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Highly playable! I enjoyed exposions as well:) + consumables are good addition to mechanic. Controls are awekward - non intuitive for space ship. Great overall!

Cheers for the feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm always hoping to improve, when you say the controls are awkward could you expand on that please. 

Sure! It is intuitive (IMHO), when space ship has thruster - moving forward should be direction from thruster (like W on keyboard) and rotation should be used to change direction. That scheme was used many times. In your game, ship moves the direction you press equivalently, which ignores the fact that thruser is behind:) I assume, that UFO can fly all directions (it is round, and it is UFO, after all).  Just friendly comment and my perception:)


yes I agree with that being the normal way of doing thing but me being me I like to be different haha. I'll try the normal way next time


Good luck!