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Wow, what a game!
Fantastic work.  Very atmospheric and beautiful.  The visual style and feel was great.

Extremely challenging gameplay, but addictive.  You make a mistake and you just want to try again and again until you get it.

Only criticism is perhaps it might have been nice to have some music.  Something subtle I think – although, I'm not too sure, because visually I think it calls for a relaxing and subtle tune, but the gameplay is more tense and frustrating than that, so perhaps they'd be at odds.  I'd be interested to hear it with music and see how it affects the mood.  As I think about it, it's not even a criticism, it's more of a "I wonder if?"

Congrats on the great entry.

Thank you so much!

A mini map is a fabulous idea.  I had actually written that down at the start of the jam but decided not to include it in the scope due to the time limitations, but I forgot about it until you mentioned it just now.

Really appreciate you taking the time to play and write some comments.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!
I'll just respond to a couple :)

1)  Good thinking – I got my partner to do some playtesting and she had issues with the sensitivity of the mouse controls, so I think given more time I would definitely implement an options menu that lets players choose different controls styles and change the sensitivity.

2 & 3)  I too thought this in hindsight.  I think the game needs more gameplay elements, and varying weapons, powerups and enemy types would be the next thing I'd add.

4)  Indeed, headshots do actually give you extra push!  Also, shooting an enemy in the "leg" gives even MORE push.  Great feedback, because if this wasn't intuitive, I guess I need to make it way more obvious and/or add a little explainer/tutorial.

5)  Great thought!

Thank you so much for your thoughts.  Really appreciate you taking the time!!

I noticed you tagged your entry as having a macOS build, but it appears the build only has an .exe in there.

If you could remedy and upload a macOS build, I'd love to play and leave some feedback!

Another entry with a nice visual style and a good concept on the theme.

As mentioned by others, the controls aren't ideal.  I think a way to remedy the issue with the controls is click and hold to start spinning, and release the mouse button to release/throw the ball.  That way you can't accidentally click outside the game window, etc.

Would have loved to heard some audio in the game!  Can imagine there being some cool sound effects as you throw the ball, it lands, the crowd cheering, etc.

Hopefully you can flesh it out a bit more, and I look forward to seeing it with some improvements!  Great concept, though.

Looking forward to it!

First thought:

Now THAT is a catchy song!

But other than that, this game really oozes style.  Very cool concept.

I was extremely glad when I got that first sloth energy boost, because the slow movement at the start was quite excruciating!  I'd probably make that powerup a bit more obvious and a bit earlier on so as to not put the player through too much pain before that relief.  It could probably even make a nifty little cut-scene/gag.

Visually, it's got a cool style, but it could use some polish.

I think it's a really awesome concept, and I think if you used this as a base prototype and went to town on polishing up  the gameplay and visuals, you'd have a pretty nifty game.

What an absolutely superb concept.  I commend you on not only building out the cool mechanics and gameplay, but also developing an amusing backstory and visuals to go with it.  Very nice!

As mentioned by ghost_dad, I think a "grace period" between getting caught would be useful.  Say 1 or 2 seconds where you have a chance to hide or get out of the light.  Failing that, even just adding a delay and some sound/animation to indicate you've been caught would help make it feel less abrupt.

The music was good, but I think the game could have had more other audio to make it feel more ambient.

The gameplay was great, but I think the difficulty spikes to hard and new mechanics are introduced too quickly.  I think that just comes down to time and being able to add more levels to make the progression feel more even.

Overall, really great work!

Thanks Iconoclast!
Would love to hear any thoughts on what could be improved?  In hindsight I think it needs many more gameplay elements.  Perhaps powerups, different enemy types, etc.

I see you've tagged the entry as a Mac entry, but unfortunately your zip appears to only have an .exe in the folder.

Let me know if you get a chance to do a macOS build, as this game looks stunning.  I'd love to leave some feedback and give it a rating!

Truly fantastic work here, team.

What an atmosphere you've managed to create.  It was generally anxiety inducing when the alien creatures got near to the player.  The music was great.

I was a touch confused on what each colour actually does.  Initially I thought you had to use each colour to defeat each type of alien, but it seemed I could kill any creature with any colour, so I'm not sure exactly what switching between colours was doing for me.

Would have loved to have seen the aliens legs animating to make them even creepier, and have had some sound effects when the aliens die, and/or some particle effects when they die.

I really enjoyed the "twitchy" interface, but I did find it a bit too much.  I think dialing that back to about 50% would have been less uncomfortable to look at but still achieved the same effect.

Would love to give the game a go, but unfortunately the macOS build does not open.

Hopefully you can amend, and I'll leave some feedback!

Great fun!
Visually the game looked great, and was a lot of fun to play.

It's a little weird having the audio off by default – initially I thought there was no audio, until I went into the options.  I would have the audio on by default.

Gameplay was great – only thing I probably would have changed was either up the amount of enemies that appear over time, or have a lot fewer shield powerups – it was fairly easy to not die in this game because there's a lot of powerups always available.

Super great work though, it's a very complete feeling game!

Great work.  Really enjoyed it a lot.  Really liked the tire marks you left behind as well as you spun around corners.  That was cool.

The one thing that I'd note is that I personally found "Hard" mode, ie. POV mode a LOT easier than the top-down mode.  However, I really liked POV mode.

A thought I had was perhaps you can go between POV and top down mode simply by hitting a key to switch camera (in both modes), and perhaps the "Hard" mode has a timer for each level or something like that.