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Thankee-sai! One of the things I was fixating on was that there I was trying to "do gamedev" and I'd never actually made anything that wasn't straight out of a tutorial/course, so the plan is to do a few more little free games. Hopefully the practice of actually finishing some small projects will rub off on to my main thing... (rather than, y'know, distract me completely...)

YES! The ke- oh no. Good work - and thanks for not completely shredding my soul, when the "end level" music kicked in I didn't know whether to trust it...

Very polished game, responsive controls, clean good looks. Liked it, in other words!

Weird flashbacks to the early 90's and the family pc only having solitaire, minesweeper and a demo for Microsof Golf. The horror... the horror...  What? Oh, yes - the game! The mechanic works very well but a bit of extra work on the environment would have made it a lot more engaging.

Tough, smooth n' speedy rail shooter - hopefully will inspire me to pull my thumb out my butt and finish argon assault! Only thing I missed was the sweet "pew-pew" sound of lasers firing on a cool winter's night.

I am a seed on the wind... watch how I soar... <gets impaled by big spiky thing> Nice chilled game and always impressed by people working procedural generation into their game - I must study harder!

Always love me a hover racer (although the last one I was actually *good* at was Wipeout 2097, so...) Big thumbs up from me, only problem was after the restart it would no longer register a completed lap, even closing it down completely and re-opening.

<Plays game again to try and figure out whether he was just being lame...> I think it is the way the left and right controls work - the fact that even on the static base level moving left and right also moves you "outwards" - where if you just hold down left at the start you move in a slow spiral outwards until you fall off the platform. My brain  expects it to move in an exact circle around the totem - even though though that isn't remotely realistic.

Once you're on a totem platform it feels absolutely fine that you're being thrown outwards by the force of the spin - where if you jump straight up and down a couple of times you end up falling off the outer edge of the platform. But when you combine the two factors in a jump to the left or right from one platform to another my brain seems to fall over trying to account for both factors at the same time - the outward motion from the moving platform and the extra outward "kick" from holding left or right.

I guess most of this is down to me having certain expectations from a lifetime of unrealistic game physics rather than anything "wrong" with the game, but yeah, that was the best I could come up with (other than me being lame...)

Did I mention I'm really, really bad at giving short answers? I probably should have said that first...

Oh, and a couple of times on the fourth level I managed to wedge myself between two of the wooden discs :D

As a frequent (but rubbish) Elite Dangerous player I absolutely loved that! First level explains clearly what you need to do, pause menu gives you a reference to controls, and the colour coding gives a constant guide to what you're *supposed* to be achieving... no matter how far you are from actually getting it. The "brake in all directions" key means you're never completely screwed even when you mess up which really balances out the difficulty. Second level (I'll be honest, that's as far as I got) also does the job of making you then fight against your internal ideas of up/down/etc.

Surprisingly addictive, you really hit the flow, timing and level of feedback to keep me wanting to hear that chime again (damn I hate how easy I am to manipulate...)

Solid (but tough as hell) asteroids game - did find that the second time I got to level 2 the physics went a bit nuts; the asteroids pinballed round the screen extra fast as soon as the level loaded and killed me in less than a second. The first time it worked absolutely fine.

Really good work - everything fits togetherto create a distinct and coherent feel (could I be any more vague?) - the color palette, the out of focus surroundings, the ambient sound FX all just seem right. And so for the first couple of levels you think "oh nice, a pretty zen puzzle platformer"... Three mins later: "I WAS SO F****** CLOSE THAT TIME!!! WHY DO THE GODS HATE ME SO??? JUST ONE MORE TRY..."

It does still have that feeling that sometimes as a player you're being defeated by the physics engine as opposed to the challenge created by the developer - but that happens in games that have been tweaked and balanced for months/years. To get to this stage in just two weeks is really impressive.

Wow. I even suck at fake driving... Really enjoyed this one - nailed that "tough but fair" feeling that these games need to work.

Solid, frenetic asteroids-style shooter - everything works exactly like it should, controls feel good in terms of response and momentum.

Cool game - maybe could have done with a countdown or something between waves just so that you know stuff is still happening, or shorter gaps between waves. A little bit of fiction to justify the firing mechanic would have worked as well - like your ship broke down and you've messed it up trying to fix it.

Fun idea + awesomely grumpy potato - but like the other players I think a "hold and release" system would have worked a bit better

This is way more fun and addictive than it should be! Who wants to be Geralt when you can run your own small pixelated laundry business? Art is charming and everything seems to just tie together well - only minor hiccup is that while it's easy enough to tell by sight which detergent is "natural" I wouldn't have known how to tell between the plain and heavy duty if I hadn't read the instructions.

Love me some Slothbux... very stylish main character and I'm not sure if I should mark the audio up or down for the fact that I'll have that tune stuck in my head all day... Would have benefited from a sound effect on the attack and spider death. Not sure if I was just being lame, but after collecting the second key and powerup I missed the jump and died, and without the Slothbux then had no way of jumping the gap?

Enjoyable way of getting my ass kicked! The way you introduce and develop the mechanics is spot on.