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so this is a common thing that i've seen throughout the jam, and thats taking "out of control" to meaning "difficult to control". this is a prime candidate.  one of the key issues i have with this game is that i am a low dexterity player and the hand positions required to play the game one randomisation kicks in and decides im going to have a bad time is quite severe.

firstly: this could be helped but only chosing keys randomly within a region so as to allow the hands to rest comfortably on the keyboard, secondly the core game is simple platforming, there's no fun in it tbh it's just the challenge of having to do keyboard fu just to make the pllayer move.

this isnt necessarily a bad thing though, you have games like QWOP that are fun, its about making the random mesh well with a comfortable user experience.

there could be something in here with some tight changes, good luck!

The progression made me go from really complacent to "OH CRAP OH CRAP NO DONT DO THAT" in a really natural way. it felt a little jarring for my eyes when then character would snap so the side, maybe a little camera follow easing would help that eye strain, apart from that i really like it :)

this might be a me being a terrible gamer moment, but i couldnt get past the first combat.

that being said i think i can get the gist of whats happening with the puzzles and this seems like it would get really tedious with the charging calls stuff, it seems like the call should just be at maximum distance but maybe at a cooldown?

cool start though!

I'm not sure whats happene dbut i think its a problem with the output of the game not being scaled to my resolution, i can only assume there is a button off screen that i cant press and thats why im stuck.

looks pretty solid for what i THINK it is, not much game here for someone just loading it by themself though, can you explain to me what the goal here is?

doesnt load boss, you need to zip the WHOLE build folder and upload that

This doesnt work even if i run the module because i need to have pygame installed, you should do some research into packaging executables :)

This looks pretty cool for a start :)

not much game here and not sure where it would be heading but i'd like to see this with a week or 2 more work in it 

I feel like i might need something to run the file? not working for me sorry

thanks a bunch :) i dont think we are getting much traction but i appreciate the sentiment :) feel free to share if you like it enough

I have linked this in every relevant discord, proclaiming this as the best game i have ever played.

thank you for this. i love this so much.

the only think i want is a visible cooldown time on the whip

theme and execution are really fantastic, and the game plays smooth. i am on the less dextrous side of things and also have issues processing large amounts of info, i would suggest maybe slowing down the train a little, making it zoomed out a little more or adding in the ability to slow time for a little to allow for planning, 

otherwise, great game and a solid start!

I'll start by saying this is a very solid  puzzle platformer, and while some checkpoints might help with game flow, its very nice for what it is.

it's a bit stock standard design wise, but what it does pull off, it does well.

very satisfying once you get the rhythm going :)

presentation is great and the concept is solid. very breakable though and the course design is very lacking and frustrating.

the boost pad corner felt like it randomly just shot me off the track with little control input allowing me to control it. 

it is a very solid bae that could be fun with refinements though

The presentation and base concept are fantastic,.

things i dont like games that put you in a no - win situation though, and this game felt like it just snapped a session closed with an unlucky roll of malfucntions. i can see how this is super close to a game i would like though, its just feeling like the game has decided I lose now, isnt fun at all.

took a few seconds to  get it but it seems like it could shape up to something really cool. 
the order of operations inside the queue might be less than idea sometimes, like needing to do 2 downs when you're already at the bottom. those no win states regardless of skill don't feel great.

Other than than, great start :)

The best presentation ive seen so far, but the controls fels a little floaty and sticky, and limited sometimes.

i like how this is right on theme though, while being less fun i do think its a great example and a super solid start to something nice

The only thing i dont like about this game is how little time i have to enjoy it.

i dont think it can be stated how much joy those rounds were giving me, the sound and character are all so nice. i truly love this. i honestly with is had more levels or something. i really really love this.

