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Thanks!  It was a labor of love :)

Awesome job!  I love it.

Great work!  Those archers are HARD!  hehe  

Neat job!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

I absolutely adore this game.  Great work!  It would be nice to have some sort of indicator on the types of detergent that link to the details for the item to be laundered (maybe the color to go along with the description).  But  overall, really enjoyed this.

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback! 

Thank you so much for playing and for your positive feedback!

Thanks again for the bug report.  It should be fixed now!

I did yeah. I’ll keep trying. But you can definitely host both versions on itch. Under game type select HTML then select the tick mark next to the web build that says this can be played in browser. If you want to, of course. 

I just wanted to say great job to everyone!  Submitting a game is a big step.  I'm honored to be part of such a great community of game devs!

Great job!  l am amazed you went for a multiplayer RTS. 

Great job.  I really enjoyed the explosion effects!

Nice work.  The idea of the game is interesting.  I like the concept of traffic controller in space.

Nice work.  I loved the explosions - nice particle system effects!

Nice work.  I thought the concept, visuals, and menu were all great.  I'm glad it was not a VR game cause I'm sure the constant spinning would make me sick.  Great execution on the theme of spin!

Awesome job.  I enjoyed seeing all the Kenney assets. :)  The play was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the music.

Great job.  I love puzzle games, and this is a nice one!

Nice job.  I enjoyed the visuals a lot. 

Nice job!

Great work!

Neat idea.  Super tough!

Any chance you could do a web build?  For some reason my anti virus keeps killing it.

Awesome job.  Loved the concept, and its well executed!

Very nice job!  Loved the music,the visuals and the novel game play.  Well done!

Great job!  Visually this game looks stunning.  My personal preference would be to have the jump command on key down, rather than key up.  But I had fun playing!

Nice job.  Very tough, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Nice work!

Thanks for playing!  I love the image of Stanley running around yelling "THIS IS SLOTH-ICA!"

Thank you for playing and for your positive feedback!

Thanks for playing and for your positive comments!

Thank you for playing and thank you for your kind words!

Thanks for the bug report.  We will make sure to correct it.

Neat idea for a game!  Love the potato!

Great Job Yang!  Looks beautiful and it's pretty tough.

Great job!  I absolutely love the explosion art.  This was a lot of fun.

Hey all, 

I would encourage everyone to include a web build for their submissions.  I believe you'll get more people to play than downloadables.

Great work!

Awesome job!