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My team and I are making a VN about a group of scavengers exploring an old, underwater shelter in a post-apocalyptic flooded world. Their independent motives for going there are quite different, but all intertwined. The story will force them to cooperate to make it out alive while still finding what they were looking for in first place, or maybe betray each other for personal interest.

First VN as well for many of the team but we've already made quite some progress and are all excited to finish this project \o/

Good luck to everyone~

I think this premise is really interesting! I'm looking forward to playing the final game (: 

Thank you! We hope everything goes smoothly from now on haha. Being the middle of nanoreno, we've already had a few drawbacks but we're confident that we'll deliver in time.

I'll be posting the project on Lemmasoft soon too! (: