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Nice work!

Nice job!  The movement feels right.  I did notice that one of the ghosts got stuck in the lower left quadrant.

Fantastic!  Thanks.

Nice work!

Excellent work on sparking conversation!

Neat idea.  I can't get past entering my name, though.

This is a new term for me too.

This is really very clever.  Nice job!

Ah, nevermind.  It looks like they disappear after a while.  Very nice.

It looks like the garden is fully planted.  I'm revisiting when I can.  It's very contemplative.  

I just bought this on steam.  What a cool game.  Nice work!

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Nice work.  I've been thinking a lot lately about creating some sort of experience to help people think a little more about what is going on.  Good for you for doing this.  I'm gardener #28.

If anyone is looking for a meaningful way to help out, I would suggest the United Nations Crisis Response Fund:

Nice job.  And good work completing a jam!

Nice work.  Completing a game jam is a big accomplishment!

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I  really like the core mechanic.   It scratches that timing itch like a good precision platformer.  Nice work!

Also, my two-year old played with me.   She had fun.  It was good that there was only one button.

Hi Johnny.  Nice work!  I enjoy the two aspects of the game, playing and repairing at the same time.  A couple of quick suggestions:  it would be nice to be able to hit ESC to exit the game.  Also, the instructions say that the RMB repairs the arcade cabinet, but it appears it is actually the LMB that works.  Again, nice work.  I dig it!

Very clever.  Nice work.

Nice job!  I really enjoyed the basic premise that you cannot see the walls until you hit them with a paintball.

Maybe a black background and neon paint would look pretty cool.

Nice work. 

Seriously fantastic job!  I really enjoyed this game.  Smart design choice on littering the play field with the pickups, it gives the player something meaningful to do while the towers attack.  Nice work!

After Sacramento, I am definitely looking forward to this experience!

Nice work!

Nice work!

Awesome work!  Very tough, but a really cool idea and great execution.

Nice work.  Love the art style.

Nice work Noa!

Seriously great work!  This is a good reminder that we all have a duty to protect where we live. 

Looks neat. Any chance of getting a web build?

I really love the art style.  Nice work!

Nice work!  I love the artwork of the turtle and the animation.  

Thanks!  It was a labor of love :)

Awesome job!  I love it.

Great work!  Those archers are HARD!  hehe  

Neat job!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

I absolutely adore this game.  Great work!  It would be nice to have some sort of indicator on the types of detergent that link to the details for the item to be laundered (maybe the color to go along with the description).  But  overall, really enjoyed this.