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Thanks once again. I fixed the first one. I will post the update with that fix this evening. The error was caused by the email setting a variable instead of adding to it. This event works by having a variable add up to 2 from the two events that are needed to incite it, so if the email is done first it worked fine but not the opposite way.

As per the second, the Dwarf-Elf egg appears for me. Without giving a spoiler here, I will mention that the egg does not appear without some kind of "mechanical ingenuity" elsewhere.

I got it! The item was generating on top of another "item" that functions as a trigger. I thought this had happened to me in testing but was convinced it was a different error.

Thanks again.

I had some time, so it is now fixed in the current version. Thank you so much in letting me know about this! I missed some serious bugs due to really crunching time or the game jam.

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Ooh thanks very much. I'll get right on to correcting this once I am home tonight.

You can see the Javascript in action in my project Eggway Dreams.

I used the existing Javascript hack that was given as an example but changed the X and Y values to whatever seemed appropriate given the room.

See below. X values start at 0 on the left. Y values start at 0 from the top. You can also change the room identifier (curRoom) below to have items appear in other rooms. I cannot check at the moment, but I believe that this would be 'room id'. The single quotes are needed. When I say "id", I am referring to the id number/letter combination given to each room/item in the game data.

(js "room[curRoom].items.push({id:'item id',x: x value,y:y value});")

Nervermind, I was able to figure this out. I went over the documentation more thoroughly.

Also, I know I can do this by creating a new room with the item there and warping the character to that room, but that throws some serious complications at me to do it that way.

Bitsy Game Maker community » Help · Created a new topic Moving Items

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Bitsy, but I've been working with it for many, many hours in the last week or so. It's a very interesting take on game development. I've been able to find many things I need thru hacks, but I am having trouble finding a way to move/teleport items. What I want to do is have an item appear next to a sprite after some dialogue executes. I see the arbitrary javascript script, but I don't really understand Bitsy's phrasing and the like to make much sense of it. Can someone help me out?

Thanks a bunch

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Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure how to really create feedback for the player, but I think brightening the text as you mentioned probably would have been a good idea. It appears that the game didn't register your inputs for some reason (I can tell because the guy at the end basically said you missed almost all of them - that's the section about wobbling the oblong/keeping your cool). It worked when I tested it and when some friends did, but they obviously had some more knowledge. Basically, the player has to push the key when the text appears; it disappears some time later depending on how many have appeared so far. Anyway, thanks again.

Just wanted to say that this was a pretty neat game jam with some wild results. I enjoyed participating in it and trying out some of the games.

I was slightly confused by the mechanics of this game at first (and their significant difference to any edition of Dungeons & Dragons), but I had a good time once I got the hang of the battle system. It's an easy game, but it was fun the whole way through. I really enjoyed the dialogue and whimsical atmosphere.

I had fun with this game. The sound effects and the little story at the beginning were very cute. Some words didn't seem to work though, and I wish that the player had more control over what letters were coming. I also seemed to get repeated letters often (like two I's in a row or three S's in a row). Some little improvements and this would be really cool.

There's some decent stuff here. I liked the hero's vision and the way that the player is basically moving through dimensions to get through the maze. As others mentioned, the world did feel empty, and the musick, while interesting, just repeated into infinity. I could see this becoming something really cool if given development beyond the jam. It really reminded me of wandering through the dungeons of ADOM, Rogue, and The Legend of Zelda late at night and alone.

I don't really love betting games, but this did have some nice elements. The voice-overs wore on me over time, but they were cute as well. The backstory was amusing too. I didn't encounter the bug with betting, though I have the previous comments to rely on here. Anyway, pretty cool; I wish there was more than betting though.

There are no dragons, only drag-ons

There is an explanation about what to do if you ask about tips from the person who introduces you to the game.

Thank you for your input on the game