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What are you making?

A topic by castingdreams created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 3,425 Replies: 27
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I'd like to hear about the different visual novels everyone is making. Just a short summary or even a link to  lemmasoft forums for more project. I'll go first.

I'm working by myself. My game is an adaptation of my favorite children's story Meana of the Waterfall. It's actually a short story within this larger book I had wore out the binding on. The original story isn't more then a few pages long, but I think it's the perfect length to start. I haven't had time to make a post on LSF or my project page, but plan on it later this month.


I googled the story you mentioned - I found a short story about a mermaid girl? It was very beautiful, I look forward to your adaption if it.

I'm actually doing a mermaid game too! Mine's focused on a girl spending a holiday on a small island who meets a mermaid - you spend the game learning to fish & befriending the mermaid. I'll start making real posts for it when I have real content for it, haha.

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I'm going to do something simple for my submission since this will be the first time I'll be making a VN ^_^

A young witch finds an abandoned black kitten on the side of a road and want to take it in as her own. Her mom says she’s too inexperienced to have her own familiar, but she works out a deal with her to keep the kitten: if she does well on her next test at school, memorizes one spell, and takes good care of the kitten for one week, then she can keep it and make it her familiar once she’s a more experienced witch.

Its probably also important to mention it's an anthropomorphic kitten and it can also speak. :P

I’ve written the script for the opening cutscene today. Tomorrow, I’m going to write the ending cutscenes and probably other stuff if I have the time.

WIP-progress thread here:


I have a young witch too!

Mine is preparing for her first gathering (witches' sabbath) and yup: her mother opposes the trip (even though she doesn't know it's actually a sabbath).

General settings (modern witches and all) come from a short novel I wrote about eight years ago. All characters (except  one) are new.


I'm making a kinetic novel version of a 1940s radio drama based on a Nathaniel Hawthorne short story called The Curse of the Mantle (the original short story version is titled Lady Eleanore's Mantle). I really liked the telling of the radio drama that I thought it would be good practice to turn it into a kinetic novel.

Story is about a Lady who becomes fixated over a cursed,  red,  mantle and how her life falls apart because of its curse. 


I'm working on a romance game about an LGBT supprt group. WIP-thread:

I watched the new Bladerunner recently and wanted to work on something cyberpunk. The premise is about the same, a guy whose job is to kill things begins questioning things. Got about 2000 words done, hope I can finish this ><


I'm making a lewd game about the clash between a warrior princess and the demon king. Complete with turn-based combat and multiple endings.

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I'm making a slice of life, contemporary, slightly supernatural VN about two very different people getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but talk about their lives^^ 



I'm making a lighthearted comedy about a village girl sacrificed to the volcano god and said god, who doesn't want to work. It's my first project, but thankfully I have more experienced friends with me.

Thread here!


I'm making a kinetic visual novel about a society where some people are given magical powers on their 16th birthday! It's also a spooky mystery, with maybe a spooky, sly villain at the end.


Hey all! Good luck with your projects. :D

I'm teaming up with a friend for this year's NaNoRenO. We're making a sci-fi romance/friendship VN about a cyborg bartender who decides to audition for a live music gig with their sweet alien crush.


I'm taking this opportunity to learn Unity, so I'll be making a short VN about a Contract Killer working through their last gig.  

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It's my first jam so I'm doing a simple little VN about joining a chat group of friends! If you guys wanna hear about the progress, I have a tumblr and it's under the tag 'nanoreno 2018!" 

Good luck with your projects though, everyone!!


First VN ever, so I'm trying not to make it too big. Doing the story of a trans girl trying to come out to her parents but weird shit ensues that keeps her from doing so

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My artist and I are working on an otome game about an indie game dev meeting the popular YouTuber who tanked her career! I'm really excited for this year's project, and I know it's going to be better than our 2016 NaNoRenO submission ^^

If anyone is interested in keeping up with my daily logs, my twitter is @ElowanGames!


Hello everyone! I'm a noob to the VN scene, making a game completely by myself for the first time. My project is called Saucy Suitors. It's a comedy otome game where you can date personifications of table condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, etc. The project has become bigger than I anticipated so I might just be released a demo of the final version for NaNoRenO, depending on how much I get done. I've been tweeting about my experience so far on Twitter at @oddlazdo if anyone is interested!


Hello, guys!

I'm making a VN about negative thoughts in life, and a guy wanting to commit suicide, but will change his point of view in life when he meets a person. The story is still kind of a mess, but I'll manage somehow ;-;

Good luck to all of us!

Hey Cami! Good luck! From PH too unfortunately couldn't join this NaNoRenO thing. 


Aww :( why not? Probably too busy?

Got other projects right now couldn't complete it unless it's rushed and it's already too late, I think. You have a twitter or something?


That's too bad :( I have Twitter but I don't use it often these days :(

I don't really know how this works but do you have any other social media accounts at all? 

I'm making a visual novel based off of The Lgbt community! since i'm not that good at coding i'm going to start by using ren 'py


My team and I are making a VN about a group of scavengers exploring an old, underwater shelter in a post-apocalyptic flooded world. Their independent motives for going there are quite different, but all intertwined. The story will force them to cooperate to make it out alive while still finding what they were looking for in first place, or maybe betray each other for personal interest.

First VN as well for many of the team but we've already made quite some progress and are all excited to finish this project \o/

Good luck to everyone~


I think this premise is really interesting! I'm looking forward to playing the final game (: 

Thank you! We hope everything goes smoothly from now on haha. Being the middle of nanoreno, we've already had a few drawbacks but we're confident that we'll deliver in time.

I'll be posting the project on Lemmasoft soon too! (:


Hi all! We’re a group making Ultramarine!