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By the way, if you like this, you should try its larger & more polished sibling, World Conquest!  You'll need to download Mini Micro to play it, but that only takes a few minutes and it's all free.  Get it here:

That's right!  Your largest set of connected hexes is your "homeland", identified with a little flag, placed randomly somewhere within that territory.  That's where the reinforcements are placed.  So, trying to "cut" your opponent's homeland in half in a very important part of the strategy.

And yeah, the AIs don't work together.  It's every color for himself!

It's great fun watching this come together!  Looks like it will be fun to play too.  There's something very soothing and satisfying about that JRPG style.  Please keep up the great work!

A cool little demo!

Mosi looks very cool!  The scripting looks a little painful, though.  I'd love to work with you on integrating MiniScript as an alternative.

Thanks for your feedback!  I don't know if redefining text characters is in the cards.  But drawing bitmap images is already there (see the IMAGE command, and for a quick start, check out the demo/drawing program).

Thank you for your kind words!

You interrupt a running program by pressing Control-C.

Thank you for posting about that!  (I am the author of MiniBASIC.)  I'm encouraging users on my Discord server to enter your jam!

You are right!  This was a mistake in my upload script; as you noticed, it entirely failed to include the user.minidisk folder.

That has now been corrected (and it appears that the Mac and Linux versions were not affected by the bug).

I apologize for the mistake, and thank you for bringing it to my attention!

An error in my upload script failed to pack the needed "user.minidisk" folder inside the Windows download.  This has been fixed now.

I'm very sorry for the confusion!  If you have any trouble at all, please don't hesitate to contact me (by posting here, or reach out on Discord).

This is a clean, modern implementation of classic 1980s-style BASIC.  I hope you enjoy it!

Use this community forum for any discussion related specifically to MiniBASIC.  Post cool programs you've made, ask for help when having problems, and be excellent to each other!

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You are correct.

However, programming in MiniScript is going to be easier, more efficient, and more powerful in pretty much every way.

MiniBASIC is being designed mainly as a way to run old code you might find in books like these.  So it is old-school basic: line numbers, GOTO, all variables global, the whole bit.  There will a few minor improvements over 1980s BASIC, such as paying attention to the full variable name instead of only the first two letters.  And there will be some simple drawing and sound commands.  But it won't have access to the full Mini Micro API, and it will never have the elegance and power of the MiniScript language.

So, while you certainly could write games in it, and in the interest of history or nostalgia it might be fun to do so, in any other sense it's probably not the best choice.

This is really well done!  Very polished and smooth.  A creative use of only two buttons, too!

I am still early in development of this title, but it's going very quickly and well!  I expect a release before the end of 2022.

Questions?  Comments?  Please don't be shy!  Post them here and I will respond ASAP.

Yep, it never hurts to ask!

I think I finally pinned down this "start race" hang.  Please give the game another try!  :)

Actually I've now posted dragonrace.minidisk here for anyone to use!  See the devlog for instructions (basically: download Mini Micro and the dragonrace.minidisk file, and load the latter in the former).

You can do that!  Download a copy of Mini Micro, and contact me privately via Discord or whatever, and I'll be happy to send you the project so you can run it on your own machine.

This look really great!  I wish you would include just one more animation: a block.  Then we could make a simple fighting game where the player can try to block and and counter, rather than only evade and trade punches.

Mini Micro is free and does not require a license.  But that's not relevant — you would publish your game to WebGL, and just embed it in your submission page, just like these games.  Judges do not need to know or care what it was made with.

I just found this jam, and I think the Nokia limitation is so much fun!  I won't have time to participate this year, but I did write up some code to set up the Mini Micro display to the correct size, etc.  I posted it here:

I hope this is helpful to somebody.  Have fun with the jam!

The theme of this year's New Year Jam is: FUSION!

As always, interpret this however you want.  Get creative!  I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

And here it is:


Sure!  That's a good idea.  I'll try to put it up on GitHub in the next few days.

Thank you!  So glad you enjoyed it.

And I'm back!  At the moment we have 7 participants, which is enough for a fun jam!  There's plenty of time for more to jump in though, so please help spread the word.  :)

I'm glad you're here!

This should be a fun jam.  I can't wait to see what you can do with only one page of code.  The programs will be small, adorable little gems of delightful goodness, I'm sure!

Now, due to a bit of poor planning, I'm going to be gone this weekend (there is camping that apparently isn't going to go itself).  I will be back mid-Monday, probably half a day or so after the jam actually begins.  DON'T PANIC!  Y'all can start the jam just fine without me.

It does mean that if you have questions, though, I won't be my usual responsive self until after I get back.  I can try to find some cell connectivity and check in now and then over the weekend, but I can't promise anything.  If you need help while I'm away, please hop onto the Discord server, whether other users may be able to help out.  Or just sit tight until Monday, when I will catch up on any questions I missed.

Oh, and please tell your friends about the jam — the more entries we get, the more fun it'll be!


- Joe

可愛い!  How about riding a broom?  (ほうきに乗るのはどうですか)

Very cute witch!  I would really love to have riding a broom.  And if possible, falling off the broom too!

I'd like to second the request for flying animation.  These witches need to ride their brooms!

