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haha yea, mgmt consulting felt like it aligned the most with the dungeon theme. lack of branched endings was also to make users feel stuck, but could also use different endings where larry is stuck in each of them. thanks for the feedback


it was a fun game, loved the graphics, but i probably would appreciate it more if i've played D&D before. it's interesting as a standalone, but felt like i was missing something

i love the sound design. kinda creepy in a fun way (the best kind of creepy), didn't end up figuring out what happens at 100%. it's cool as a digital toy, but not enough clues for an end goal if you wanted it to be a game. as a toy, would have liked to see more permutations between different sounds and letters. 

feels very avant garde. the controls were a little difficult to pick up since i'm more used to wasd commands. switching between kl and <> took some getting used to. i kept looking to the bottom left dollar portion to see if i was making any effect on anything

love the text style. kept thinking i was a detective in an 80's infomercial writing on one of those machines that prints out on two toned paper. easy to play and learn game, but wish there was a faster lead into a clue. thought i'd get something about who loves pastries the most when investigating the pastry in the lobby.  the characters were fun to imagine though. definitely thought of a big gutted guy, comb over guy with a corn blue suit

Thank you! I was going for a sense of hopelessness haha

i didn't have the scroll bars enabled, but should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know! 

i didn't have the scroll bars enabled, but should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know! 

it was cute! you did a lot in a short time. easy to play too. maybe a fun dragon twist could be how far/fast they can breathe fire? either way, good job 

Interesting concept, i liked haphazardly building random cells and just seeing what happens

Thanks Joe! Didn't notice that, this is my first go-around. Thanks for the feedback!

good point about the frame, will fix that now. thanks for the feedback!