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Yes, of course you can use it. Thank you very much for asking, and good luck with your project.

Hey! thanks for asking. Yes, you can use these models for your Roblox game.

My pleasure :D

Get your assets here:

RPG Store icons

Start building your RPG world with these hand painted store signs. The icons are easily interchangeable for quick prototyping any health, weapons & magic stores.

Highly customizable, and available in individual fbx format so you can use the icons with your own custom models too.

A little bit of context, I've been creating 3D models in my spare time for about a year now. I joined a small dev team, and we created our project out of fun and as a hobby. That means of course, all my contributions were free, but now we have the opportunity to turn our hobby project into a viable commercial thing. 

We are now planning out the financial aspects of the project to hopefully set up a kick starter and fund the project. However I just realized that I have no idea whatsoever as to how much my work is worth, because I've been doing it for free and as a hobby.

I've only worked on characters and it takes me about 4 days to finish a model. This is my workflow:

  • Draw design of new character.
  • 3D drafting and translating the 2D drawing. (basic shapes, metaballs)
  • Retopo and Modeling. (Lowpoly)
  • UV mapping
  • Texturing (Stylized base color only, not PBR)
  • Rigging (Human like)
  • Animation (5 cycles: idle, walk, attack, being hit, death)

Take into account that I'm not talking about professionally looking 3D models. I'm just a hobbyist after all. My models are lowpoly with fairly easy shapes and uncomplicated textures. I'd say the thing that takes the most time to do is the rigging and animations.

BTW, I'm asking because I've seen 2D sketches costs about 20 - 30 USD, modeling and texturing costs another 20 - 50 USD, rigging and animating also costs about 30 USD... but those are professional looking models. Again, I'm a hobbyist and in an objective comparison my quality is vastly inferior to those pro models.

After all my research, I currently can't decide myself between the 30 - 40 USD mark per character. Does that sound like a reasonable price for the amount of work I'm doing?

Edit: Here is a reference screenshot, just so you can objectively judge the quality I'm aiming for.

hey Sam!

Thank you, I originally wasn't expecting many invites when I created the post, but was happily bombarded with quite a few Discord requests. Maybe I can add you instead. I mean, if you don't mind sharing you Discord.

Hey KaliburX!

Sure,  what is your game about? If you have a Discord, we can discuss the details there.


I'm a newbie looking to build a portfolio for a 3D modeler position. I'm currently creating low poly models, as to show my current skill level, and I have more experience creating props and buildings, than characters (although I really enjoy, rigging and 3D animation). I also know my way around Unity and Godot, so it's easy for me to setup functional 3D assets to have 'in-game' previews of the models.

Here are some examples from my online store:

Here are some free assets:

I'd really love to help you out with any of your projects, so if you are interested contact me at my Discord AlbGD #1815

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Need help building your virtual world? what a coincidence! I also need someone I can work with, someone to create awesome 3D game assets for.

Here are some of my most recent models (for purchase):

Or you can also download free samples:

Wow! that's amazing. Thank you very much for sharing the formula :) it's definitely worth a try... I mean, purely academic...

I don't know what Godot's array limit is, but I think 24-bit is very plausible. The bigger challenge would be having a texture that long, performance wise.

It sounds like a great hobby project, and I have some experience with Godot. 

If there is still room in your team, I'll be happy to join.

Sure, it would be nice to help you. If you are interested my Discord is AlbGD 1815

Hi RodRitter!

I'm currently searching for a Unity Programmer, who can join our team. The project is a Turn-based RPG Dungeon Crawler, set in a medieval-fantasy world. 

It's fairy big and complex, but don't worry, what we really need is someone committed who can help us 'bullet proof' the code, do some maintenance and contribute with steady improvements. For us, consistency is more important than heavy sprints, so a daily and steady work is more valuable.

If you are interested we can talk the details on Discord. My tag is AlbGD #1815

Sure, my email is albtrabaja @ gmail

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Hello! I'm an beginner indie developer, who knows Unity3D and Godot engines (although, I'm sure that at this point I can learn other engine workflows fairly quick).

For the past year I've been creating my own games, and joined some GameJams. I think that's fine for learning, but I would really like to take the next step and join a team. My main skills focus on programming, where I can create full prototypes in a week's time. I also have some notions of 2D and 3D art. (I use Krita & Blender)

You can check / test my solodev games on my page

Lastly, I wouldn't mind being payed, but as the title says, I'm more interested in joining a team and work on more ellaborate projects. I can start working right away and if everything goes well we can further discuss the payment topic.

You can reach me at my or Discord(AlbGD #1815)

Thank you, and have a nice day!

Were you using a controller by any chance (or any other external device)? I noticed that with a controller plugged in, the keyboard inputs don't work.

If you have a controller plugged in, then you can play with RTrigger (Accelerate) LTrigger (Deccelerate) and LBumber(Heavy Brakes)

Thank you very much for helping me with this bug :)

Thanks for the heads up and taking the time to test the game, I really appreciate it as it helps me improve.

btw, what web browser are you using?