What an interesting game!  This is the most novel thing I've seen in quite a while.  It's definitely pushing performance limits — probably plays better on desktop, but even on web it's not too bad.  I might have liked to see a few more words in the instructions about what the red glowy areas on the map are, what determines how much energy a tentacle generates, which way the organism grows, etc.  But maybe discovering these things are part of the fun.

It took me a little over 25 minutes to launch my colony.  It felt like it went by much faster, which is a sign of a good game!  The graphics and sound are really well done too.  Thanks for participating in the jam, and for embracing the theme of "Growth" in such an interesting way!

And that's that!  We got only one submission before the deadline (!), so @shellrider and @kraweu win the $50 first prize!

I'll allow late submissions until tomorrow morning (about 12 hours from now), in case anybody has something almost ready and wants to pick up the $30 and $20 prizes.  Otherwise, I'll just add the unawarded prize money to the next jam, which will happen in July.

OK folks!  We have a little more than a day left before pencils-down on this Mini Micro game jam!

I highly recommend that you try packing up and uploading your project to today.  Web builds are preferred, so that the judges don't have to download anything but can play right in their browser.  Instructions on preparing a web build are here under "Packaging for the Web."

You'll need to create a project here on for your game.  Set it to use a web build, with a display size of 1024 x 768.  Then upload the archive you made following the instructions above.  Test your game to make sure all has been done correctly.

Your submission isn't "final" until the deadline runs out.  You can continue to polish and refine your game right up till the last minute.  But please don't procrastinate on this packaging & upload process — it's not that hard once you've done it once or twice, but you wouldn't want to run into trouble right up against the deadline.

"Is my game good enough?"

If you're asking yourself this question, the answer is YES! Please submit whatever you have!  You'll at least get some feedback and encouragement, and who knows?  If everybody else fails to upload something, even the crudest Hello World game could win a prize!

A discussion on the Discord yesterday made me realize that this is worth pointing out:

You can use external editors for your source code, images, sounds ,etc. with Mini Micro.

By default, a new Mini Micro installation stores your files inside a file called user.minidisk in the host OS.  But a .minidisk file is really just a Zip file, with a .minidisk extension.  You can convert it to an ordinary folder by this procedure:

  1. Change the file extension from .minidisk to .zip.
  2. Unzip (extract) the zip file to a folder.

Then, click on the top disk slot (below the Mini Micro screen) and choose "Mount Folder" from the pop-up menu.  Select the folder where you extracted your files.  Presto!  Mini Micro works exactly the same whether you have mounted a folder, or a .minidisk (secretly just a zip) file.  But when it's a folder of files, then you're free to use your favorite source code editor, image editors, etc. on those files.

Two more related tips:

  • If you're using an external source code editor, check this wiki page for some plug-ins that will add MiniScript syntax highlighting.
  • After editing your source code externally, switch back to Mini Micro and enter reset; load "myProgram"; run to test it.  (And remember that after you've typed this once, you can just up-arrow to recall the same command again next time.)

Have fun!

Also fun would be a graph of your power (number of territories or soldiers) over time.  I always love looking at such graphs at the end of a game...

Thank you!  This game is actually one of the demos included with Mini Micro, so I intentionally kept the feature set small to keep the code short & simple.  But I've gotten enough positive response here that I really should split off an "enhanced" version here with features like you suggest.  Maybe I'll take a weekend at some point and tear into it.

Or, if anybody wants to learn a little MiniScript coding and lend a hand with it, I'd be happy for the help!

I hope you're all enjoying Mini Micro and creating cool stuff for the jam!  There's still more than 10 days to go, so plenty of time to work on your game.

But what if you run into some difficulty?  Don't worry, help is available!


Usually the fastest way to get help is via our Discord server.  I'm hanging out there most of the day every day, and there are other users there with some pretty mad skills.  We're all happy to help each other out.


If forums are more your style, then the MiniScript forums are the place to go.  They don't see as much activity these days as the discord server, but I do monitory them and would be delighted to see more discussions there.  The great thing about forums, unlike Discord, is that the content sticks around and gets indexed by search engines, so people from the future can find it and learn from it too.

You can also post your questions right here, in the jam community pages on  I'll watch for those and get back to you as soon as I can.

Self Help

Finally, if you want to find your own answers, there are resources for that!  Any questions about the MiniScript language itself are probably covered by the one-page MiniScript Quick Reference.  And if not there, then you'll certainly find what you need in the MiniScript Manual.  You can also find lots of high-quality code examples over at Rosetta Code.

If it's not about the language per se, but about Mini Micro and all its built-in functionality (sprites, pixel graphics, sound, keyboard/mouse/gamepad input, etc.), then look on the Mini Micro Cheat Sheet.

And in either case, don't neglect the MiniScript Wiki, which has pages on almost everything in MiniScript and Mini Micro, including a nice set of how-to articles.

Awesome!  Can't wait to see what you come up with this time.  :)

The MIni MIcro 2021 Q2 Game Jam is officially underway!  The theme of this jam is


You can interpret this however you like!  What does growth mean to you?  Use the theme to inspire your game idea.

I can't wait to see what you create!