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I'm trying this tool for the first time, and getting a NullReferenceException in MeshSkinner.preWork.  I have definitely given it valid model and skeleton references; and in fact it moves the skeleton inside the model before dying with this error.

Any ideas?  And, do you have any faster means of support (such as email)?

Somewhat echoing @allinlabs's post above, I'd like to see a set of modular animal parts.  Not realistic, mind you; low-poly, cartoonish bodies, legs, heads, tail, & decorations (eyes/ears/nose/mouth) that I can snap together to create frogs, dogs, cats, rats, etc.

I just bought Asset Forge (Deluxe!) today, and I love it.  My only complaint is the file browser, used for opening and saving files.

You've made a pretty decent file browser, as non-native file browsers go, but why?  On my Mac, I want my standard Mac file browser, with my standard favorites on the left, the ability to create folders while saving, etc. etc.  On Windows, I'd expect the standard Windows browser there.

This isn't hard to do in Unity using the Native File Browser plug-in.  I've used this in some of my own apps, and it works fine — the only trouble I ever had was taking care to catch any exceptions that might be thrown while opening a file, since if you let them percolate all the way up to the plugin code, it crashes (or used to — I think they may have fixed that).  But a simple try/catch block takes care of that.  And you get a 100% native file UI on each platform.

Please consider it, and if you want any help integrating it, just contact me.  I'm a professional Unity developer and would be happy to help out, and no charge, because Asset Forge is so cool. :)