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Stanley and the Clocktower CaperView game page

Can you help Stanley the Sloth save the Clock Tower from the evil Spinners?
Submitted by Iconoclast209, NfiniT-Studios, Natasha Purser, Mzarsh — 2 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline

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Love me some Slothbux... very stylish main character and I'm not sure if I should mark the audio up or down for the fact that I'll have that tune stuck in my head all day... Would have benefited from a sound effect on the attack and spider death. Not sure if I was just being lame, but after collecting the second key and powerup I missed the jump and died, and without the Slothbux then had no way of jumping the gap?


There aren't any jumps you have to make, but there is however a gear that can take you places, if you clear some webs and get them going again! ;-)

Thank you very much for playing, and for the awesome feedback!  (Note:  We love some Slothbux too!)


Thank you so much for your kind words!


First thought:

Now THAT is a catchy song!

But other than that, this game really oozes style.  Very cool concept.

I was extremely glad when I got that first sloth energy boost, because the slow movement at the start was quite excruciating!  I'd probably make that powerup a bit more obvious and a bit earlier on so as to not put the player through too much pain before that relief.  It could probably even make a nifty little cut-scene/gag.

Visually, it's got a cool style, but it could use some polish.

I think it's a really awesome concept, and I think if you used this as a base prototype and went to town on polishing up  the gameplay and visuals, you'd have a pretty nifty game.


Thank you very much!  We really loved making this and are glad that people are enjoying it! 

There is definitely plenty to polish, and we fully intend to do so now that we can take a small step back from "rush-rush-rush!" :-)

As for the Slothbux position, we have a patch planned for this evening that will address that very issue, including making the first one closer so as to introduce people to it quicker and better space-out the pick-ups!

Hope to have you playing it!


Thank you so much for playing and for your positive feedback!


Hey, great work! 

Graphics and music are very nice, I can see a lot of work put there. 

Gears and watches - nice theme. Although, it is not fully implemented, I guess. Apart, that movement is happening in watchtower and there are gears, which allow you to travel from plaform to platform, gears and watches are not implemented in mechanics. I want more:)

I really like spider animation - tidy and nice. I do not that much like animation of main character. I mean, the drawing is great, the animation not so much. 

IMHO energetic brakes the game experience after ... 4 consumes? It becomes really hard to navigate character.

Also, do you have some develdopment blog? It would be interesting to see, how development happened as you worked as a team.

All comments are just a feedback, no criticism, great work full of love:)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Hi, Iyaguh!  Thank you very much for the detailed review!  We are super proud of what we have so far, and are glad you enjoyed it!

Gears and Watches -- These will definitely be more involved as we continue development!  All 4 of us have quite a number of interesting ideas we want to pursue going forward!

Animations -- We definitely appreciate your feedback on these!  I foresee improvements coming to these as development progresses. ;-)

Energy Stacking --  Both the stacking and a known bug when dying while boosted are fixed in our current commit, in addition to a couple other bugs as well.  Please feel free to visit our github and grab the new version if you'd like! :-)

As for the development, we actually communicate through Discord.  Working as a team was a new experience for all 4 of us, and has been an awesome experience!  We'll see about getting some sort of public communications set up though, and will try to share some of the past progress, showing how Stanley came to be, along with the transition from bare-bones prototype to where we are today! 

Thanks again for playing, and I hope to see you playing again with our next update!


Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback! 


It's clear to me after playing this that more games need to be sloth based ha I really liked the way the characters speed ramped up and eventually I was zipping around screaming "THIS IS SLOTH-ICA!" as I nudged spiders to their doom off of ledges.

The music was very catchy too, very nice work.


Thanks for playing!  I love the image of Stanley running around yelling "THIS IS SLOTH-ICA!"


We're very pro Sloth ourselves. :-)  Thank you very much for playing!


Nice work (I'll fill in the questionnaire too).

I like the idea and the character is really cool.  The movement is painfully slow to begin with, which is fine (and quite funny) provided you don't miss the powerups that make movement less awkward.
I'd recommend putting the the first one in a place that is quite easy to trip over.

I'd also recommend doing something to stop players walking off the platforms.  You could quite happy drop a rather long way and there was no need to climb down the ropes.  This easily something that can be fixed with some additional dev time.  

Finally, the audio was good and the graphics are shaping up nicely.  I'd definitely be happy to play it again once it's a bit further in development.  

Overall, it's a good solid concept and could become a cool little platformer. 


Thank you for playing and for your positive feedback!


Thank you very much for playing!  We will definitely take your suggestions to heart and use them to help improve the game. :-)


Loved the game, the animation felt really well according to Stanley's movement and the music is so catchy :)

It starts slow sure but after some Slothbux it becomes really fun, I could jump well above the ceiling haha. Nice job!


Thanks for playing and for your positive comments!


Thank  you very much for taking the time to play!  We really enjoyed making the game, and we're glad you enjoyed it!

Note:  Everything's better with a little Slothbux! :-)


nice, i can see a lot of effort has went into graphics, great work. 

it needs more polish, the movement is painfully slow, (it was one of the worst things i guess). 

besides that, nice work with the art, i believe it was the game's main focus, so really great work man.


Thank you for playing and thank you for your kind words!


We very much appreciate you playing the game!  We hope to add that polish to the game very, very soon! :-)