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The Dragon RacesView game page

Bet on your favorite dragon to win, place, or show!
Submitted by JoeStrout — 19 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Cool concept. Really enjoyed the backstory and all the random names.


Great work on the VO and story! Like others I had some issues with the inputs. The first couple races I couldn't get it to read an amount. I used the trick someone shared about selecting a dragon then selecting another that seemed to work. I did run into another issue where I made a bet (I think for 100 or so) hit return and then hit it again which changed my bet to something like 1600. 

The visuals are very straight forward and I like representation of the track. Well done.


I don't really love betting games, but this did have some nice elements. The voice-overs wore on me over time, but they were cute as well. The backstory was amusing too. I didn't encounter the bug with betting, though I have the previous comments to rely on here. Anyway, pretty cool; I wish there was more than betting though.


Hey all — I suspect the problems some people are having might be caused by not pressing Return after entering your bet amount.

So, please make sure to hit Return after typing a number.  Let's see if that solves it!


This is a really cool concept! It seemed not quite put together, though: twice in a row I did a "place" bet, and my choice won 2nd, but I didn't win any funds.

But still, the voice commentary is really excellent! Though, I didn't see any in-game credits, which I thought was a requirement. 

Overall, really nice work!

Developer (1 edit)

Wow, I never saw a failure of the bet calculation in my testing!  Are you sure you hit Return after typing in your bet?  I suspect some people are pressing some digits and then hitting "Start Race", which probably doesn't work...   (And of course if that's the case, I should fix it!)


Ohhhh yeah that might exactly be what happened! I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything but click "start race" after I entered an amount. However, the amount I entered *did* appear next to the dragon that I bet on.


it was cute! you did a lot in a short time. easy to play too. maybe a fun dragon twist could be how far/fast they can breathe fire? either way, good job 


Breathing fire is a great idea!  The dragon in lane 4 does have a chance of catching the rabbit, but he has to actually catching him.  Roasting him from a few spaces away would certainly make it easier!


Very cool idea, maybe i'm not getting the "dungeon" part of the theme but i really liked it! Loved the voice over


The only connection to dungeons is in the backstory; that's where the unlucky folks who get to serve as "rabbit" come from.  (The king decided this was a good way to solve his dungeon overcrowding problem!)


...thus the old expression, "out of the dungeon, into the dragon."


uh ok, i missed it :P


Same here Gianni , I did not feel the Dungeon feel or connection when playing! :)


This was a really cool idea!