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Thanks for the suggestions! And we are planning on expanding it some more. Like we've thought about changing up the ai and different interactions with the turrets like completely destroying them with a limited use water gun or in a "Freezer themed" area the water gun freezes the guards in place for a short period of time.

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Thanks for the for the input. So should the disguise pop up sooner/faster, or are you more saying that there should just be a longer delay between getting caught and the UI appearing? Oh also, if you didn't get to level ten, which level did you give up at? Just curious as to how we should adjust the difficulty.

Thanks for the feedback! And although it will be tough to get to the end of level ten, I'm sure you'll enjoy the surprise ;)

Thanks, I'll test that out and make a 32bit build.

Just uploaded the build for PC.

it may take a day or two though, since I've lost power and won't get it back for a while

I'll make one as soon as possible, thanks for the reminder.

Sorry no LAN yet, and I probably won't end up adding it in the future since it's difficult with Unity3d. You'd have to use some PS4 or XBox controllers or use wasd and arrow keys to both play on the same computer.

I also just added an update to the game page with a more thorough run down. Thanks telling me to add a quite obvious feature!!!

Oh yeah sorry I should really add that type of info. Hit 'f' or '/' to join the game, then use 'a' and 'd' or left and right arrow keys to change your hat/costume. Press 'f' or '/' again to ready up. Also if everyone is dead press 'r' to restart.