OK so i can see the idea here, just the implementation is quite finicky.

with this my stand out is that its so concise with the design and i knew almost exactly what was up, the downside being that the growth of the spere is so fast and the game is over in 2-3 clicks. 

an alternative might be to teleport the character but every time the circle getts bigger and it becomes more random to teleport.
overall its a very solid start!

very chaotic, but pleasant on the eyes and feels like a solid implementation of the idea. im not sure if i missed something but the random types of shots was more frustrating than fun but its a solid start to something bigger!

This is the first time i've enjoyed the controls changing on me design idea. because designs are small it's only a small time to parse the new controls, i would like some kind of timer before the next change though :)

Short and sweet, very solid start.
i've seen the "zone where you no longer have control" pattern a few times now and it feels like a really solid bit of space to work in.  platformers often aren't my thing but this is pretty compelling for what IS here

The aesthetic is top notch, and i enjoy the dark humor. game isnt really agame or fun though, but with enough content and something to do, it could be great :)

This seems like the perfect start for one of those one mechanic pushed to its design endpoint kind of mobile puzzle games. i really like this. a lot.

Hm, conflicted.

it's right on the dge of being great for me. simple idea, lots of great execution. the problem is that the vast majority of the playtime is just waiting to rotate. while it has some really cool speedrun potential, i'm not really into an experience where you wait the vast majority of the time to do something again.

the core mechanic is so fun though that i played until i was too annoyed with waiting anymore though so that's a solid indicator you've got something fun there.

I might have missed the point of the attack but im not sure what i was doing? like if i passed through the demon it went all black?  the controls were a little sluggish too, i think this would traslate to something with physics like riccochet's really well :) very solid start!

p.s i got bugged out 2 or 3 times by facing left and falling into the bottom left corner of the screen which soft locked me in that position and also the demon couldn't hurt me? not sure.

Honestly, i love games like this.
With more feedback, and having the rotate being a lot more reliable(i needed to click on and off the words for 10-15 seconds before rotate would work). also if the words snapped to a grid, that would be great. for what it is, it's a really excellent tool for crossword generation tbh. maybe not the best game but very effective!

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I'm a very low dexterity player so clicking the buttons in time was very difficult for me, having the ability to slow down time, or increase the button sizes would be very helpful for me. so for me, this game falls under HARD to control not OUT of control.

That being said i can see the core idea here and i think it has really solid potential :)

The controls were overwhelming at first, but as they were introduced through the dungeon they made sense, overall i think there were too many controls though.

the art is really nice, but i would say that i encountered a few too many bugs to enjoy the game, things like going through a door and then just dying, or being stuck in in infinite loop of what i assume too be an exit door that leads to itself, after that doors which weren't interactable and i would just walk against them like a wall.

with a few more hours of polish and some usability tweaks this could be a really cool start to something :)

See i think this falls under difficult to control/unfun rather than Out of control. 
Take this with a grain of salt as i have very low dexterity and these games are not great for me, but initially for the tutorial i would say instead of saying ????? for the switch sides, i would do something like [displayed at top of the screen]

secondly, i think if you added like a time slow down to the side you arent controlling then the game would flow a little nicer, other than that, the controls are really slick, and i like the core concept. with a bit more feedback to the user i think it would wound out really nicely.

I think I might have some issues here, I can move the player around but I cant seem to do anything? looks like a solid start though :)

Looks like you haven't uploaded your full build, just the executable. I can't run this sorry :(

Quality software very AAA very good yes

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Hello there. The letters stand for Melee, Ranged and Cleave. I will update the game page thank you for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback!
If i have time before close of the jam. i'll change the icon to a power down icon while its charging again. and having the power grid glow where power is running is on my todo list.
The aim of the game is to be about power grid simulation and also building the power grid. this is an alpha alpha of the game to show the turret mechanics which i want to nail before adding the more complete parts of the game.
Current TODO:
Better reload feedback
better power grid representation
rework the magazine UI
replace central 4 tiles with an engine/cockpit for the MC
Building the grid by drawing from a deck of tiles.
Wave direction indicator.
selling/upgrading towers.
additional enemy types (big slow, tiny fast)
additional tower types (10 planned)