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All-around fantastic game! As others have mentioned, you've done a great job of making the gameplay difficult but achievable (by people more skilled than me) ;)

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I definitely think player guidance took a hit due to time constraints. I'd like to make tickets more interactive (cross out completed tasks, highlight currently held clothes, maybe even guide arrows to each station).

I'm super impressed that you made everything from scratch, that's definitely a lofty goal and I think you did a great job with it. As for some feedback, the biggest thing I think would help in the difficulty area would be adding some type of enemy indicator to know where they're spawning in at. I felt like it ramped up pretty quickly and there usually wasn't enough time to cover both sides effectively. Maybe a little mini map?

Awesome work, hope to see you expand on it!

Sure thing! I'm more thinking that there should be a grace period between being seen and losing. Like I picture a little circular meter that fills up with red before you're officially caught (maybe like a second at most). Just enough time that if you were starting to get ready, you could maybe survive. And to give the player the feeling of some leniency. Mostly a game-feel thing, but I think it would help with difficulty a lot.

I didn't have a ton of time to play so only made it to about the fifth level. I'll be back to tackle the rest!

This is a great concept that effectively builds on normal stealth mechanics. One small point of feedback would be to provide a small window of leniency before the player gets caught. The game over screen seemed a little too abrupt at times.

Awesome job, really enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the kind words! I did do all the sprites this time around. :)

Sure thing, I added the web build! It wouldn't let me keep the executable, so I just added a link to the bottom. Web build is probably better for getting people to play anyway ;)

Doh, that's a bummer. I tried just now but it doesn't look like there's a way to host both types of files (a web version and downloadables) and I'm hoping to keep it easy for installation via the Itch desktop app. Have you tried installing through Itch desktop by chance?

Hey there! I think they mentioned on the Discord channel that you should be good to reupload to fix bugs (since this is purely a bug with the build upload, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do that). Just a thought! I'll download from the source and give it a try. :)

This is a great concept and very well executed! Since the controls are so streamlined and the game loop short and sweet, it could make a great mobile game. A couple points of feedback - might be nice to have a better visualization of the lanes (sometimes I wasn't sure if I would hit an obstacle until it was on top of me) and some pumping music. ;)

Great job!

Thanks for the play through and the kind words! Yeah, I really wanted to write my own music this time around but that ended up on the cutting room floor. Could definitely use another couple tracks or variation.

Thanks gwolf86! I really wanted to add another mini game for the ironing portion but ran out of time. I'll see if I can add that in (along with some better indicators) and maybe see it through to completion. :)

Really appreciate it, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I mean the challenge was to turn it from green to pink. Automatic fail, haha! ;) But really, I got tripped up by the last minute rush (and got too used to the colors to look up oops). I appreciate the feedback, I'll get that updated once ratings are all over and done.