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Вижу хороший потенциал, механика прямо симпатичная=)

Очень симпатичная маленькая игра! Самое замечательное = что механика передает смысл - прямого и бездумного подчинения армейскому приказу.

Боевка многообещающая!

Интересная идея, приятная музыка и графика. Мне не до конца понятна механика с птичками. Лиса находится по центру экрана, птицы летят по своим траекториям и я по всей видимости не могу повлиять на них. Таким образом получается, что я не контролирую, сколько заработаю очков

Очень интересный концепт, уровень сложности - высокий (для меня), играть одни и те же мелодии может наскучить, стрелки на клавиатуре ни с чем в игре не ассоциируются (например, с направлением движения). Удачи!

Cool first game!

Good luck!

Very cool! Did you draw all sprites yourself? 

Music is very good fit

Nice idea! Controls are a little bit difficult, agree with previos post. May be nice to play on mobile

Really cool! Proves, that game is not in complexity, but in fun:):) 

Pros: great use of different assets, which look naturally in this environment.

Perfect alignment with Spin theme.

The concept is perfectly playable (not like mine =))

Comments: I would mark the tracks, character is moving, cause sometimes it is hard to say if you will fit into gap in the wall (in other words to see on which track you should be).

Hey, great work! 

Graphics and music are very nice, I can see a lot of work put there. 

Gears and watches - nice theme. Although, it is not fully implemented, I guess. Apart, that movement is happening in watchtower and there are gears, which allow you to travel from plaform to platform, gears and watches are not implemented in mechanics. I want more:)

I really like spider animation - tidy and nice. I do not that much like animation of main character. I mean, the drawing is great, the animation not so much. 

IMHO energetic brakes the game experience after ... 4 consumes? It becomes really hard to navigate character.

Also, do you have some develdopment blog? It would be interesting to see, how development happened as you worked as a team.

All comments are just a feedback, no criticism, great work full of love:)

Nice! Am I right, that moving right is chargin blast immediately and left discharge it? Also, rotation shots does not allow to aim... I would like to ait:) The menu is nicely done and I liked the How To section

Sure! It is intuitive (IMHO), when space ship has thruster - moving forward should be direction from thruster (like W on keyboard) and rotation should be used to change direction. That scheme was used many times. In your game, ship moves the direction you press equivalently, which ignores the fact that thruser is behind:) I assume, that UFO can fly all directions (it is round, and it is UFO, after all).  Just friendly comment and my perception:)

Thank for feedback! Actually, I spotted interesting side effect I didn't plan - ships was not waiting near landing zone, but kick each other and fly around it. When there were many ships, it looked like bees of fish around food. I am thinking now how to build up on that concept. And I will remove red text:)

Thanks for explanation :)

Highly playable! I enjoyed exposions as well:) + consumables are good addition to mechanic. Controls are awekward - non intuitive for space ship. Great overall!

Great! Music is appropriate, controls is nice (although, the flame thrust may be a little too long after you release the button). I liked doubled controls WSAD and arrows. How to play option in menu would be nice

Nice idea! Although, in 30 attempts, I could not make it spinning on the platform (played on PC), it just jumped on the platform and out. Cool, that it could be played on mobile!

I enjoyed game very much. Although, I am not fan of golf, the game very much playable. It should be fun in VR too. Two comments: power bar may change too fast. I had a feeling that power of kick differs significantly while on the power bar you hit positions near each othere. Second - lighting, it is not covers all the scene, so if you kick hard and get the ball out, there will be dim environment. Great overall!

Thanks for comment! I was trying to make scoring system this night, but something got wrong:) Game definitely needs scoring system:)

Great idea! Relaxing gameplay, great visuals. Are levels generating procedurally?