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The Revenge of Archibald NipsView game page

A "story rich" stealth game
Submitted by matthewse19 — 2 hours, 39 seconds before the deadline

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nice game play, i like it, good job, really good job. 

i loved, how you implemented the story telling into the game. however, maybe a tutorial, before the first "story part" and decreasing, the length of the story telling part would do be better in my opinion.

simple, but direct. nicely done. i can totally see this becoming a big game in the future, keep up the good work, looking forward for more of your stuff as i am making a "semi stealth" game, this really intrigued me, good job. 


Thanks for the suggestions! And we are planning on expanding it some more. Like we've thought about changing up the ai and different interactions with the turrets like completely destroying them with a limited use water gun or in a "Freezer themed" area the water gun freezes the guards in place for a short period of time.


What an absolutely superb concept.  I commend you on not only building out the cool mechanics and gameplay, but also developing an amusing backstory and visuals to go with it.  Very nice!

As mentioned by ghost_dad, I think a "grace period" between getting caught would be useful.  Say 1 or 2 seconds where you have a chance to hide or get out of the light.  Failing that, even just adding a delay and some sound/animation to indicate you've been caught would help make it feel less abrupt.

The music was good, but I think the game could have had more other audio to make it feel more ambient.

The gameplay was great, but I think the difficulty spikes to hard and new mechanics are introduced too quickly.  I think that just comes down to time and being able to add more levels to make the progression feel more even.

Overall, really great work!


This is a great concept that effectively builds on normal stealth mechanics. One small point of feedback would be to provide a small window of leniency before the player gets caught. The game over screen seemed a little too abrupt at times.

Awesome job, really enjoyed the game!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the for the input. So should the disguise pop up sooner/faster, or are you more saying that there should just be a longer delay between getting caught and the UI appearing? Oh also, if you didn't get to level ten, which level did you give up at? Just curious as to how we should adjust the difficulty.


Sure thing! I'm more thinking that there should be a grace period between being seen and losing. Like I picture a little circular meter that fills up with red before you're officially caught (maybe like a second at most). Just enough time that if you were starting to get ready, you could maybe survive. And to give the player the feeling of some leniency. Mostly a game-feel thing, but I think it would help with difficulty a lot.

I didn't have a ton of time to play so only made it to about the fifth level. I'll be back to tackle the rest!


Really fun concept for a  game. I liked that pulling the poster out wasn't instantaneous so there was  a risk/reward element of trying to run through certain points. The humour was also really good and I learned that canned bread was a thing though I'm not sure what I'll do with this information ha

I didn't manage to complete it but I'll be back later to get to the end, I'm really interested to see if Archibald can improve pool and pool accessory sales volumes.


Thanks for the feedback! And although it will be tough to get to the end of level ten, I'm sure you'll enjoy the surprise ;)