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Great job with the game!  And super cool to see it on Kotaku!

Great job.  Very cool game.  I love the background movement of the stars.  Very well executed.

Good job Cpt!

Thank you so much!

Thanks Haddicus!

This game showed up on my itch frontpage!  Good job :)

Shooting Tanks Dev Timelapse Day 2:

I also had a great time completing my first game jam.  Kenney and all the participants were very positive and encouraging.  It was a great experience, and I look forward to the next one!

Haddicus Reviews pt4 (nmv):

Haddicus Reviews pt 3 (nmv):

Thanks for checking it out!  

Little VR Game (nmv):

Foul Job (nmv):

Glitch or Die (nmv):  

Moving Tanks, timelapse (nmv):  

Kenney's Quest (nmv):  

Haddicus Reviews p1 (not my video):

Haddicus Reviews (not my video):

Kenney and Co (not my video):  

Created a new topic Videos of the Submissions

Hi guys,

If anyone makes or knows of videos of the submissions, I thought it would be nice if we could share them here.

Great job Max!

Created a new topic Great job!

Great job!

Great job Max!

Great work!

Great work!  I really enjoyed the physics.

Great work!

Awesome job!  I really like the gravity well at the cup.  Neat effect.

Awesome job Kenney!

Awesome job!

Great job!  I enjoy the moving background.

Great job!  And thanks for sharing your thoughts along the way.  I love the procedural generation of the ground.

Good job!

Kenney Jam 2017 is my first game jam.  At first I was nervous about dipping my toes in the water.  But once I got involved and start chatting with other participants, I knew this was going to be a great experience that would help build my confidence and make new friends.  My entry, Galactic Goalie, is the first game I have completed where I did not rely on a tutorial or sample code as a basis.  Kenney Jam gave me the opportunity to be creative, learn some more programming, and work alongside a group of great people.  I am very proud of the fact that I was able to complete a game in such a short time frame.  I appreciate Kenney and the team who put the jam together and for all the wonderful assets to use.  I will now wear the badge of game developer with pride.  Thanks to all the people who provided suggestions, play tested the game, chatted in the discord server, and submitted their own games.  This was a very positive experience all around.  And I look forward to doing it again!

Great job @Sagna!

Awesome job!  I love the blocking grenades.

And the new version is fantastic!  I see you added some really nice features like the particle system and the progress overlay!  Great job!

Great job.

Great job.  I love the clouds and the click to rotate mechanic is cool.

Thanks for checking it out!

Done.  Thanks for playing!