I'm sorry, many things are not very well explained in this early alpha version.

You have to enter and then exit the shop wich is in the lower left most part of the area. That will unlock both doors to the outside world.

If it's not opening, then it surely is a bug.

Thanks for trying the game out.

Very dark mood, outstanding visuals and great audio. I could feel the panic as I fled from that giant octopus. It is short but incredibly well made.

The only weird thing I experienced was the switch system. I could activate/deactivate all linked doors even when I wasn't near the switch.

I liked the pixel art, it is very consistent and even the sharks look cute. It's true that it is a short game but for a gamejam I think it is pretty good. I didn't experience any bugs, that's good too. 

Some background music would be a great companion for the game as it is.

From the pictures I thought it to be a top-down game, but to my surprise it is a sideview one, nice. The thing I liked the most was the variety of weapons, the style is very different from one another.

The movement was too fast for my reflexes, but I still enjoyed it.

I like precision games very much. The movement is something to get used to, but it feels like I'm actually diving. Really wel done!

Does it loop after a while? I couldn't really tell . 

The only thing missing here is some background music.

It reminds me of Fishy flash game. :)

As others have said, it gets weird after growing too big. I think the main problem is perception, because the movement speed isn't scaling, hence the bigger you get the slower it seems you are swimming. Aside from that this is very enjoyable.

I like the N64 style, but what I'm most impressed with is the animation, it is so smooth specially for a gamejam. Doing that with transforms and the default Unity animator is incredible.

The movement on the water feels a little bit slow, although I think that's the way it is supposed to be as it closely resembles Mario's.  My suggestion is to adjust either the speed or the air meter (make it go slower) so we can have more time to explore underwater. By looking at the pictures I guess there are hidden upgrades that allow that, but I couldn't find them :(

I know how hard it is to implement 3D movement, so choosing that for a gamejam makes me think you are kind of a daredevil :) Keep it up!

I like the creativity here. It isn't a game, but it can be an inspiration to one. My favorites are the octopus and the eel.

Pom Pom is so huggable! I don't care there is just one level, those animations are gold.

That shark is really scary. I liked the sound indicating how far/near the shark is. This is a very solid game already, I would love to see a V2!

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I love this type of games! I'll be playing for hours.

The controls are hard to get, but with some practice it becomes super fun.

Nice, I like the idea of the boost charging up by going fast so the better you drive the faster it gets and more chances to plan a strategy. Also, those FX are insanely good, keep it up :)

Hi! It's nice to hear you liked it and thank you very much for your feedback it helps me a lot to improve the game :)

It looks so cool :) I also see you added some light for the thruster. I'm really looking forward to playing this new version.

This is impressive, it really captures the speed factor and the handling feels so nice, I will surely keep an eye on this project. 

Just for the record, I know this was meant to be played with an Xbox Controller but I only have a DualShock4 so I played it that way and discovered something because of a funny accident: the A button and Steering are both linked to the left stick, so I had the precision in both steering and acceleration (I guess you used Input.GetAxis instead of GetAxisRaw?) and that allowed me to take the turns better and with less loss in speed. Hopefully I explained that right. 

My recommendation for future iterations would be to  change the acceleration from the A button to the RT (or some other ranged input) or maybe allow a remap in the settings menu to let the players choose their preferred way of playing.

Keep it up! You have a great project in your hands :)

Hello, this looks interesting. I've been creating basic games in solo-mode for about a year (small self-advertising: come and see my itch page to have a glimpse of my experience/style) and I feel the same way about the importance of teams.

I'd like to join as a programmer or level designer, I can prototype ideas in one week's time. Currently, Unity3D and Godot are my main tools but I'm confident that knowledge can be transferred to other engines. If I've catched your eye the Discord is: AlbGD#1815

This makes me want to play the full game. The controls are super tight kinda reminds me of MoneySeize.

Perfect score from me :)

Split screen really amps the competitiveness,  I think adding some audio cues or music will greatly improve the game experience as I sometimes was pressing the button feeling something was missing.

Graphics  & VFX are just incredible :) keep it up!


This is my entry for Stungan 2018, if you are searching for ways to accelerate your game development career and promote your current project Stugan is one option you can try. Apply to it before this March 31st. More info about the program:

Extract from their webpage: "Stugan is a non-profit accelerator program for talented game developers, helping new teams and individuals to realise their wildest game ideas. Spend two months of your life in the woods, far away from civilization building the game of your dreams."

About the game:

That Car Game is a maze racing game in which, yes you guessed it... have to race to the finish line to get the fastest time in a maze like environment. The final project will contain at least 30 interesting and mind-bending design levels, with 5 types of vehicles to choose from: racing tier, family car, heavy duty, hover car and hamster ball.

The project so far is in pre-alpha stage with the first 10 levels done which serve as tutorial levels and can be played at:

All feedback is welcome!

I also have a hard time getting around the levels lol, I'll be releasing an update so the learning curve is more forgiving.

Thank you very much for playing :)

Hi t1az2z! thank you very much for playing :)