This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-02-02 06:00:00 to 2018-02-20 05:59:59. View results

The theme is "SPIN". Good luck, everyone!

Welcome to the Unity Course Community Jam!

This is a relaxed, friendly event where participants work either in a team or solo to make a playable game in a short period of time based on a theme. Theme will be announced on the start of Feb. 2 (0:00 hours CST) to account for participants across many timezones.

  • 17 days (3 weekends!) to produce a game, either solo or with a team. If team, one person is the designated uploader.
  • Buggy submissions are okay! Hotfix patches are allowed after the deadline if you want to fix bugs.
  • All entries must include source as part of the submission, or a link to the source hosted externally (DropBox, GitHub, etc.)
  • Using paid assets is NOT allowed, but free assets and those under an open source license are allowed.


Q: I'm new to Unity. Should I participate?

Absolutely! The jam is intentionally long in case you want to complete a course section and submit it as a solo entry. There is no penalty for missing the deadline, so I encourage you to participate because you will learn a lot by just giving it a try :)

Q: Can I take one of my completed projects, adapt it to the theme, and then submit it as my entry?

Game jams are events where developers build a new working game within the timeframe that matches the theme. There is nothing stopping you from adapting an existing work into an entry, but it is highly discouraged.

Q: How do I form / join a team?

Participating in a team is an informal process - just group up with others! Note that only one person on the team will be the one who submits the finished entry. Other team members can be listed in the entry description to give credit.

Q: How do I work with a team using Unity?

I recommend establishing a few things:

  • How will you combine work? If you use a version control system like Git, you can use a Git Merge tool (many IDEs have git merge support built-in).
  • Who will be working on what scene? It's heavily recommended not to have more than one person working on a scene at a time, so clearly tell your teammates when you are going to be editing a certain scene. Also consider working in separate scenes and combining into a 'combined' scene for each scene you intend to have. For example, CombinedMenu, CombinedGameplay, etc.
  • What platforms are you targeting? If targeting WebGL, be sure everyone is familiar with the limitations of
    the platform. For simplicity, I recommend just sticking to PC/Mac.

Lastly, I recommend spending the first 3-6 hours planning not only the general design of the game but also the overall architecture, this way  everyone knows what fits into what.

Q: Are there prizes?

There are no prizes as this is not a competitive event. However, users can vote on each other's submissions in three categories (visuals, gameplay, audio) as well as provide comments and feedback. I encourage everyone to try each other's games after the event, learn from each other's source code, and give tips where able :)

Q: Can I use assets I made myself?

Yes! Any assets you make are owned by you and can be part of your entry.

Q: Can I use open source frameworks / libraries?

Yes, just be sure to follow their license terms, many of which require you to credit the author somehow.

I have my own bootstrap framework containing many useful scripts that can speed up development, but there are plenty of others out there, many of which are available for free.

Q: Where can I get public domain (CC0) art that doesn't have any license restrictions or requirements?

All of Kenny's assets are public domain and have my highest recommendation.


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Fast-paced laundry management game
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Spinning Platformer Puzzle Game
Your mission was to terraform. Now it's survival.
A "story rich" stealth game
A whole new type of spin class!
How long can you survive?
Randomly generated 3D golf.
Lined up, Initiating SPIN! Operate a spacecraft docking with a spinning space station.
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Can you help Stanley the Sloth save the Clock Tower from the evil Spinners?
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Hold off the robot spinvasion for as long as you can!
Small game jam game.
Spinning... in Space!
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Drifting Precision Action (2018)
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Asteroids like game. Everything spins even the background
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A game where you spin a spinning top...
Breaking the fundamental laws of physics.
Physics based puzzle game in a dark fantasy setting.
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Real Time Strategy, multiplayer, game jam