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Your mission was to terraform. Now it's survival.
Submitted by Northward Compass (@northwardcompas) — 12 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline

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Truly fantastic work here, team.

What an atmosphere you've managed to create.  It was generally anxiety inducing when the alien creatures got near to the player.  The music was great.

I was a touch confused on what each colour actually does.  Initially I thought you had to use each colour to defeat each type of alien, but it seemed I could kill any creature with any colour, so I'm not sure exactly what switching between colours was doing for me.

Would have loved to have seen the aliens legs animating to make them even creepier, and have had some sound effects when the aliens die, and/or some particle effects when they die.

I really enjoyed the "twitchy" interface, but I did find it a bit too much.  I think dialing that back to about 50% would have been less uncomfortable to look at but still achieved the same effect.


Thanks for the kind words! That color swapping actually alternates the weapons. Different colored ones do more damage to certain bugs. Something we forgot at the last minute :D


Thanks for your feedback, it's really appreciated. Your first instinct was right, the color of the orbs does deliver more damage if you match up the enemy's color. Unfortunately we still have a little bit of work to do on balancing, because whether you deliver 1 or 2 points of damage to an enemy with 1 hit point, they're still equally dead. =) But it does matter a bit more to the longer "replicators". If you hit them with the wrong color they multiply. 

Your feedback on the glitchy interface is good stuff, too. Thank you!


Wow! Great job guys. The choice of music really added to the alien feel of the game and the models are really nice. 


Thank you! We had a lot of fun with the music and sound. It was a great chance to explore some new things and see if we could make it all blend together.  


oh my, the only thing missing, from this set of visuals, and feel is having the spider to walk (animate). 

nicely done, really nicely done. loved all of those glitching affects, and the feel of the game. 

good use of simple visuals, and really simple things, to make pretty game. good work. 


Thank you! And yes! Animating the enemies was definitely on the list, we just ran out of time. We did a quick spin through it trying to animate the legs in code and they just looked awful. It even dropped the legs into the ground which made the rest of the creature follow along. It was pretty helpful as a player when none of the enemies could even make it to you. 


Really like the visuals and art style. Good game. Would like to have seen some instructions though like the keys and what each colour does


You know, it's a bit funny. We were so focused on getting things put together for the deadline that we completely missed the instructions until we read your comment. Sorry about that! When we send out the next release it will have a "How to Play" page. Thank you!


Nice job.  I enjoyed the visuals a lot. 


Thank you! We had a ton of fun working with it all.