a lot :D

Sweet entry!

Beautiful art and presentation, I find the mechanics unique as well! Sweet intro.

I wish there was some more variety to core mechanics, and some more juicy feedback when I COLONIZE or DISC enemies. Would be cool to have some basic combo meter for example that would incentivize me to COLONIZEEEEE as fast as possible (or to chain-kill enemies!)

Solid entry!

Beautiful presentation! For me the go-to tactic was just to avoid enemies and keep spamming bullets - I wish there were some more twists to the mechanic to make it more engaging somehow!

I love the gb vibes, excellent graphics, aesthetic and 8bit sound! Would love to have some kind of a checkpoint so I can avoid repeating the same sequence a lot :D

Well done!

Top notch art style, some creatures remind me a lot of UNOWN pokemon from the 2nd generation! Def. refreshing to have this chill gameplay and play some stylish match pair/find waldo style thing.

Thanks for the kind words! There's a proper ending, with an epic sequence where you pull a really really really big thing. 
There is no hard "game over", but it is possible to loose the blocks in the space in a way that makes it impossible to win - something that we didn't manage to tune before the submission.

Thanks a lot for playing!

When I saw the concept I clicked instantly  to play the game as I love both the rythm games like DDR and fast indie shooters like Hotline miami, but I found the game confusing at first.

After some time I understood how it works that I have to be on the certain spot on the screen when the arrow is falling like in DDR.

It was hard to get, as the arrows don't give back any information or feedback if i got them right or wrong. Same with enemies, as I shoot them, nothing happens at first and then they disappear. My monkey brain is thinking that nothing is happening to them :D 

I'd love to see this polished with more feedback/information for my brain that it can enjoy and to actually force the player to keep the rythm - here I was sort of playing two games at the same time but none of them was super fun.

Nice entry!

(1 edit)

This is a very good idea, and very nicely put together and presented, but I'd love if it was 50% slower.

It's just so much happening - I have to control the tricky vortex cannon, the elements move all the time, and they fire projectiles at me - some of which are going trough walls , so nowhere is safe. That's like 3 things to do at the same time at a pretty fast pace, which I think is too much. For my skill level, the difficulty curve not going up so fast would be far more enjoyable.

I love the idea of the elements, their execution with different attack patterns and very cool effects and sounds. 

Solid entry!

Very nice game and unique mechanic that got me both thinking and engaged, I like a lot that the game requires some fast movements but it's rather easy to make it naturally stop for a bit in a safe spot without actually pausing the game. Good exploration of the mechanics. I got stuck on a level with 3 doors , 2 characters and one zombie starting on the left, I couldn't figure out a way to bring the 2 girls to the left to be able to jump high enough, gave up after 10 mins of trying :)

I wonder what's the solution for this one

Solid entry! Requires both thinking and has tense moments with the zombies, I like it a lot


I loved the ducks/goose with  baseball bats and all other animals! Lovely pixel art, animations, characters and engaging mechanics, finished all the levels and then proceeded to send the link to the game to my gf which loves shiba inus.

The level where you have to cross the road was quite challenging, but it makes sense as it was the last level. It's also quite refreshing that you have to rescue somebody and not destroy or kill. You participate in this weird situations and MY MISSION WAS TO SAVE (some of) THEM, I liked that a lot

A very solid entry, with a quirky vibe to it and beautiful art


become your very own dad wat :D


controls were a bit hard but overall I enjoyed TAKING OVER THE BUGS and CRAVING VIOLENCE

def an unique entry

Well executed and looks good! Fits the theme as well, I enjoyed going trough it! Would love some more checkpoints along the way, I fell out in the sky more times than I would want :D

I HAVE BECOME THE RAT GOD (see screenshot)

I really like the art style and the overall reverse-bullet hell mechanic! Come to think of it, I don't know any reverse-bullet hell games where the player is the bullet spewing machine.

At start the small field of vision was annoying but when i maximized the window I could see way more, not sure if that is intended (I'm playing at 2560x1440).

It was confusing at first as it starts without any warning and just closes when you get killed, menus and basic UI is a must for a good experience! There was also a scary popup before launching the game (windows), but I guess that's just a godot  thing?

When I HAVE  BECOME THE RAT GOD the game has became super slow, I was spamming bullets all the time. Could it be that they're not destroyed if they fly off screen?

🐭👑 RATKING is a cool name as well!

Nice non-orthodox spin on the golf! Fits the theme perfectly as well, had fun playing trough all the levels unitl the finale with the easter island statues!

I liked how not all the levels were pure "holf" challenges and some of them focused on driving the cart or some other mechanics, even this short experience was always fresh.

The big jump level was a challenge, one time the ball fell trough the brown pipe but didnt register properly somehow, had to repeat the jump

🚗🔗🏌️ solid entry!!

Fits the theme prefectly, nice fresh mechanic, pretty relaxing gameplay.

Had a few chuckles with the bloody consequences of my mistakes and overall physics sim.

With the long level where you have to move the camera it was not clear for me that the level is bigger and I thought  that the guy was dying for no reason.

Played all the levels and really enjoyed it! I like how the intro and the menu introduces the core mechanic.


for a first jam this is super nice  🤘

Great art, i love the lo fi vibe with the BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in the background, at first I was super confused and then realized it was the game doing it.

I saw a few entries with linked movement theme but this was by far the  best, both with aesthethics/graphics and gameplay/fun. When I've finished the game i was legit sad that there is no more levels!

The lighting etc was perfect. The only thing to wish for in the jam version would be more juicy failure/death feedback, seems like there was a solid start with the cool transition but some sound etc would be nice. Would be cool to  break up the BZZZZZZZZZZZ noise sometimes (oldschool cellphone incoming connection sound?)

Very solid entry! 👏👏👏